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Venice, Italy: Hey, Tired Tourist, Keep Your Butt Moving! PDF Print E-mail

Already grossly expensive, the city’s officials have come up with another idea for fleecing visitors. No matter how elderly and exhausted you may be, know that illegal sitting in some restricted historic sites could cost you a hefty $500 fine.

Your travel4seniors.com editor has visited Venice several times over the past decades. It’s still a charming and beautiful destination today, but as with other popular tourist attractions, prices have skyrocketed. Cost of dining, hotels, gondola rides, walking tours and other features are much more expensive.

Actually, for many reasons, October and November are the best times to visit Venice. The weather is cooler, noisy summer crowds at San Marco Square and the Bridge of Sighs have gone back to work and school. Food, gondola, hotel and tour prices are down to almost reasonable. For current info, go to www.italyguides.it

New York NY: New Museum Of Illusions Welcomes Visitors PDF Print E-mail

If you think the strange politics in Washington are not disillusioning enough, plan a visit to see even more crazy happenings in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Located at 77 8th Avenue, the museum offers 70+ exhibits. They include science, mathematics, biology, optical tricks, psychology and other fun activities. Great for kids age 5 to 95, for ticket prices and other info, go to www.museumofillusions.com

Santa Barbara CA: Beautiful Beach Town Great For Autumn Visit PDF Print E-mail

With October and November air temperatures averaging 75 daytime and 60 nights, stroll along the Pacific Ocean sand and on Stearns Wharf Pier. Shop and dine on the pleasant oceanfront walks, but don’t expect to romp with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. Take in La Boheme in early November at the Opera Santa Barbara. And if you’re an art lover, see the extensive collections at the city museum. For more info, go to santabarbaraca.com

My Daily Hike Through Glamorous West Hollywood PDF Print E-mail

Just a few blocks away from posh Beverly Hills and glamorous Sunset Strip, your travel4seniors.com editor hikes along Santa Monica Boulevard at 10 am and 2 pm. I see lovely scenery, chauffeured limos, costly condos, upscale stores, fashionable shoppers and familiar celebs. Other daily sights are not quite so pleasant.

The street is also Route 66 that ends at the ocean in the city of Santa Monica. It’s daily haven for the homeless. Sidewalks are resting and toilet places after nights of drink and/or drugs. Some set up temporary cardboard shelters. Others stand at grocery entrances, begging for money and food.

The sidewalks are hazardous to families and elderly travelers. Not only from homeless, but by even more dangerous bikers and scooter riders who illegally race along the walkways. So, if you’re old and tour these city streets, be sure to follow all safety rules. And by the way, did I mention the fresh dog poo and peepee deposited along fragrant West Hollywood sidewalks?

What’s That Familiar Looking Landmark In The Background? PDF Print E-mail

Your roaming travel4seniors.com editor recently enjoyed a selfie bird’s eye view of the famed Colosseum from his hotel balcony in Rome. It’s where ancient charioteers raced and gladiators fought. One of the world’s most historic and picturesque cities, be sure to put Italy’s capital on your future senior travel destination plans.


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