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Copenhagen, Denmark: Classic Hippie Commune At Christiana PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor always enjoys visiting the Danish capital. Great food, friendly people, lush parks and historic sights make the city one of the world’s happiest destinations. Senior visitors who want to relive some old memories there should spend a day in the hippie past.

Freetown Christiania is Copenhagen’s living reminder of the fads and indulgences of the 1970s. Wandering through what was once a Danish army camp, you’ll encounter hippie-dressed celebrants, brightly-painted houses, art workshops, galleries, intimate music cafés, organic dining and many other reminders of those years of freedom and excess.

Visitors can enjoy the vitality of the neighborhood, including guided tours that emphasize Christiana’s hippie history. For more info, go to www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/culture/alternative-christiania

Amsterdam Tries For Less Misbehaving Tourist Mess PDF Print E-mail

Of course, the Dutch capital’s hotels, restaurants, retail stores and hookers will continue to grab as much moolah as they can from visitors. However, the city fathers are trying to reduce crime, heavy traffic, wandering druggies, littered streets and noise.

They want to return the iconic city to its past genteel reputation. There will be more police on duty, added electronic camera locations and other updated security measures. So, if an Amsterdam visit is in your plans, behave yourself while there, and expect to be able to wander the day and night cleaner streets in total safety.

When In Rome, You’d Better Behave Yourself PDF Print E-mail

A favorite destination for tourists from all over the world, officials of the ancient city have had enough of visitor bad behavior. They’re now enforcing laws that if ignored can lead to heavy fines, and in severe cases, prison for offenders.

If upcoming travels take you to the Italian capital, follow the rules or face the consequences. Offenses such as eating in restricted places, messing with artifacts, jumping in fountains, loud noises and dropping trash could get you in trouble.

Hollywood CA: Enjoy Hotel Stay With Your Best Friend PDF Print E-mail

Dogs are welcome at the Kimpton Everly Hotel, just a short stroll from Hollywood Boulevard. The pet-friendly oasis offers rooftop dining with your pet. The Klimpton tops its pro-dog attitude with an in-residence canine host to greet and socialize with guests. For rates and other info, go to www.everlyhotelhollywood.com

Amsterdam, Holland: Marry A Local For A Day PDF Print E-mail

Realistic, but totally fake wedding ceremonies are offered to make tourists feel more in touch with the city’s people, charms and history. The program includes being escorted around town with new faux mates, to explore local waterways, food, art, entertainment, night life and interesting sites.

Costs for the mock weddings and several hours of city touring are from about $100 a person. For more detailed info, go to untouristguide.com


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