Sleep Pods: Coming To Your Airport Soon?

If you’re old enough to fondly remember Pullman sleepers, WWII troop trains and Navy transports, you’ll love the new airport sleep pods. The teeny little bunks are popping up in terminals all over the world. They’re a welcome convenience for passengers who have long waits or delays, and want some basic privacy and to lie down in comfort until their flight.

Asian airports have been using sleep lockers for many years, and now others in London, Moscow, Philadelphia and Dubai are making the pods available. Some are literally stacked little horizontal spaces not much bigger than check-your-bag lockers, and a bit smaller than the old Pullman sleeper bunks. Others are tiny rooms with a bed, closet and wash station, some with private toilets and shower stalls.

The sleep pods rent for as much as $30 per hour, about what you’d pay for a full night in a cheap motel room or hostel. Of course, because they’re right there in the airport, they’re much more convenient for waiting and stranded passengers. For more information, go to yotel.com or sleepbox.com

NASA Predicts Some Great July Total Lunar Eclipse Locations PDF Print E-mail

A total lunar eclipse will rise over the night sky this summer, and be the clearest viewing of this century in certain parts of the Earth. On July 27, a spectacular lunar eclipse will be fully visible for almost two hours.

If you have travel plans that could include a special night of wonder watching, you’ll need to be in specific spots of South America, Africa, the Middle East or Central Asia. So if you’re there on that historic occasion, be sure to bring your camera and/or smartphone with powerful telephoto lenses.

Are You Up For Flying In Private Aircraft With Blackbird? PDF Print E-mail

There are many new start-up small airlines that specialize in short flights at bargain prices. They usually cost about $150 or so each way. Also, if you’re traveling in a group, it can actually be cheaper and less complicated than flying commercial.

Does it remind you of the Ella Fitzgerald classic?
Pack up all my care and woe,
Here I go, singing low.
Bye-bye, blackbird.

Of course, the private Blackbird aircraft are considerably more modern than the above fun illustration. For more info, schedules and prices to to www.blackbirdair.com

My Roving Camera Shows A Tragic, All-Too-Familiar Scene PDF Print E-mail

This was shot by your travel4seniors.com editor just a few days ago near glamorous Hollywood Boulevard, Of course, the same scene could be in Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco or dozens of other tourist destinations in the USA.

If you want to help those unfortunate wanderers, there are more effective ways than just handing them a few dollars. Seek info on programs for the homeless by familiar agencies, such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Volunteers of America, National Coalition For The Homeless and others in your hometown. Make contributions to one or more organizations that provide professional help for those in need.

Q: What Do I Do When A Passenger Grabs My Assigned Seat? PDF Print E-mail

On a recent flight, after boarding, I saw an elderly woman in my seat. I checked my boarding pass, and said she was in error. She refused to move.

When I told the flight attendant, he said the woman, who waved her cane at me, was handicapped and could not be moved. Angry as hell, I was sent to a seat in the rear. During the flight I saw the “handicapped” woman easily strolling the aisle several times. What should I have done? Jack R., Lafayette IN

A: Not much. You can later file a complaint with the airline, and maybe get a free future flight. Fake handicap pre-boarding, seat grabs and phony companion dog scams are all too frequent. The best way to react is not to lose your temper and just firmly state the facts to the airline. In flight, always cooperate with flight attendants, who must deal with these offenders daily.

Senior Travelers Most Vulnerable To Summer Heat Waves PDF Print E-mail

Record-breaking July heat happening in the West. Predictions are for over 100 in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Hollywood and other tourists destinations. I can recall walking on the Vegas Strip a couple of years ago with a bald friend. After just ten minutes in the noonday July sun, he required medical treatment for severe sunburn on his head and also for sunstroke.

When wandering in the summer sun in those areas, be sure to limit exposure time, seek shade and drink plenty of water. And remember, Death Valley (120º) lives up to its fatal name in July.


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