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OAG Ranks Airlines With Baddest On-Time Reps PDF Print E-mail

The British air travel intelligence service was founded in 1929 when passenger aircraft were just emerging. OAG recently rated the US airlines with the most frequent unflier records.

At the top of the list and bottom of on-time records are United, Southwest and American. According to the OAG report, Delta and Hawaiian Airlines are the most reliable.

Of course, as any experienced senior frequent flier will tell you, it’s all based on random luck. On any given day of crowded skies the list can be reversed. Bad weather, mechanical troubles, jammed runways, passengers being dragged off and many other factors can cause delays.

Atlanta Airport: Another Flying Circus Incident PDF Print E-mail

Calling all lawyers! Another enormous payday coming up soon. Two women on a Delta flight out of Atlanta got into a catfight on the cabin floor. In an attempt to get them apart, the pilot slapped one. Of course, in this age of smart phones and stupid airline employees, it was all filmed and went viral online.  

Therefore, smart seniors, next time you fly, be sure to argue with another passenger, pick a fight and get carried out. With smartphone footage and smart lawyer, you’ll soon be almost rich enough to fly first-class.

Driverless Car Rides From NYC to LA By End Of Year PDF Print E-mail

According to MarketWatch and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the anticipated miracle is almost here. At first there will be a human aboard to make sure everything works correctly and safely throughout the 2,789.9 miles.

Further, it’s just a matter of time before the entire journey will be completely automatic. Along with the growing sophistication of driverless vehicles, there are plans to eventually build cross-country highways that are totally underground. And eventually, also under oceans.

United: This Time A CATastrophic PURRformance PDF Print E-mail

Just when the harried airline thought all the unfriendly skies incidents were over, a new passenger dumping happened. It occurred aboard a United aircraft in Baltimore before take-off to Chicago.

When she was scheduled to go aboard, the woman told the desk clerk that she was seriously allergic to cats. Once aboard, she noted a cat with another passenger seated several rows away. The distraught woman asked an attendant to be seated far away.

Her complaint angered the attendant, and suddenly the passenger was escorted off the flight by two TSA agents. Later, there were explanations, excuses and United did get the woman on another flight. However, this latest incident of bad publicity makes it appear that United did the nasty deed on PURRPUSS.

Flying Wings: Welcome Back, Wilbur & Orville PDF Print E-mail

Looking much like the Wright brothers’ early 1900s flying bi-wing, Google’s Larry Page expects to soon introduce an all-electric simple flying machine. In honor of the brothers, he calls it the Kitty Hawk Flyer. It resembles a hybrid of small helicopter and drone, and a bit like the Jetsons' vehicle.

However, it won’t be allowed to land in busy roads. The small two-seater aircraft will be authorized to fly over water and away from busy commercial air traffic. When the Kitty Hawk Flyer is government approved, pilots can soar anywhere in the air, but must take off and land on lakes, rivers and at friendly seashore docks.


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