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Hollywood CA: Visit The Museum Of Broken Relationships PDF Print E-mail

If your wanderings take you to that popular tourist destination of Hollywood Boulevard, there are sights to see. Famous theaters, pavement plaques honoring entertainment’s greatest, costumed sidewalk characters and much, much more.

As a senior with a long and varied life, including some loving and unloving moments, spend some time in one of the street’s most unusual attractions. You may also wonder why such an odd place exists, even in flighty Tinsel Town. (6751 Hollywood Boulevard, brokenships.com).

See the weepy stories and items from people around the world who've loved and lost. Peruse through weapons, booze bottles, sad letters, photos, clothing, diaries and much more. Entry fee is about $20.

Sedona AZ: Bask In One Of World’s Top Visiual Feasts PDF Print E-mail

When arriving in the small Central Arizona town, you’ll be surrounded by sky-high towers of red rock. Sedona offers breathtaking scenes not viewed anywhere else in the world.

The brilliant red sandstone formations have been shaped by Mother Nature over hundreds of millions of years. When you’re there at sunrise and sunset, your camera can capture some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. If you have a selfie stick, join together to create classic family photos and video.

Los Angeles CA: Gotta See Peterson Auto Museum PDF Print E-mail

If you’re an auto nut and travels take you to the posh Wilshire Boulevard neighborhood near Beverly Hills, don’t miss spending several enjoyable hours at the Peterson. Among classic cars, trucks and motorcycles of the past century, each exhibit and event is well worth the price of admission.

Current offerings include big-eyed, talking racing cars from Disney films, the art of Bugatti, low-rider art show and auto-themed movie nights. There’s also a regular schedule of live entertainment events at the museum.

Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, ticket prices are $15 adults, $7 child and $12 seniors and students. The in-house restaurant is Drago, with delicious Italian and Sicilian fare that matches the quality of the classic auto exhibits.

Rennes, France: A Visit To The Historic Cathedral PDF Print E-mail

Senior correspondent PJJ, Little Rock AR: On a recent journey to France, I toured the Cathedral Saint-Pierre in Rennes, Brittany. It’s a Catholic landmark dedicated to the memory of Saint Peter. Rennes is 217 miles east of Paris, a train ride of just over two hours. I spent a day in Rennes touring its historic cathedral and the charming city.

The imposing structure is located just a short walk from Gare de Rennes train station near the center of town, and open to visitors most days. I stood outside in wonder of the gloriously soaring Gothic structure with towers stretching nearly 160 feet high. Each external level featured Baroque columns, decorative carvings and statues of saints.

Tombstone AZ: The Wild West Town Too Tough To Die PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to Tucson, plan to spend a day in the famous Old West town of Tombstone. It’s about an hour’s drive south via I-10 on the way to the Mexican border town of Nogales.

There are daily events along the famed Main Street, including a staged shoot-out between characters representing Marshal Wyatt Earp and the bad guys at the O.K. Corral. Also programs at the Bird Cage Theater, Boot Hill Cemetery, as well as jeep tours and stage coach rides.

The historic town has also been the site of many Western movies, including Fort Apache, Duel in the Sun and Broken Arrow. For info, go to tombstoneweb.com


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