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New York NY: Famed 21 Club Boasts Fantastic History PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor recently had the great pleasure of guest dining and wining at what patrons simply call The 21. The club originally operated as a notorious speakeasy during the prohibition 1920s. Then it evolved in the 1930s as the posh hangout for America’s famous actors, musicians, authors, business tycoons, politicians and a few gangsters.

The club’s extensive wine cellar still has vintage private bottles from some of the most famous patrons. They include Presidents Nixon and Ford, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Mae West and Aristotle Onassis.  

In addition to the excellent food and wine, the club’s walls are filled with great art, featuring works of Frederic Remington, McClelland Barclay, James Montgomery Flagg and many others. It’s also famous for its display of cartoons by Walt Disney, Ham Fisher, Peter Arno and others.

For the current menu, wine list, upcoming events and more info about Club 21, go to www.21club.com

Monte Carlo, Monaco: Pretend You're A Senior James Bond PDF Print E-mail

Mix Beverly Hills, Malibu and Las Vegas. Give it a French accent and you'll have Monaco. It's a one-mile-square principality on the Riviera, surrounded by France and the Mediterranean.

See where Vegas got the glitzy gambling idea at the 170-year-old, elegant Monte Carlo Casino. Envision yourself rubbing shoulders at the gambling tables with international royalty, European billionaires and some shady James Bond types.

The famous auto race, the Grand Prix of Monaco, runs every year in May. If you want to experience the race route, rent a car or hire a cab to ride over the winding seaside route at speeds much safer as the real event.

Have lunch in the garden of Le Grill Restaurant at the Hotel de Paris. Be aware that the hotel, meals, entertainment and everything else in Monte Carlo is very expensive. However, if you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience as a pretend member of traditional, espionage or money royalty, the posh city and views are well worth it.

Sr. Traveler Opinion: How Safe Is Acapulco, Mexico? PDF Print E-mail

Contributing editor JLMcC, Vancouver BC, Canada: The current news isn’t good. A favorite family destination has been labeled Mexico’s murder capital. Despite the recent news of gang violence, never on our frequent visits have we ever seen any crimes. We always felt safe to walk the streets, markets and beaches day and night.

Since I retired, we spend a week almost every late autumn in Acapulco. As Canadian tourists we’ve always been treated with kindness and cooperation, including the cabbies. We book one favorite, José, for an entire day or two at a very reasonable rate, and he takes us everywhere.

We enjoy La Quebrada, the high cliff divers, Majahua Beach, the Botanical Gardens, La Roqueta Island snorkeling, fishing boats and much more.The shopping is fun, beaches outstanding and the cafés delicious. In our opinion,

You can have overpriced Malibu, Miami Beach and San Francisco. Acapulco gets our vote as a friendly place for average, middle class North Americans to afford a tropical vacation at any time of year for reasonable prices.

Hollywood CA: Visit The Museum Of Broken Relationships PDF Print E-mail

If your wanderings take you to that popular tourist destination of Hollywood Boulevard, there are sights to see. Famous theaters, pavement plaques honoring entertainment’s greatest, costumed sidewalk characters and much, much more.

As a senior with a long and varied life, including some loving and unloving moments, spend some time in one of the street’s most unusual attractions. You may also wonder why such an odd place exists, even in flighty Tinsel Town. (6751 Hollywood Boulevard, brokenships.com).

See the weepy stories and items from people around the world who've loved and lost. Peruse through weapons, booze bottles, sad letters, photos, clothing, diaries and much more. Entry fee is about $20.

Sedona AZ: Bask In One Of World’s Top Visiual Feasts PDF Print E-mail

When arriving in the small Central Arizona town, you’ll be surrounded by sky-high towers of red rock. Sedona offers breathtaking scenes not viewed anywhere else in the world.

The brilliant red sandstone formations have been shaped by Mother Nature over hundreds of millions of years. When you’re there at sunrise and sunset, your camera can capture some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. If you have a selfie stick, join together to create classic family photos and video.


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