Disney Prices Climbing Higher Than Magic Mountain

If you’re planning a family trip this season to one of the Disney parks, be prepared to spend a lot of money. Your travel4seniors.com editor’s memories of our very first trip to the Florida park in the mid 70s, just a few years after its debut.

An adult day pass then was $5, lunch $7, hotel room $30. With ever-rising prices, today’s visit would cost at least $100, $30 and $250. Also, ticket pricing and other charges vary according to expected crowds. It will be more expensive during heavy attendance dates, such as holidays, spring break and summer months.

When planning your visit, be sure to first scan internet offers from Disney and other travel sources. Look for the most economical times, special deals and other ways to reduce the ever-rising costs as much as possible.

New Tech Video Scans Speed Check-In With Just Your Face PDF Print E-mail

The latest innovation helps make your flying ordeal smoother. You can use your face as ID for international Delta flights out of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Of course, it isn't necessary to be this smiley. Get details here and elsewhere. www.cnn.com/videos/travel/2018/11/01/delta-air-lines-airbus-a220-airliner-travel-orig.cnn/video/playlists/travel-transportation

Philly Airport: Popeye’s Sells Emotional Support Chicken PDF Print E-mail

Making fun of the questionable practice of passengers taking dogs, cats, and other animals on flights, the airport restaurant sells a Louisiana-styled baked chicken with a therapeutic title.

The cost with a side of fries is about $10. With Philly airport’s frantic holiday crowds and uncertain schedule changes, the amount of emotional support could be helpful. You can take the fowl meal aboard or peck at it while waiting anxiously for your flight to be called.

How Macho Are Those Doggies In The Window? PDF Print E-mail

As your travel4seniors.com editor wandered past a pet daycare shop on touristy Hollywood Boulevard, this scene my camera captured reminded me that not only human air passengers fight for a window seat. Of course, as with airline premium seating, the winner will be required to pay more for the upgrade.

Protestors Cause Travel Problems in Paris And London PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to one of the popular capital cities, be aware of major blockages caused by demonstrations. The latest happened in two of the most popular tourist attractions in London, Westminster and Tower Bridges. The yellow-vested crowds cause traffic problems that disrupt both private and public transportation.

Pane & Vino In Miami Beach Is Best U.S. Eatery PDF Print E-mail


If your winter plans include visiting the Florida city, be sure to stop in for, as the name translates, some bread and wine. And, of course, you’ll have many more happy choices of delicious Italian specialties. According to TripAdvisor’s reader survey, this restaurant tops the list. So, when you go there, it’ll be buon appetito with your carpaccio and pasta alla ruota.


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