San Diego CA: Fern Street Circus Brightens Airport

The unfunny political circuses are over in Cleveland and Philadelphia. So, if your travels take you to San Diego International during the next three months, you can enjoy some real circus fun.

While you’re stalled in a long security line before your flight, or waiting for your luggage after landing, relax and watch the show. Enjoy clowns, jugglers, acrobats and other performers as they make your anxious airport experience more pleasant.

Santorini, Greece: Fat Tourists Banned From Donkey Rides PDF Print E-mail

One of the island’s most popular tourist activities is riding the little burros through the beautiful scenery. However, fat visitors have been too much of a burden for the fragile animals. Now if visitors weigh 220 pounds or more, they’ll have to walk. Santorini citizens are determined to save their asses.

USA Today Names The D Las Vegas Best Casino In Sin City PDF Print E-mail

Located downtown on historic Fremont Street, the hotel opened in 1980 as the Sundance, and later named Fitzgerald’s. It has been the D since 2012.  Entering from the street, first-floor visitors experience contemporary table games and the latest in slot machines.

For seniors with fond old Vegas memories, the second floor casino has historic decor, vintage slots and traditional horse racing sports book. There’s also a keno lounge and free entertainment by The D’s talented dancing dealers and cocktail waitresses. For more info, go to www.thed.com

London UK: Tower of London Is World’s Spookiest Destination PDF Print E-mail

Of course, there are haunted old houses, ghostly images, murder locations and other scary places to visit in the scary season. However, if your travels take you to the British capital city at Halloween or any other time, be sure to spend a few horrific hours at the Tower.

It’s the most infamously haunted location in England. Many royals and enemies of royals were imprisoned and died there. The most notable were the two young princes, Edward V and his brother Richard, who were murdered there. If you hope for a ghostly encounter with any former prisoners, sign up for a Twilight Tower tour. For hours, tickets and other info, go to www.hrp.org.uk/tower-of-london

Tombstone AZ: Be There For Gunfight At The O.K. Corral PDF Print E-mail

On October 25, 1881, a bunch of bad guys fought a gun duel with good guys in the town main street outside a horse stable and yard. The good guys included Sheriff Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. Killed or jailed were all the bad guys, called the Clanton gang.

In addition to regular gunfight reenactments and other celebrations, there are remainders of the old days, including the O.K. Corral, Boot Hill Cemetery, old saloons and other interesting sites. Tombstone, called the town too tough to die, is about an hour’s drive south of Tucson. For more info, go to TombstoneWeb.com

Senior Drivers: Be Prepared For Annual Gas Pump Robbery PDF Print E-mail

Remember the good old days when gas cost a buck a gallon? In advance of the upcoming holiday season, by early October the international cartel thieves were already setting the trap. Billionaire Saudi Arabian oil shrieks recently cried out that they can’t prevent the price of oil from going up to $100 a barrel. Oh, the humanity!

That means the already grossly inflated price of $5 a gallon of gas will go even higher in final months of the year. Just in time for your Thanksgiving drive to grandma’s and then Christmas shopping. Have pity and pay the outrageous robberies, because those heartbroken oil cartel billionaires and their U.S. stooges have crocodile tears streaming down their burkas! Or, better still, do less driving until the robbery prices go lower again.


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