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Monument Valley, Arizona: Nature's Fantastic Scenery PDF Print E-mail

If you’re interested in seeing one of the world’s most beautiful sites, visit Monument Valley. For old Western movie buffs, it is a kind of Valhalla of Hollywood immortals John Wayne and director John Ford. In 1939, Ford first brought his film crew and young actor Wayne to the Valley to make "Stagecoach".

Together they created other great movies there, including “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”, “Fort Apache”, “The Searchers” and a dozen more. Other films made in the Valley include “My Darling Clementine”, “Sergeant Rutledge” and “Cheyenne Autumn”.

Alcatraz: Great To Visit, But Wouldn’t Wanna Live There PDF Print E-mail

My first experience with "The Rock" prison in San Francisco Bay happened on a disturbing April day in 1946. With World War II ended, our troop ship was returning from the Philippines to the Navy base on Treasure Island, located under the Bay Bridge, between San Francisco and Oakland.

As our ship passed close by Alcatraz, we could see Navy landing craft unloading armed Marines as they stormed onto the rocky shore. It resembled so many wartime operations in the Pacific, we at first believed it was a realistic training exercise.

Istanbul, Turkey: Xlnt For Sr Shopping & Sightseeing PDF Print E-mail

Guest Editor Ford M., Montreal, Canada: The exotic city has long been at the crossroads of European and Asian trade. Still today, the modern metropolis retains that blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

Turkey has a long history of friendly relations with the U.S., a good tourist infrastructure and direct flights from the States. All combine with the exoticism of daily calls to prayer from the mosques, women in traditional dress and unique shopping and cuisine.

There are great markets and traditional retail stores throughout Istanbul, but any serious shopper should experience the city's magical bazaars. Originally collections of tents along city streets, bazaars eventually evolved into covered, permanent structures.

Senior Adventurers: National Parks for Glamping PDF Print E-mail

Glamping means glamor camping. It’s for those who like to enjoy the outdoors with some comforts beyond the usual spartan conditions. For example, instead of simple canvas shelters with sleeping bags, glampers prefer colorful tents with screened openings, and sleeping on inflatable mattresses and pillows. Consider some favorite destinations for glampers:

Grand Canyon, Arizona: This natural wonder offers all kinds of camping, from trailers to pup tents. Some of the most convenient glamping is at Trailer Village, near the South Rim.

Provence, France: For Lovers of Blooms, Bubbly & Art PDF Print E-mail

The famed vineyards of Provence on the southern coast of France are in a beautiful region. Spring and summer are excellent times to visit, because everything is in glorious, colorful, sweet-smelling blossom.

The Champagne air is enough all by itself to cause joyful giddiness. Consider staying in a comfy b&b in the area. Where else but in Champagne would you get wine with your morning jambon et oeufs (ham and eggs)?


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