Air India Provides Female-Only Seating Rows

Opinion: It must have been inspired by recent news items about male passengers making male passes at female seatmates. Of course, we endorse the protected seating for all airlines where women may fear being groped by horny male strangers.

But, as long as there’s a female-only section, it’s only fair that there also be male-only seating. There guys will be able to relax, take off their shoes and unbuckle their belts. They’ll be free to pick their noses, rub their toes and vigorously scratch the more intimate parts of their bodies.

They’ll also be permitted to loudly discuss politics, women, sports and booze while using all the four-letter words they choose. And after dining on the airline meal, the guys won’t be restricted from belching and emitting loud noises from other areas of their bodies.

And... uh ... about the flight seating of transgenders ...

Q: Do We Need Travel Agents In This On-Line Age? PDF Print E-mail

We just retired and are making plans to do some cruises and other overseas traveling. With all kinds of the most updated info available every minute on the internet, is it easier and more economical to do it ourselves on our computer and smartphone? Mrs. PMO’R, Temple TX

A: Working in person with a qualified local travel adviser can help you sort out the best schedules, as well as find the most economical deals and packages. To start, check out the website of the American Society of Travel Agents for the latest info, go to www.travelpulse.com/suppliers/travel-associations/american-society-of-travel-agents

Give Up Your Seat And The Rewards Could Be Sweet! PDF Print E-mail

Recently your travel4seniors.com was all comfy in a soon-to-fly aircraft. As passengers were in final moments of loading, the loudspeaker blared a request. The flight had been oversold, and would any aboard volunteer to give up their seats. Plus a promise of getting rewarded for it.

Not being in a hurry and curious to see what deal I could get, I grabbed my carry-on and exited. What did I get? Other flights that then actually got me to my final destination an hour before my original schedule. And a $250 voucher for a future flight. So, next time you’re asked to be bumped, consider the potential rewards and grab your bag.

Senior Space Traveler: Will You Go For A 2025 Moon Trip? PDF Print E-mail

Jeff Bezos, top guy at Amazon, says he will have space vehicles that take passengers to the Moon. He also claims his project, called Blue Origin, will create a permanent colony on the planet.

Can you imagine spending that first evening at your lunar home? You’ll enjoy a tender moment together on the front porch with your loved one. Then you’ll say those romantic words: You look so lovely in the earthlight.

Q: I’d Like To Honor Dad On 75th Anniversary Of D-Day PDF Print E-mail

He was an 82nd Airborne paratrooper who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944, and always talked about going back to relive his memories. He passed away several months ago, and some family members are planning to be there for him at the ceremonies, as well as a tour in France. Suggestions? John L., Buffalo NY

A: Start your research and booking now, because D-Day events and ceremonies are expected to be well attended in Normandy in various locations. Check with your travel agent, airline packages and many internet tours now being offered.

Get Wheelchair Travel Updates: emerginghorizons.com PDF Print E-mail

Busy airports can be confusing and frustrating for senior travelers in wheelchairs. When necessary to get help, ask at any airline desk to contact the resident Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) for you.

Laws require there are trained CRO personnel on duty at all times in U.S. and many major foreign airports. For the website that offers constantly updated info for those who must travel with wheelchairs, go to emerginghorizons.com


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