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Maldives: New Underwater Hotel Suite Costs $50,000 A Night! PDF Print E-mail

OK, I’d take it for a week, but I’m a senior on very limited Social Security. Can I get it for $49,999.99 a night? The modern marvel is just off shore at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. And way down 16.5 feet into the Indian Ocean.

Of course, the super sea bottom suite comes with luxury features. Its glass walls allow guests to trade gawks with sharks, turtles, squid and every other creature that comes by for an external visit. The bargain price also includes full-time serving staff, special wining and dining, private boat, as well as many other luxury privileges. For more info, go to www.conradmaldives.com

Hearst Castle: History Along California Coastal Highway PDF Print E-mail

If your dreams include winning and spending a billion-dollar sweepstakes, you may want to visit the majestic estate of the late billionaire William Randolph Hearst. It can give you ideas on how to build a comfy little home.

He wasn’t happy about being portrayed in Orson Welles’ historic movie, Citizen Kane, but his reputation for showy wealth still lingers in Hearst Castle. Constructed in the 1920s, the enormous estate is located inland of the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

During Hearst’s occupancy until the 1950s, his visitor list included Hollywood stars, business tycoons and political leaders. The buildings, pools and grounds contain many historic artifacts from all over the world. However, senior movie history buffs won’t find the sled Rosebud there. For visiting hours, fees and other info, hearstcastle.org/tour-hearst-castle/daily-tours

Road Scholar: Snap Your Costa Rica Digital Photo Adventure PDF Print E-mail

Get expert instructions on pointing your digital camera as a pro. Capture mountain and ocean views, get timeless photos of forest and wildlife in one of the most beautiful tropical Caribbean islands.

The next scheduled trip is Program No. 15114RJ, set for December 5 thru 13. Price starts at $1,999 per person, and includes hotel, meals and field trips, with no extra charges for singles. For complete info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/15114/digital-photography-in-nature-capturing-the-best-of-costa-rica/dates

Amsterdam Schiphol: My Fave Airport In Europe PDF Print E-mail

There are many major airports around the world, and most in the USA are crowded, tacky and confusing. In Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore boast airports that are at least one step up in quality, cleanliness and service..

In The Netherlands, Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is the best in Europe. Getting in and out of the area is efficient, and wait times for flights are shorter and more comfortable. Inside are many excellent restaurants and shops, and strolling around through the modern design, including an indoor park and casino, is always pleasant. For overnights, there’s a modern Hilton hotel adjacent to Schiphol.

Tower of London: Former Prison And Now Tourist Trap PDF Print E-mail

While visiting London town, are you willing to pay $50 to see Beefeater guides, the Crown Jewels and the cell where the two little princes were murdered? Also, if you arrive during the busy time of day, you may have to wait in line for an hour or so to peek at those historic sights.

Of course, for senior tourists who are English history buffs, this thousand-year-old prison is usually on the list of must-see locations. Also, it’s right next to the River Thames and the Tower Bridge. Also, if you’re wandering the grounds at the right time of day, you’ll see the famed ravens (English crows) hanging around for a biscuit or two.


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