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Deadwood SD: Where Wild Bill & Calamity Jane Whooped It Up PDF Print E-mail

If this season’s plans include visiting Mount Rushmore and/or Yellowstone, consider spending same time in the nearby legendary Western town of Deadwood. You can see close-up gunfight reenactments on the streets, as well as enjoy great food, dancing girls, booze and casino at the classic Bullock Hotel. For special events and other info, go to www.deadwood.com

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Named World’s Worst Attraction PDF Print E-mail

Website guru TripAdvisor put the popular spot on the no-no list just above yucky Machu Picchu in Peru and trashy Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Your travel4seniors.com editor lives about a mile away from touristy Hollywood Boulevard. I’ve strolled the walk many times. Along with visitor crowds, I encounter homeless, costumed characters, hustlers, tour buses, magicians, musicians and more.

However, despite some bothersome situations, as with NYC’s Times Square and downtown Las Vegas, it’s mostly an enjoyable sight and sound experience. For more info, go to losangeles.cbslocal.com/2019/02/28/hollywood-walk-of-fame-named-worlds-worst-attraction

Los Angeles CA: LaLa Land History At The Hollywood Museum PDF Print E-mail

It’s located in the building formerly the Max Factor cosmetics HQ. The historic site displays hundreds of movie memorabilia. In the former make-up rooms, visitors see where Lucille Ball got her red hair and Marilyn Monroe was dyed blonde.

There are also historic photos, videos, artifacts, scripts and costumes from The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ In The Rain, Gone With The Wind and other classic films. The museum is at touristy Hollywood and Highland Avenues. A nostalgic visit takes you back to youthful movie-going days. For prices, hours and other info, go to thehollywoodmuseum.com

Las Vegas NV: Enjoy Bally’s Fantastic Sterling Brunch Buffet PDF Print E-mail

It’s a meal fit for a king, especially a royal diner with a large treasury and larger belly. The price for the Open Table feast is about $100 per person, and well worth it, considering the regal ingredients. You can take all you want of lobster, caviar, crab claws, oysters, beef tenderloin, all topped off with elegant desserts and champagne.

Taking food out of the dining room is strictly forbidden. However, sneaky smuggling seniors with large coats with deep pockets, can enjoy a second royal meal later in the privacy of their hotel rooms. And don’t tell Bally’s I told you. For more info, go to www.opentable.com/sterling-brunch-buffet-ballys-las-vegas

Paris, France: Ride A Trottinette Along Les Printemps Rues PDF Print E-mail

Scoot along famous avenues, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe, Notre Dame and the rest of the beautiful city on a speedy electric scooter. Enjoy the fun, but obey the rules that restrict the little wheelies to streets and bike paths.

The trottinettes, French for scooters, aren’t abandoned on sidewalks, as they are in many U.S. cities. They’re in racks, serviced each night and set out fresh in the morning. For cost and other info, go to en.parisinfo.com


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