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TripAdvisor Lists Its Top American Museums....Not! PDF Print E-mail

The travel site recently named ten in the US. However, they failed to name the absolute best. Inexcusably omitted from the list is the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Those named in the report were the Metropolitan, New York NY, WW2 Museum, New Orleans LA, Art Institute, Chicago IL, 9/11 Museum, New York NY,  USS Midway, San Diego CA, Smithsonian, Washington DC, Getty Center, Los Angeles CA, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, both in New York NY, and Kennedy Space Center, Titusville FL.

OK, so they’re all great museums. However, not that I’m prejudiced, I just happen to be a graduate of the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, BFA ‘51. Of course, that was years before Rocky ran up the steps and did his victory dance.

Cancun, Mexico: U.S. State Dept. Says Danger Lurks PDF Print E-mail

If your autumn travel schedules include visits to some South of the Border cities, consider the growing gang violence in certain areas. According to the Los Angeles Times and other news sources, the US government warns that the traditional senior tropical destination of Cancun is dangerous for visitors.

The city is on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, with tropical coastal beaches and lush hotels welcoming visitors. However, the growing drug gang violence in the area should be a warning to seniors who vacation there.

Future Choo Choo Trains At Speeds Of Up To 2,500 MPH PDF Print E-mail

That could mean traveling from NYC to Los Angeles in less than 90 minutes. And if they’ll be able to run across water, NYC to London in the same quick time. Of course, it’s all still in the spec stage for such trackless super trains in the far future.

However, UK’s The Sun reports that engineers at the China Aerospace Science and Tech Corp claim they’ve already started on the plans. Of course, none of the tech beancounters have come up with a simple way to eliminate the two-hour drive through heavy city traffic to get to the train station, followed by another hour of checking in and pre-boarding security body cavity searches.

U.S. State Dept.: Stay The Hell Out Of North Korea PDF Print E-mail

Now officially in effect, U.S. citizens are banned from traveling to the avidly anti-American nation. Current U.S. travel passports are now invalid there, with few exceptions.

Certified journalists and some charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross, may still have permission to visit the country. There have been recent incidents, particularly the jailing and mistreatment of the American college student. The cruel act of sending him home to die should be warning enough for any sane senior traveler.

Hawaiian Air: Bad Passenger Must Pay $98,000 PDF Print E-mail

A Honolulu court ruled that was the amount of money the airline lost because of the guy’s allegedly drunken tirade. The scheduled non-stop flight from Hawaii to New York City was cancelled after he became violent and threatened other passengers.

So, senior flyers, let that be a lesson to you. Play it cool next time you have to pay an extra $50 to check your bag and another $100 in hidden taxes not mentioned in the advertised ticket price. Don’t go ranting and raving up and down the aisles.

Calmly pay that extra $500 to be upgraded from your cramped economy seat to almost comfy premium economy. And just sit there quietly while you drink the airline’s $10 soda while munching on the $50 sandwich.


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