About Airfare Bundling, Not THAT Kind Of Bundling

With air ticket fees ever on the rise, we’re sure there’s a nickel-and-diming department at every airline HQ, and the job of those nerds is to find more ways to tack on extra charges. Those of us who remember the good ole days when you bought your $99.99 ticket, and that’s exactly what you paid to fly.

Today, there’s the ever growing list of add-ons, including baggage fees, in-air food, blankets, special seating, state taxes, city taxes and oil price supplements. Of course, we can expect even more to come.

Nevada: Valley of Fire State Park Is Spectacular Experience! PDF Print E-mail

Take some time from gambling away your grandkids’ inheritances to visit this beautiful creation by Mother Nature. Just an hour’s drive northeast of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert, the Valley of Fire features brilliant red-sandstone spires, arches and other eons-old rock formations.

The Anasazi Native American people flourished there more than 3,000 years ago, and their petroglyphs and other rock art are still visible. Follow the riding and hiking trails through the rock formations with camera and smartphone lens clicking away. Before returning to Las Vegas, spend an hour or two in the beautiful land. And if you’ll be picnicking in a shady spot, be sure to bring plenty of water to drink and cool off.

Delta Airlines Bans Pit Bulls In Passenger Compartments PDF Print E-mail

It seems  there have been too many unhappy sky-high encounters between pit bulls and people in the sky. So, next time you fly and want to take your canine pal with you, make sure that more friendly breed is allowed to be sitting with you on a Delta or other airline flight.

USA Today: Of World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Only Six In US PDF Print E-mail

All are ritzy and expensive, but senior travelers may not agree that the highest American eatery is #4, Eleven Madison Park in New York City, and not another until #25, Cosme, also in NYC.

What about all the great dining destinations in Miami, Boston, New Orleans, Philly, San Francisco, Honolulu, Los Angeles and Las Vegas? And, of course, your favorite little Mom & Pop joint in your home town. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/food-and-wine/2018/06/20/worlds-50-best-restaurants

What To Do In Flight If You’re Seated Next To A Groper PDF Print E-mail

Q: I fly frequently, and although I’m a senior, sometimes get unwelcome physical contacts. They usually happen on flights when the cheap seats are jammed full. What should I do? Ms. PL, San Francisco CA

A: If the contact isn’t intentional, just hunker down and ignore it. If you believe it’s an unwelcome grope, let the flight attendant know quickly and ask for another seat. If the groper is obviously drunk or otherwise offensive, demand that security action be taken when the flight lands.

Some Foreign Airlines Offer Volunteer Stopover Deals PDF Print E-mail

For example, book a flight on Norwegian Air, with the destination of Paris. The schedule includes a stop in Oslo. Normally, you’d stay on the plane for the hour or so it takes other travelers to exit and enter.

However, suppose the airline offered you a free night at an Oslo hotel, dinner and other goodies worth several hundred dollars? That’s the trend these days for some foreign airlines to get you to spend time and money in their home city. Would you, a senior with no particular reason to hurry, add a free day or two to the journey? When booking your next overseas flight with a stopover, ask if the airline offers this attractive freebee.


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