Rick Steves: Our Fave Travel Guru Disses Tourist Traps

Usually a most pleasant guy, in a USA Today Rick's critique listed places he calls tourist traps. He’s soon to hit age 60, so maybe it’s because Rick’s getting as grouchy as the rest of we wandering elders.

You may plan accordingly while pondering Rick’s opinions. Frankly, wherever we travel to any popular tourist site, it’s there to make bucks with entry fees, schlock for sale and snarky snacks. Here are several from Rick’s list, along with some travel4seniors.com input.

Torture Museums:
They’re there for shock and awe, with a year-round Halloween creepiness. Hey, Rick, tourists want to be scared by skeletons, grungy tombs and royal head-chopping blocks.

Blarney Stone, Ireland:
Not quite as creepy as the torture stuff, but it’s an old Irish tradition, and the upside down poses make great photos to send home to the folks.

Mamertine Prison, Italy: Old jails are popular in many countries, including some turned into hotels and cafés. Hey, Rick, in the U.S., who doesn’t want to see Al Capone’s old cell on Alcatraz?

Morocco: For a taste of Humphrey Bogart’s classic movie, it’s worth seeing the fake version of an earlier Rick’s gin joint. Who knows: maybe Ingrid will stop in and ask Sam to play As Time Goes By.


Suddenly Sick Sightseeing Senior: What To Do Immediately PDF Print E-mail

It has happened to all of us at some time during our world wanderings. Nausea after first night at sea or flying, munching on local food from a street cart, drinking too many freebees while gambling or falling down suddenly while doing a selfie.

First, before leaving home, be sure your smartphone dial is set for immediate emergency calls everywhere you’ll be on your travels. If any are close by, immediately get to a flight attendant or other employee and ask for professional help. If it happens on the street, store, restaurant or hotel, hit the emergency button and/or stop a a security guard or police officer.

Phone-Distracted Seniors Vulnerable To Crosswalk Accidents PDF Print E-mail

Walking in a city where you’re unfamiliar with traffic laws can be very dangerous. According to recent studies, annual pedestrian deaths have increased nearly 50% in just the last decade. One obvious reason is the cellphone, and the guilty parties are distracted pedestrians and drivers.

In your world wanderings, whether in Manhattan or Mandalay, on the sidewalk, crossing the street or driving, be totally alert. If you’re getting a call or preparing to dial, before you lower your eyes to the cellphone, get immediately to a safe spot away from all traffic in every direction.

Could Senior Wanderers Experience Time Travel? PDF Print E-mail

Some futurists insist that some day, time travel will be possible. We asked several brilliant readers of travel4seniors.com if they had fantasies about doing it. And if they did, what would be their first trip back in history?

PLB, Memphis TN: I’d return after 50 years to high school days here in my hometown of Memphis. There was the very special girl I took to the senior prom and ….

Mrs. CNMcR, Boston MA: One memory always haunts me. I was a teenager in Palm Beach, Florida, in May 1963. As I wandered along the ocean front, there was a familiar group tossing a beachball around. As I approached, suddenly two Secret Service guys blocked me from the Kennedy family. Just a few months later, the President was killed. With time travel, I’d go back just to shake his hand.

JRN, Los Angeles CA: I’d go way, way back to visit Gettysburg in 1863 to witness Lincoln’s famous speech. I’d tell him that just months after the bloodiest battle of the Civil War there, his message about freedom for all Americans is as fresh today as it was at that historic moment.

Paris, France: Some Bare Facts For Nude Art Lovers PDF Print E-mail

Hey, if so many of those museum paintings and sculptures are of nude people, so why not allow visitors to appreciate the art in the same natural way? As a trial, the Palais du Tokyo museum welcomed nude visitors for just one day, but may make it a regular daily feature.

The very liberal French city already boasts at least one nudist café and clothes-optional park. Therefore, if Paris is on your spring or summertime destination list this year, and you want to shred and join in, you’ll be able to travel with a smaller suitcase. www.nydailynews.com/news/world/paris-museum-welcomes-nude-visitors

Los Angeles CA: Factor’s Deli On Pico Celebrates 80th Year PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor first visited Factor’s in 1953 after Navy service and just hired as an editor at a daily newspaper in nearby Beverly Hills. While things have changed elsewhere since then, dining at picturesque Factor’s today is a nostalgic and delicious trip back in time. A favorite is the smoked fish brunch for two, with enough tasty ingredients to feed three or four.


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