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CNN Reports Bangkok Is Best City For Street Food Noshing PDF Print E-mail

When visiting a big city at noontime, your travel4seniors.com editor always heads for the the street food areas to get a fresh lunch. Some of the best carts with delicious foods are in America’s New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  However, many of the world’s top are far away in Asia.

With Bangkok leading the list, CNN also names Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City and Beijing. So, when your wanderings take you to Asia, be sure to stop by carts offering such delicacies as hoy tod nai mong and kuay tiew kai soi nam phung.

Snooze In Luxury On Grounded 747 Jet Now Swedish Hostel PDF Print E-mail

At Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, there’s an imposing passenger plane that no longer flies the skies. Furnished by Jumbo Stay, it offers luxury accommodations and many other comforts. Rates from about $160 a night include free parking, airport shuttle, private compartment for two, sun deck and terrace. 

For more info, go to www.booking.com/hotel/se/jumbo-hostel

Munich, Germany: Oktoberfest Starts Early This Year PDF Print E-mail

The traditional beer and bratwurst celebration begins on September 22 and ends October 7. So, if you have plans to be part of where it all began in the picturesque Bavarian city, make your travel reservations now!

Germany’s third largest metropolis offers much more than food and suds. It also boasts beautiful parks, museums, entertainment, restaurants, as well as historic buildings, including the Residenz and Nymphenburg Palaces. Check with airlines and travel agencies for schedules and package deals. For more info, go to www.oktoberfest.de/en

No More Companion Pets On Royal Caribbean Cruises PDF Print E-mail

The new rule restricts animal companions to qualified service dogs with blind and otherwise handicapped passengers. This rule specifically bans so-called emotional support animals. There have been complaints and problems for airlines and cruise ships when people bring aboard untrained cats, birds, hamsters and other animals that cause troubles for other passengers. So, if you’re thinking of bringing Fluffy and/or Fido with you on your next journey, first check the latest restrictions and how they may apply to your plans.

Alaska Airlines Ends Pre-Flight Booze, But Soon To Offer Wine PDF Print E-mail

Of course, only first class passengers on many airlines expect to be welcomed aboard with free alcoholic drinks. It still happens, but on Alaska, now combined with the former Virgin America, the no booze applies. However, as of November 1, Alaska and Virgin first class flyers will get complimentary sparkling wine. American, Delta and United continue to offer free preflight cocktails to first-class passengers.


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