Disneyland CA: Hefner Scooters And So Can You

Recent photos of Hugh Hefner, 87, and his young wife scooting around the Happiest Place on Earth should be an inspiration for other walk-challenged seniors. The wheels help them enjoy hanging out with Mickey and his pals at the Disney parks in California, Florida and other world locations.

For a fee, you can make the hours there less exhausting and more convenient. To rent wheels, the daily price for the visit on an electric scooter is $50, and $12 for a manual wheelchair. In addition to the convenience of your wheels, they also get you to the front of the lines on many Disney attractions. For more information, go to https://disneyland.disney.go.com/guest-services/wheelchair-rental/

Striking Sunset View From Our Airbnb Window PDF Print E-mail

So, that’s how the famous street got its name! Your travel4seniors.com was actually pointing his camera toward Hollywood’s famed Sunset Boulevard.

Now that just about everyone has a smartphone-camera, there are unending opportunities to record such dramatic scenes. So, while out for a walk or traveling the world, don't just indulge in your grinning selfies and tourist shots. Be creative and capture moments of Mother Nature’s artistic wonders.

Electric Scooters Multi-Billion $$$ Business PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN, with financial growth, Bird Rides are wheeling along sidewalks in large cities across the USA. The handy electric two-wheelers go up to 15 miles per hour, are rented via a computer app, usually cost $1 to unlock and 15¢ per minute to ride. In your travels, and if your seasoned citizen’s body is in good physical shape, consider giving a scooter a ride as you tour big city streets.

While many enjoy the economy, convenient transport and availability, not all are pleased about scooters scooting along busy city sidewalks. For the elderly, handicapped and families with small kids, there's need to dodge the speedy vehicles, as well as collisions. Also, because the scooters can be left almost anywhere after use, there’s danger, especially at night, of tripping over them on darkened sidewalks.

New Orleans LA: Look And Sip At The Tales Of The Cocktail PDF Print E-mail

From July 17 to 22, bartenders and cocktail creators from Louisiana to London will be on tap in New Orleans to to show their skills in the annual week of events. They’ll compete for honors to be named the best bartenders and concoctors. For info, go to talesofthecocktail.com/events/tales-cocktail-new-orleans

Los Angeles CA: Get Your Slice Of California Pizza Festival PDF Print E-mail

It’ll be all kinds of the favorite Italian specialty on July 28 and 29 at Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles. Over 20 pizza restaurants and pasta makers will participate in two days of free local and visitor pasta specialties, local wine and beers and live entertainment. For tickets, entry fees and more info, go to www.calipizzafestival.com

Enjoy America’s Top Rodeo During Cheyenne Frontier Days PDF Print E-mail

Since 1897, the world's largest outdoor rodeo and celebration has thrilled everyone. The first Frontier Days was a cowboy roundup with bronco busting, races and steer roping. This year from July 20 thru 29, the famed Wyoming celebration includes traditional bull-riding, parades, concerts, art, food and a multi-event carnival. For schedules and prices, go to www.cheyenne.org/events/cheyenne-frontier-days


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