Early Valet: Delta Offers Free Carry-On Stashing

The airline now hopes to make passenger boarding easier and quicker, especially for seniors and families with kids. For about 45 minutes before all passengers get on the outgoing flight, Delta employees will take carry-on bags aboard and place them in the overhead bins.

According to Delta, the free service will speed up the entire loading process, as well as make it less stressful for those passengers who need the most help.

Hoist Yer Damn Bag To The Overhead Yerself, Ya Lame Old Goat! PDF Print E-mail

Of course, those exact words weren’t spouted at me when I asked the flight attendant to stow my carry-on. But that was the meaning when she curtly told me she wasn’t required to do it. After being wheeled through the airport and assisted in boarding, this slightly feeble 92-year-old kinda expected help.

In olden days, when I was a younger, healthier flier, stewardesses always gladly helped me with overhead stowing and everything else. However, these days, and probably after a union meeting declaring their independence from doing anything physical for passengers, the no-help rule applies.

The situation with the U.S. airline is also disturbing because my recent experiences with many foreign airlines are much different. Their flight attendants happily assist with hoisting carry-ons and politely perform other in-flight duties not practiced here anymore.

Qatar Airways: Flight Diverted When Wife Beats Cheating Mate PDF Print E-mail

The husband made the mistake of falling asleep with his smartphone on. The suspicious wife used his thumb to ID and access it, and found messages indicating he was involved with another woman.

She began hitting him, and wouldn’t stop when crew members tried to end the disturbance. The flight, scheduled from Doha to Bali, emergency landed at Chennai, India. Both were arrested, but were later permitted to continue on another flight, and presumably their continuing fight. They may face charges for the disturbance and heavy fines of causing the costly emergency landing.

There’s a lesson here for senior flying couples. Whatever problems you have with each other, leave them on the ground. And how many of you senior wanderers remember the similar domestic theme of the Maggie and Jiggs comic strip?

Puerto Rico Needs Your Help To Recover Its Tourism PDF Print E-mail

After the devastating hurricane season, the beautiful island was in ruins.  Now, with an ongoing valiant struggle, Puerto Rico is getting back on its feet, with most hotels, port facilities and other travel services functioning well.

If you’ve enjoyed Puerto Rico before or are considering a first visit, help restore the island’s devastated economy by booking a trip. Further, if your concern inspires combining a visit with volunteering to pitch in and help, investigate the many options. Check with internet sites, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Habitat For Humanity for detailed info.

Las Vegas NV: First Driverless Shuttle In The US Hits The Street PDF Print E-mail

It operates in a half-mile loop on the busy downtown Fremont East district, giving free rides to Sin City’s tourists and gamblers. It’s upper area is clear and bubble-shaped, allowing as many as eight seat-belted passengers to rubber-neck the sights as the vehicle travels along at 15 MPH.

There are many of the latest technical advances in the shuttle, allowing it to sense potential dangers from street light changes, traffic and pedestrians. Also, during the trial period, there will be a qualified employee aboard to make sure all systems work well and safely. Now, if they could only design a slot machine that actually pays off.

Q&A: What’s The Difference Between Non-Stop & Direct Flights? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m confused and angry. I recently bought a direct flight ticket, thinking it would take me from Boston to Miami in one fast hop. We stopped in Philly, and were delayed for three hours before taking off for Miami, and I missed a family celebration. What did I do wrong? PHR, Newport RI

A: Your error may have been that you bought the cheapest ticket without reading the fine print. Next time, be aware of the difference between direct and non-stop. Direct flights may be cheaper than non-stops, but always have at least one scheduled landing at an in-between airport along the route. It may take just an hour to drop off and pick up passengers, or as with unfortunate you, get complicated by delays and other time-consuming factors.


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