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Exotic Airbnb: Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway PDF Print E-mail

Consider a Southern California experience that doesn’t involve busy, expensive hotels in Beverly Hills or Malibu. In nearby Topanga Canyon, there’s a quiet bungalow all gussied up in pirate theme. A great retreat for two priced from 95 pieces of eight.

Along with the swashbuckler theme, it has private waterfalls, pond, garden and hilly hiking trails. There are views of Hollywood from just above the Sunset Strip. It’ll make you feel like you’re with the Swiss Family Robinson with its tiki-themed decor both inside and outside.

You’ll lounge by the fire pit on swinging chairs or dip in an outdoor bathtub covered in seashells. The guest house has one bedroom with bath. The rules include no kids, pets, nor group parties. For more info and booking, visit airbnb.com

Las Vegas NV: Night Owl Noshing At The Hard Rock Hotel PDF Print E-mail

Your desert driving or late-arriving flight takes you to this rockin’ resort in the wee small hours, and you crave some eats. You’ll find a welcome sight at Mr. Lucky’s all-night eatery. Among the many delicious menu items, try the $7.77 special dinner of steak, shrimp and potatoes. Or steak and eggs for a modest $4.99. Then, with stomach satisfied, you can hit the casino tables or machines with renewed vigor as the sun rises on your lucky day.

Washington DC: Museum Of The Bible Goes Beyond Scriptures PDF Print E-mail

In addition to the expected exhibits featuring stories from the Holy Book, there are many other interesting sights and artwork. For example, a full-size replica of the Liberty Bell, glass-enclosed spaces with views of the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument and other familiar city landmarks.

There’s also a glass-covered outdoor garden that displays living plant species mentioned in the Bible. Nearby is an interesting replica of an ancient Hebrew village from the time of Jesus, complete with the Christmas manger scene from Nazareth at the center.

Inside is a variety of modern theater stages, all with the latest in electronic presentations, from realistic projections to enormous TV screens that display Old and New Testament dramas. Admission is free, but expect to be asked for donations of $15 per adult and $10 per child. The address is 400 4th Street SW., near the National Mall. www.museumofthebible.org

Chicago IL Pedway: Next Time You’re Snowed In At The Loop PDF Print E-mail

You can get around as many as 40 blocks of downtown Chicago with the Pedestrian Walkway System. No matter the weather, stroll through five miles of the combined route of underground tunnels and overhead bridges.

There are many exits and entrances to shopping, bars, restaurants, museums, transportation stations, government offices and other mid-city tourist destinations. The experience is enhanced by contemporary design and lighting, as well as frequently changing displays of art and graphics.

New York NY: Visit Shorakkopoch Rock in Inwood Hill Park PDF Print E-mail

The big stone commemorates the alleged spot where in 1626, the leader of the New Netherlands Peter Minuit in 1626 “purchased” the island of Manhattan.

He got a pretty good deal from the Mohawk and Lenape tribes. It cost the shrewd Dutchman a trunk full of trinkets and beads “then worth about 60 guilders.” At the time, where Inwood Hill Park in lower Manhattan is located today, lived Native Americans who called themselves Reckgawawang.


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