Hip Style comes to Hong Kong with the new W Hotel
Hot in the pursuit of the world’s most intriguing destinations, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. today announced the landmark entry of W Hotels into China with the grand opening of W Hong Kong.
Hollywood CA: The Pause That Refreshes PDF Print E-mail

Your wandering travel4seniors.com editor captured this tender scene as two weary backpacked travelers stop to admire some of the merchandise in this aptly-named shop.

Q: Former Military Woman, Is It OK For Me To Travel Alone? PDF Print E-mail

My 32 years in the Navy took me to all parts of the USA, but never overseas. Now retired, I want to see parts of the world that were only dreams before. South America, England, France, Italy. Family members say it just isn’t safe to do alone. What do you say? MTL, San Diego CA

A: We don’t want to exaggerate, but women are often at risk when they travel alone in other cultures where they’re considered fair game for robbery and physical attack. For that first venture abroad, we suggest you sign on for an interesting senior singles group trip or cruise. You’ll be safe and with compatible people. It will give you experience in travel to use later when ready to go it alone.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park CA: Miles & Miles Of Flowers PDF Print E-mail

The massive display of blooms now covering the usually dry landscape is the result of unusually heavy rainfall this season. Located 90 miles northeast of San Diego, it’s a never-ending rainbow of brilliant flowers.

They include purple sand verbena, orange poppies, pink monkey flowers, white and yellow primrose and multi-colored desert lilies. Anza-Borrego covers 1,000 square miles, and is California’s largest state park. And don’t forget to bring your camera and smartphone for selfies among the blossoms. For info, go to www.parks.ca.gov

AA: Dogs & Cats Now Only Allowed Emotional Support Flyers PDF Print E-mail

No more other animal pals such as pigs, ferrets, hamsters or even snuggly ponies can accompany panicky passengers aboard American Airline planes.

There is also required a veterinary health form that lists the pet's vaccination and other health details. Also, Fido and Fluffy must be at least 4 months old. It’s expected that other airlines will be imposing similar restrictions. So, if you medically or emotionally expect to fly with your pet, be sure to check with the airline on all rules that apply.

What Great Scheduling! Only 10 Minutes Between Flights PDF Print E-mail

We’ve all done it and too often messed up our plans. We mistakenly think that’s adequate time. Then, weather or other problem happens. We miss our connecting flight and are stuck in a strange airport for hours or overnight while trying to get another flight.

At worst, we miss the sailing of the cruise we’ve booked or special event at our destination. Next time, to keep your schedule and mind from going crazy, allow up to two hours between connecting flights, even more when booking a foreign flight. You’ll have some leisure time to do some airport shopping and dining.


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