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Celeb Chef Ramsay Claims He Hates Airline Food PDF Print E-mail

In a recent Yahoo article, the international foodie guru insists he never eats while flying coach. He cites lack of cleanliness, reheating of old food and other unhealthy practices by airline attendants.

Your travel4seniors.com editor, with more than a half-century of flying in the cheap seats, agrees. Also, the price of an airline meal has risen during those years from $5 (often free back then) to as much as $50.

SeaTac WA: Girlish Robot Is Airport Spokesperson PDF Print E-mail

She’s a brightly-colored metal talking info source on wheels with an animated face resembling a Shirley Temple doll. She scoots around Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington state. The cute robot doesn’t sing On The Good Ship Lollypop, but gives current airport and flight data to arriving passengers.

Her purpose, in addition to helping people navigate the busy airport, is to reduce confusion and delay in security lines and boarding. The girl robot, called Tracey, also answers questions and, when requested, is able to respond in six languages.

USA Today: Stuck In Grand Central Terminal? PDF Print E-mail

We seasoned citizens know what to do when the inevitable delay happens in airports. USA Today thinks we need advice when forced to spend hours in the world’s largest train station in NYC.

Your travel4seniors.com editor experienced the famed landmark, now more than a century old, as far back as World War 2. The 1940s were it’s glory years, because air travel was still in its infancy.  Millions of we now old vets saw Grand Central from troop trains on our way to and from wartime assignments throughout the world.

Today nearly a million people pass through the station daily. So, what would be the most important and convenient things to do when required to spend an hour or more in Grand Central? Most are obvious to the seasoned senior wanderer: relax, find a quiet spot to rest, read or smartphone and visit the shops and fantastic eateries. Fave: Grand Central Oyster Bar. 

If you feel you need the article’s sage advice, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/nation-now/2017/07/12/summerofhell-8-things-do-when-stuck-grand-central-terminal

Boeing: From Driverless Cars To Pilotless Airliners PDF Print E-mail

According to Reuters, futurists at the aircraft manufacturing HQ are looking to the future of air transportation. They claim they may soon be putting passenger planes into the sky without human pilots.

With small, controlled drones becoming common in the air, it’s only a matter of time before the drones grow in size until they can carry passengers. So, what could possibly go wrong? Maybe a couple of decades from now, when your flight is preparing to land, the cheerful automatic pilot will inform passengers:

Fasten your seatbelts as we touch down in ... beep .. click ... Atlanta ...  awk ... Albany ... erk ... zap ... Afghanistan ... urg .... Amsterdam ... umph ... Argentina ... theeek ... Antarctica...smoooosh!

NYC Carnegie Deli Gone, But Lives On In Vegas PDF Print E-mail

It first opened 80 years ago as President Franklin D. Roosevelt started his second term. Now the landmark eatery next to Carnegie Hall is no more.

However, the tradition, name and family ownership live on at the Mirage Resort on the Strip in Las Vegas. Of course, the delicious corned beef or pastrami on rye sandwiches are a bit more expensive than they were in 1937.

If a Vegas visit is in your upcoming plans and you yearn for some of the traditional Carnegie delicacies, check out the info at www.mirage.com/en/restaurants/carnegie-delicatessen


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