Uzbekistan Airways Makes Weighty Decision

According to The Daily Telegraph, passengers for the Tashkent-based airline will now be weighed with their luggage before boarding. Those deemed too heavy may be charged extra fees, or possibly be banned from their scheduled flights.

The trend is expected to happen soon with other airlines. Therefore, if you’re planning to fly Uzbekistan, are rotund and carry heavy baggage, plan ahead. Cut back on the fatty meals and leave your iron at home.

USA Today: Las Vegas Cheapest For Thanksgiving & Christmas Travel PDF Print E-mail

Of course, hotels and restaurants in popular holiday vacation locations in the US, including New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles, jack up their prices 50% and more for end-of-year travelers. Rooms costing $150 in other months go for $250 and more. Dinners that are usually $20 cost $50 and up.

So, if you plan to travel during the holiday season, take the USA Today advice and consider Sin City. It offers world class entertainment without the huge ticket prices of Broadway. Rooms are cheaper than in the big cities, and there are the famous all-you-can-eat buffets at bargain prices.

Of course, the Las Vegas bargains are not all offered by the city’s casino bosses out of human kindness. They know you’ll gamble away those savings and your family fortunes at the tables and slot machines.

Maldives: New Underwater Hotel Suite Costs $50,000 A Night! PDF Print E-mail

OK, I’d take it for a week, but I’m a senior on very limited Social Security. Can I get it for $49,999.99 a night? The modern marvel is just off shore at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. And way down 16.5 feet into the Indian Ocean.

Of course, the super sea bottom suite comes with luxury features. Its glass walls allow guests to trade gawks with sharks, turtles, squid and every other creature that comes by for an external visit. The bargain price also includes full-time serving staff, special wining and dining, private boat, as well as many other luxury privileges. For more info, go to www.conradmaldives.com

Big Deal! Southwest Now Shows Free Movies In Flight PDF Print E-mail

How many flying seniors remember 30 or so years back when movies were projected on small screens up front of the passenger cabin? You could hear the sound track on the earphones plugged into your seat, but could only squint at the teeny images way, way up there. Not much different than little screens on 1950s television sets.

Now, as with some competing airlines, SW has ended the $5 charge for watching in-flight movies on seat back screens. The programs can always be prerecorded at home and seen on personal devices, such as smartphones. Also, SW passengers can now watch live TV broadcasts and some first-time entertainment videos on seat back screens.

USA Today: Gas Prices Will Drop Sharply This Month PDF Print E-mail

In some areas of the US, the report claims you’ll be able to fill up at less than $2 a gallon in early November. Of course, we can’t expect the lower rates to continue into the holiday season. That’s traditionally when the greedy Saudis and their overpaid US oil exec pals once again raise them to the robbery prices.

If you haven’t already switched to an all-electric car, do your best to fight the annual holiday price increases at the pump. Drive less, share rides and patronize stations with the lowest prices. And when the rates rise again, tell all in the business, from neighborhood gas station owners to national politicians, how you feel about the annual robbery.

Would You Sign To Sail Aboard New Titanic II in 2022? PDF Print E-mail

Seniors are among the most avid cruise passengers. We enjoy the luxury of moonlit nights at sea, fine dining, colorful port visits and other amenities of sailing. However, we’ve all read history books about the disaster of 1912 when the original Titanic sank, and seeing scary movies that portrayed the tragedy.

We’re hearing about the Titanic II now under construction in Jiangsu, China, and scheduled to sail 110 years after the original ship sank. Not many of us consider ourselves as lucky as the Unsinkable Molly Brown, so we can just wonder how successful the new Blue Line cruise company will be in signing up passengers.

For more info, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2018/10/22/titanic-ii-sail-original-ships-fateful-route-2022-maiden-voyage


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