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Budapest, Hungary: Palatinus Baths Celebrate 100th Year PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the beautiful capital city of Hungary, you’ll happily wander the streets enjoying historic sites, parks, restaurants and other destinations. Then, your tired feet and the rest of you will be ready for the baths.

Since 1919, the little island off the coast has been a destination for locals and tourists to enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, summer sunbathing, sports, massage, music and other relaxations. For scheduled events, prices and other info, go to en.palatinusstrand.hu

Bus Tour Of Hollywood Visits Famous Movie Sites PDF Print E-mail

Driver: It was at this very street corner of La La Land where Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone danced. And years earlier, where Elvis serenaded Ann Margret. Also, much earlier, it was here where Nelson Eddy sang a love song to Jeanette MacDonald. And next week we’ve scheduled another Hollywood Walk of Fame event featuring angry guys with jack hammers once again chopping up Donald Trump’s star.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Plaques Targeted By Crazies PDF Print E-mail

Tourists who visit the Los Angeles area usually spend at least an hour or two walking along the famed sidewalk. Many times they find their journey violently interrupted by angry people chopping and otherwise attacking one or more the plaques under their feet. The latest is the Donald Trump star. A nutcase has defaced it, this time with an axe, banging the metal star and sidewalk around it into pebbles.

So, next time you wander along Hollywood Boulevard, don’t stand too long over the star of your favorite show biz immortal. You may just find yourself in a dangerous destruction zone.

Remember The Old Slogan: See Venice At Night And Die PDF Print E-mail

Travel expert Rick Steves recently wrote a USA Today article recommending roaming through the beautiful Italian city after dark. Of course, his praise of night time Venice is absolutely correct. However, senior travelers should not forget safety rules there or anywhere else, especially at night. Watch your step and stay alert on streets, bridges and gondolas.   

Violent crime against tourists doesn’t happen often in Venice, but phony offers and potential pickpocketing are always nearby. Keep everything in buttoned pockets and handbags looped under arms in major tourist areas, especially while wandering San Marco Square after dark. And when a friendly vendor offers you a genuine Gucci bag at a bargain price, don’t buy the phony product.

Tucson AZ: Be There For The Cactus Prickly Pear Harvest PDF Print E-mail

Visit the Tanque Verde Ranch in beautiful Saguaro National Park for the seasonal flowering and ripening of the delicious red cactus fruit in August. Stay at the luxurious ranch and enjoy guided hikes through the park and surrounding Arizona desert. Activities include horseback riding, fishing, lectures, campfire feasting and moonlight music. For schedules and prices, go to www.tanqueverderanch.com


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