And you thought your bags were delayed on that last flight

USA Today and the New York Times reported that the passengers who survived that belly-flop Flight 1549 US Air landing in the Hudson River in January will finally get their luggage delivered to them.

Nearly five months later, but considering what could have happened to them, the passengers are just happy to have their clothing and other personal items back again. Additionally, they’re getting a lot more than just some soggy socks, drenched dresses and water-logged luggage. US Air and its insurance company, to get off the hook from possible legal actions, have offered each passenger $10,000.

Q: When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail

My friend and I just retired from careers in government service. We’d like to celebrate with our first visit to Las Vegas. How do we get the best bargains? PJR, Bethesda MD

A: It’s the shoulder season, bargain months between summer and year-end holidays.  Young people are back to work and college, less crowds and room rates are lower until pricey holiday season starts in November. Shop around for autumn hotel bargains, especially package deals that include rooms, meals, entertainment and flights. Also, autumn Vegas weather is more comfortably cool, especially in early mornings and evenings. Be sure to see the free nightly music and light show on downtown Fremont Street.

To Live Longer, Get Away From Stress And Enjoy Travel! PDF Print E-mail

According to the London Sunday Times, taking three weeks off a year could lengthen your life, giving still-working senior roamers another reason to get out and see the world.

People who took less than three weeks off work annually, say the scientists, were 37% more likely to die early. Even if you’re health-conscious, working too hard and not taking time to travel will shorten your life. So, hit the road, air and sea now!

Beware: Now Is The Season For Air Traveling Viruses PDF Print E-mail

According to the Guardian, some of the most disease-infested surfaces are the trays on airport moving belts. When checking in, passengers dump unclean personal bags and other items on them. Especially in autumn and winter, they’re breeding areas for germs, especially those that cause colds and more severe pneumonia-related diseases.

Avoid the worst of the dangers by keeping yourself as clean as possible during the check-in and on-board seating processes. Carry throw-away medicated wipes with you, and use them on your hands and face as often as necessary. That includes when in airport and on-board toilets, getting seated on your flight, seatmate sneezers and touching busy areas and surfaces.   


Santa Monica CA: Enjoy Farmers Market With Ocean Breezes PDF Print E-mail

Now that autumn is here, open-air markets throughout the country will be bursting with fresh-picked produce and other farm goodies. If you happen to be in the popular California beach city area on Wednesdays, spend a couple of enjoyable hours at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. It’s open on Arizona Avenue from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Along with the fresh produce, there are cooking demonstrations, music and other entertainment. For more info, go to www.smgov.net/portals/farmersmarket

Q: Unwanted Advances In Flight: What To Do About It? PDF Print E-mail

It seems almost every day lately we read about more incidents where women passengers are mauled by sneaky guys seated next to them. What should we do when it happens? Ms. FWMcL, Tampa FL

A: If it’s just too-friendly conversation and you don’t want it, offer a few polite words and concentrate on the seat TV or your smart phone. If his talk offends you and it becomes physical, clearly demand him to stop. Then leave your seat to contact the flight attendant. State the problem and ask for another seat. If the abuse was physical, file a formal complaint with the airline and/or report it to airport police after the flight.


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