NYC: Carnegie Hall Marks 126th Birthday

They’ve all performed there. Callas, Caruso, Horowitz, Rachmaninoff, Billie Holiday, Sinatra, the Beatles, Pavarotti, Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, What better way to celebrate the birthday of the famous entertainment location than with entertainment?

Current shows feature the New England Symphonic Ensemble, New York Youth Symphony, the MET orchestra, city-wide exploration of West Side Story, Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orehestra and commissioning of 125 new musical works. carnegiehall.org/125

Supersonic Flight: Breakfast in NYC And Lunch In London PDF Print E-mail

New supersonic aircraft are being planned that within five years, passengers aboard will fly at 3,000 miles per hour non-stop across the ocean in just 90 minutes. They can then go from lox and cream cheese on a bagel to bubble and squeak.

Check Into Bike Sharing In Busy Big City Downtowns PDF Print E-mail

If you’re in good physical shape and need to roam quickly around crowded downtown areas, seek online info about bike share. It’s more convenient and much cheaper than ever-rising charges for taxis, Uber or Lyft. Many cities already offer the bike service free or at very low cost.

They include Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix and Portland. When you roam foreign cities and want to bike your way around, you’ll  find many of them offer similar economic bike share programs.

RoadScholar Trip: Enjoy Live Country Music In Branson MO PDF Print E-mail

Groove with other seniors in the town boasting to be the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World”. Enjoy six public stage shows, have an afternoon tea, Q&A and discussion with DeeDee Lennon, and three private shows.

Six Branson trips scheduled this year, with next from June 9 to 13. It all happens during six days, five nights, including hotel stay and 13 meals. Get all the facts about Program No. 1615RJ, with price starting at $1,199. www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/1615/branson-show-biz

Q: Is It OK These Days To Sightsee In San Francisco? PDF Print E-mail

For decades, the beautiful city was one of our favorite destinations back in the 1950s and 60s. We’re talking about going back soon to mark our 50th wedding anniversary. However, all the recent news about growing homelessness, dirty streets and crime may make us change our minds. What do you think? CFR, Tucson AZ

A: It’s all still there from your happy memories: Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Nob Hill, Chinatown and cable cars. Unfortunately, the City By The Bay has had considerable bad publicity lately because of the deterioration of safe and clean streets. The ever-growing homeless problem on city streets is a factor that negatively affects tourism.

To determine whether you’ll take your anniversary celebration there, keep in daily touch with news reports about the city. If and when you determine it’s safe for you and your spouse, and as long as you’re aware of potential dangers. Book a stay at a security-protected hotel, such as the St. Francis or Mark Hopkins. And do your sightseeing and dining with an escorted tour group.

AA Flight Attendant Fined For Flying With Boozy Breath PDF Print E-mail

Although her name is now all over the news and internet, your travel4seniors.com editor will not display it here. First, in all my years of flying commercial and in Navy aircraft, I encountered many air crew members with boozy breath before flights. None were any less capable of doing their jobs.

Another factor in this case is that the veteran American Airlines flight attendant will be 65 this year, and did her job through the decades with no previous problems. Therefore, we can guess she was celebrating her upcoming retirement. So, let’s all raise our glasses to her and say: Congratulations and welcome into your sunset years on terra firma!


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