Airport Security: You May Soon Pay More To Be Groped

If the TSA proposal goes through, fees will will be higher for security check-ins. Passengers now pay $5.60 per flight leg for the pat-down routine, and it will be raised $1 for each. Of course, that will be just one more add-on to your ticket that makes the advertised $99.99 bargain flight actually cost twice as much.

Road Scholar: Fall For Southwest Beauty In Autumn Adventure PDF Print E-mail

Great American Get-Together In Santa Fe is just one of many offers by the popular senior-oriented, small group travel service. The eight-day adventure cost starts at $1,999 per person, and includes luxury hotels, all meals, lectures and free airfare for some lucky participants.

You’ll see up close New Mexico’s natural and historical sites, including Native American villages, events and museums. The next schedule is for November 9 thru 16. Enroll by September 30 for best deals. For complete info: www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/20684/great-american-get-together-in-santa-fe

Alaska Airlines Ends Pre-Flight Booze, But Soon To Offer Wine PDF Print E-mail

Of course, only first class passengers on many airlines expect to be welcomed aboard with free alcoholic drinks. It still happens, but on Alaska, now combined with the former Virgin America, the no booze applies. However, as of November 1, Alaska and Virgin first class flyers will get complimentary sparkling wine. American, Delta and United continue to offer free preflight cocktails to first-class passengers.

Would You Sleep In The New Maldives Underwater Hotel? PDF Print E-mail

Scheduled to open in November is a totally submerged luxury hotel in the Indian Ocean resort. The expected cost for one night is $50,000, but hey, that includes meals, spa, boat rides, underwater sightseeing and airport transportation

It seems the only people who could afford it would be members of the Trump family, Arabian oil sheiks, the Kardashians and other world royalty. Hmmm. Just suppose a very pregnant woman guest in her sunken Maldives bedroom suddenly says: I think my water just broke!

San Francisco CA: Beautiful City With Ugly Problems PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor’s experiences with the city go back to World War 2 Navy days. It was a sparkling clean city way back then, with bright streets, cable cars, theaters, hotels, restaurants and fantastic scenery.

Then, when I visited several decades later, San Francisco was becoming a haven for hippies, many aimless young people living on the streets who refused to conform to traditional behaviors. That attitude has continued and spread, making the formerly beautiful city today a haven for thousands of homeless, clueless wanderers of all ages.   

If your travel plans include San Francisco, be aware of areas where crime, filth and poverty make days and nights out dangerous. Also, you’ll encounter grossly inflated prices for hotels. Keep checking the internet for reasonable rates. For example, instead of paying $400 a night for a dinky hotel room, try Airbnb or other private house renting site. It can be much less expensive, especially if you’re traveling with a group of four or more.

Traveling Seniors: AARP Membership = Restaurant Discounts PDF Print E-mail

While wandering around the USA, you often make quick stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you flash an AARP card, it could take 10% or more off the bill. Many chain eateries offer senior discount deals.

Included among them are Taco Bell, Denny’s, McDonald’s, KFC, Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, IHOP, Jack in the Box and many others. With AARP card or not, when you order food in any restaurant from Miami to Seattle, always ask firmly and politely: Is there a senior discount?


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