Lug A Flying Ad And Your Luggage Fee Is Paid

Many seniors already walk around wearing t-shirts, hoodies, caps and other clothing with logos and names of their favorite teams printed on them. So this promotion sounds like a great, money-saving idea.

According to USAToday, Orion Travel Tech offers to reward airline passengers to travel with luggage featuring ads printed on the sides. After an annual fee of $19.99, each volunteer can get luggage charges paid for up to six round-trip flights a year. Considering that it can cost a couple $100 or more a flight to check bags, savings can be considerable. oriontraveltech.com

Beverly Hills CA: Enjoy Some Time In The Elegant City PDF Print E-mail

When travels take you to Los Angeles, in addition to cruising Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, spend an hour or two where those famed stars shop and snack. And be prepared to shell out a dollar or two.

Your travel4seniors.com editor wrote for a newspaper in Beverly Hills more than 60 years ago. Prices since then have risen a teeny bit. For example, city homes just north of the sign sold for $40,000. Today they cost $4,000,000 and up.

If you plan to dine there, restaurant prices are very high at some famed eateries, including the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge, Spago, Jean-Georges and others. Also be prepared to shell out mucho bucks at iconic apparel shops, such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Chanel, Prada and Harry Winston.

Q: OK To Take Mom With Aging Problems On Our Cruise? PDF Print E-mail

My widowed mother recently retired after a lifetime of world travel. She was recently diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s, but is otherwise physically OK. We’re planning a Caribbean cruise, and she has asked to go along. Ideas? BRL, Boston MA

A: First, check with mom’s doctor and ask that question. If OK, be sure she will be with another person, day and night, throughout the trip, and takes required meds correctly. When boarding flights and the cruise ship, let employees know about her condition, and ask for help when needed. For advice before you go, consult the Alzheimer’s Association 24-hour helpline at 800-272-3900.

Delta Dumps Ya-Wanna-Get-Lucky Coke Napkins PDF Print E-mail

Recently, the airline and Coca Cola gave out in-flight snarky napkins along with food and drink servings to passengers. The printed messages suggested they write their phone numbers on the napkins to entice other “plane crush” passengers to call them for dates after the flight.

After many complaints that the promotion resembled graffiti scrawled on public toilet walls, the companies profusely apologized to any passengers who were offended by the napkins. Suddenly, the get-lucky messages disappeared. What’s next for flight passengers…invitations to join the Mile High club?

Los Angles CA: Airport PUPs Help Passengers To reLAX PDF Print E-mail

Friendly dogs roam as participants in Pets Unstressing Passengers in one of the world’s busiest terminals (LAX). Nearly 100 local volunteers regularly bring their friendly dogs to roam the huge airport to help people deal with the typical anxiety, delays and other troubles. There’s nothing like a happy tail wag and smiling canine face to ease the stress.

France By RoadScholar: Join 75th Anniversary of D-Day PDF Print E-mail

Did young you actually go ashore in Normandy on that morning of June 6, 1944? Or are you a history buff who yearns to learn all about the historic day in France that determined the outcome of World War 2?

The RoadScholar trips happen this year when France commemorates the landings. You’ll visit the Normandy beaches and join in on honors at the American Cemetery. A Road Scholar expert will guide your group throughout the program.

There will be many historical and informative events, as well as opportunities to enjoy the cities, landscapes and foods of Normandy, as well as Paris. It’s Program No. 12416RJ, for 15 days, starting at $3,999 per person, including hotel and meals. There are seven D-Day trips in France scheduled in 2019, starting with April 14-28. For details, go to roadscholar.org/b/blog/posts/welcome-to-france-road-scholar-s-destination-of-the-year-in-2019


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