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Myrtle Beach SC: Cussing Could Get You Jail Time & $500 Fine PDF Print E-mail

If your travel plans include Myrtle Beach, be careful with your words. Considering all the extremely foul words we endure these days in night clubs, movie houses and on cable TV, this oceanside town law is like a breath of fresh air.

Your travel4seniors.com editor did active Navy duty in two wars and am certainly familiar with curse words, and maybe spouted a few of themlf when people were trying to kill me. Also, I’ve experienced filthy utterances from pioneer cursers including Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryer, Sarah Silverman and other stand-up toilet mouths.

So, maybe the Myrtle Beach cursing ban is a step back to more gentle, articulate speech times. Profane language there is a misdemeanor disorderly conduct offense by city ordinance, and offenders face a possible 30 days in the town jail and/or a fine of up to $500.

Venice CA: Memories Of Annette, Muscle Beach & Surfing USA PDF Print E-mail

When your autumn travels include the Los Angeles area, spend at least one day roaming this sunny coastal California town that will take you back to the rock’n’roll 60s, muscle beach, boardwalk beauties and much more. For the latest info, go to www.venicebeach.com

Road Scholar: Fall For Southwest Beauty In Autumn Adventure PDF Print E-mail

Great American Get-Together In Santa Fe is just one of many offers by the popular senior-oriented, small group travel service. The eight-day adventure cost starts at $1,999 per person, and includes luxury hotels, all meals, lectures and free airfare for some lucky participants.

You’ll see up close New Mexico’s natural and historical sites, including Native American villages, events and museums. The next schedule is for November 9 thru 16. Enroll by September 30 for best deals. For complete info: www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/20684/great-american-get-together-in-santa-fe

San Francisco CA: Beautiful City With Ugly Problems PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor’s experiences with the city go back to World War 2 Navy days. It was a sparkling clean city way back then, with bright streets, cable cars, theaters, hotels, restaurants and fantastic scenery.

Then, when I visited several decades later, San Francisco was becoming a haven for hippies, many aimless young people living on the streets who refused to conform to traditional behaviors. That attitude has continued and spread, making the formerly beautiful city today a haven for thousands of homeless, clueless wanderers of all ages.   

If your travel plans include San Francisco, be aware of areas where crime, filth and poverty make days and nights out dangerous. Also, you’ll encounter grossly inflated prices for hotels. Keep checking the internet for reasonable rates. For example, instead of paying $400 a night for a dinky hotel room, try Airbnb or other private house renting site. It can be much less expensive, especially if you’re traveling with a group of four or more.

Las Vegas NV: Neon Museum Lights Up Vintage Memories PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor’s memories of early Vegas go back to 1945. Our cross-country Navy troop train stopped briefly in the sleepy little town. It consisted of a few small casinos and greasy-spoon cafés. Senior tourists today can relive memories at the downtown Neon Museum. It displays hundreds of vintage Vegas signs from back as far as the 1930s.

In the museum’s outdoor North Gallery, there are many sound and light exhibits, including videos of famed Las Vegas musical stars of the past: Presley, Sinatra, Liberace, Davis, Dietrich and many others. For more info, schedules and tickets, go to www.neonmuseum.org


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