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North Korea Unhappy About U.S. Travel Ban PDF Print E-mail

According to Al Jazeera, the Communist government still wants American tourists to visit their country. This, despite the long history of war threats by dictator Kim Jong-un and his generals that continue almost daily.

Also fresh on all American minds is the recent fatal tragedy of American student Otto Wambier. He was imprisoned for allegedly stealing a wall poster. Then, after nearly two years of abusive treatment, he was dying when the North Koreans released him.

The U.S. State Dept. officially forbids Americans from visiting the hostile country. In the opinion of most seniors, especially those of us who served in the Korean War, any American who considers going to North Korea is risking imprisonment or worse.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District Is Dimming A Bit PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor always enjoys wandering thru the steamier parts of Amsterdam. With it’s historic museums, ancient cathedrals, tulip gardens and other wonders, it’s one of the most interesting cities in the world.

However, the city fathers have decided to cool down some of the racy neighborhoods, some of the hooker display windows and sex toy stores still operate. The theme of many of the retail stores is changing from sexy to arty for De Walletjes in the Centrum District. For current info, go to www.amsterdam.info/red-light-district

New York NY: Less Subway Seats = Jammed Standers PDF Print E-mail

Have you been on a NYC subway train recently? If so, you’re aware of all the continuing problems. Accidents, slowdowns, crime, vandalism, grafitti, unhappy riders, suicides. Now the beancounters of the MTA have come up with a brilliant plan.

They want to remove some of the seats so they can cram more standing riders into the already-jammed cars. Those brilliant MTA planners must have been talking to some of their dopplegangers in the airline industry.

If you’ve flown in the cheap airline seats lately, you’ll realize the spaces have been reduced to where your legs are pushed up against your chest. And the flatulent fat passenger in the seat next to you has suddenly spread into your lap.

Boutique Hotels = Smaller Rooms @ Larger Prices PDF Print E-mail

The trend in hotels these days in NYC, London, Paris, Venice and other large cities is to appeal to tourists with tiny and tinier rooms. They’re promoted as all comfy and cute, but could be viewed as reminders of cramped Army troop train compartments. Or the Three Stooges sharing a boutique room.

Regular-sized hotel rooms are redesigned by cutting them into two or three smaller sleeping areas, and calling them boutique rooms. Of course, that means the hotel earns two or three times what they had been charging for the single, traditionally-sized room. 

It’s similar to what airlines do now to make more money by jamming more passengers into their formerly-comfortable seating areas. So, when you’re making reservations for big-city hotels, be sure you’re aware that when the word boutique appears, you’ll have to pay a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less.

USA TODAY: Beware Of Drinks With Deadly Alcohol PDF Print E-mail

The U.S. State Department issued recent warnings about tourists being sickened or worse by poisonous whiskeys. Many are homemade liquors where deadly wood alcohol is used as a cheap substitute for safe commercial brands. 

This time the incidents were reported to be at small cafés in Mexican Riviera cities on the nation’s west coast. Savvy senior travelers should be aware of the potential dangers, and confine alcohol drinking to name brands served in upscale hotels and restaurants.


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