Las Vegas NV: First Driverless Shuttle In The US Hits The Street

It operates in a half-mile loop on the busy downtown Fremont East district, giving free rides to Sin City’s tourists and gamblers. It’s upper area is clear and bubble-shaped, allowing as many as eight seat-belted passengers to rubber-neck the sights as the vehicle travels along at 15 MPH.

There are many of the latest technical advances in the shuttle, allowing it to sense potential dangers from street light changes, traffic and pedestrians. Also, during the trial period, there will be a qualified employee aboard to make sure all systems work well and safely. Now, if they could only design a slot machine that actually pays off.

Keep Visual Travel Memories Alive With A Virtual Scrapbook PDF Print E-mail

Do you often look through your family photo scrapbook to relive days at school, family holiday gatherings, amusement park visits and other important happenings? While spending senior years traveling with your smartphone, it’s easy to create an electronic creative record of your trips.

You, friends and family members will then always have it in future years to relive those happy times. Check the internet for sites that offer design and technical instructions. Learn how to compose, display and, if in your plans, print your virtual graphic creation into an old-fashioned paper scrapbook.

London UK: Chelsea Flower Show Events May 19 Through 26 PDF Print E-mail

Eliza Doolittle, who sold flowers in Covent Garden in My Fair Lady, probably wouldn’t be part of this year’s Feel Good Garden theme. Maybe the title seems a bit too close to the current Hollywood casting couch publicity. However, for visitors, including flower-loving American senior tourists, wouldn’t it be loverly to experience this colorful celebration. 

It’s the 105th annual gathering of the best and brightest Royal Horticultural Society creations. For locations, schedules, events, tickets and other info, go to  www.chelseaflowershowtour.com

Eruptions On Hawaii: Should You Change Your Travel Plans? PDF Print E-mail

You’ve scheduled a Hawaiian vacation and are concerned about dangers you may face. First, face the facts. The Big Island is larger than all the other islands of the state combined.

Actually, the potential eruptions and quake dangers of the Kīlauea Volcano there are only close to communities near the mountain on that island. The resorts and beaches along the Kona and Kohala coasts are 100 or more miles from the affected areas.

The other Hawaiian islands, including Oahu and its capital city of Honolulu, have not been nor are expected to be affected by more volcanic eruptions or damages. If still worried, keep in daily touch with your travel agency and hotels where you have reservations.

The 26th annual New Orleans Wine & Food Experience PDF Print E-mail

With the beautiful city celebrating it's 300th birthday this year, a festive event happens from Wednesday to Sunday, May 23-27. It offers examples of famous local foods, demonstrations, sit-down dinners, sidewalk displays and "the world's biggest Sunday brunch.” For locations, schedules, prices and other info go to www.neworleans.com/event/new-orleans-wine-and-food-experience

Enjoy The Delicious Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival PDF Print E-mail

It happens from Friday, May 25 through 27 in the historic Texas town just 225 miles south of Dallas. In addition to tasting a variety of crawfish and other delightful seafood dishes, enjoy live music and kids' activities. Be in downtown Fredericksburg's Marktplatz (Market Square) for the festival. www.fbgcrawfish.com


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