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Los Angeles CA: ReLAX At New SW Eateries In LAX PDF Print E-mail

Southwest Airlines has improved passenger services and added new places to dine at Los Angeles International Airport’s busy Terminal One. They include Danny Trejo’s Tacos that feature many tasty Mexican dishes, another Cassell’s Hamburgers, and a coffee and natural foods branch of Urth Caffe and Bar.

Visitors Can Pet Friendly Baby Alligators At MSY Airport PDF Print E-mail

Airport travelers elsewhere are already happily encountering therapy dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and piglets. Now, at Louis Armstrong New Orleans terminal, other friendly animals have made their debut. So, if your schedule brings you to MSY, and there’s time to pet a friendly little critter, just don’t get your fingers too close to those mighty mississippiensis jaws.

The London Daily Sun Lists World’s Safest & Most Dangerous PDF Print E-mail

For most senior travelers, this British newspaper report isn’t news. The reputations for the worst are earned by scary daily news headlines, violent riots, sneaky rebels, religious fanaticism, poverty and all the other usual reasons. In the safe havens, living conditions and politics are under control, the economy is flourishing and seniors are welcomed as valuable guests.

Just for the record and your next travel plans, let’s look at the Sun’s lists. The baddest destinations are Mali, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. And the “goodest” are Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Luxembourg.

San Francisco Airport: Greet And Pet Wag Parade Animals PDF Print E-mail

Take a few pleasant moments from your busy schedule at SFO to mingle with some SPCA representatives. Most on the so-called Wag Parade will be friendly dogs, as well as a costumed pig named LiLou offering happy oinks for you. The animals roam the airport waiting areas on weekdays.

USA Today: China World’s Most Popular Travel Stop By 2030 PDF Print E-mail

First of all, considering that two funny haircut fat world leaders have their itchy fingers on nuclear buttons, our planet isn’t guaranteed to be still here in 2030. However, according to the news service, and if no one pushes the devastation button, the trend is that China will attract the most tourists.

The prediction is that the Eiffel Tower in Paris, gondolas in Venice, Times Square in New York and the Hollywood Walk of Fame will all fade in glory. Meanwhile, Tianimen Square and the Great Wall of China will take over as the top world visitor attraction.  And, of course, there will be those seeking restaurants serving Peking duck.


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