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Lacassine LA: Visit The Spirited Bayou Rum Distillery PDF Print E-mail

If you’re doing some cross-country driving, consider this great Louisiana stop for an hour or two of enjoyment. It’s located about 100 miles along U.S. Route 10 west of the state capital, Baton Rouge. The facility makes high-quality rum in traditional copper pots, with the mixture of cane sugar and molasses.

Visitors are welcome Tuesdays through Saturdays for free tours. Not only do you get to see how the product is made, you also can sip free samples of the famed silver and spiced Bayou Rums. Of course, if you’re the driver who has had several sips, when you’re on the road again, give the wheel to one of your passengers for another couple of hours.

San Diego CA: My Historic Hotel Del Coronado Experience PDF Print E-mail

The beautiful resort has been enjoyed by guests, including kings, queens, presidents, generals, admirals and movie stars, since 1888. My claim to fame there happened in 1959.

I won a TV quiz contest prize that offered two free nights at the classic oceanfront hotel. In those days, the expensive resort charged a sky-high $50 a night. Today, it costs $280 and up. It was my good luck to be there when the iconic movie, Some Like It Hot, was in production.

Warehouse Tour Of The Jelly Belly Candy Company PDF Print E-mail

Located in in the picturesque town of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, near Racine, the Jelly Belly Visitor Center offers the free Jelly Belly Express Train Tour. Of course, the visit also includes some delicious complimentary Jelly Belly samples. The gourmet treat boasts 100 flavors, including Green Apple, Juicy Pear, Cotton Candy, Lawn Clippings, Chili Mango and many, many more. For more info, go to www.jellybelly.com/wisconsin-warehouse

Okinawa, Japan: Island Secrets Of Living Healthy To Age 100 PDF Print E-mail

Guest Traveler PLF, Skokie IL: In April 1945, my Navy troop transport put Marines ashore on the island to fight the final, bloody battle of World War 2. By the time it ended in June, Germany had already surrendered and Japan would quit just a few months later in August.

Horrendous numbers of dead and wounded in the Okinawa campaign were more than 100,000 Japanese, including civilians, and 50,000 American military. As bad as in any battles in European war.

JFK Airport, NY: Visit Crafty Brooklyn Beer Garden PDF Print E-mail

If travels take you through busy JFK terminal, allow some free moments to sip some hearty craft beer at the Brooklyn Beer Garden. It's located at C Terminal, Gate 68. A bit pricey, but the fresh food menu and frothy suds  make it an enjoyable experience. Several mugs of beer will give you relaxation in the noisy, crowded airport.

Then, if you quickly board a long, non-stop flight to London, Paris, Los Angeles or San Francisco, please don’t sit next to me.


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