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Amsterdam, Netherlands: De Kattenkabinet Is A Meowseum PDF Print E-mail

The fun museum is themed “an exploration of the cat’s role in art and culture through the centuries”. If you’re a cat lover and travel plans include the beautiful Dutch city, spend some hours here.

The feline theme is expressed in the museum exhibits through the works of many famed artists. They include Rembrandt, Picasso, Toulouse-Latrec and others. This small, canal-side building at Herengracht 497 houses the owner's family on the second floor, while the museum is on the ground level overlooking the water traffic. When you’re there admiring the exhibits, you may encounter some of the live cats that greet visitors. For ticket and other info, go to kattenkabinet.nl

Homeless In Hollywood: Inflated Housing Creates Sad Views PDF Print E-mail

When your tourist ventures take you to Hollywood Boulevard, you’ll enjoy all the attractions, including the Walk of Fame, vintage movie theaters, souvenir shops, tours of star homes, costumed characters and all the rest. You may encounter other, less attractive sights.

The street is also a tragic location for many homeless wanderers. When your travel4seniors.com editor worked there in the late 1950s, my one-bedroom apartment rent was $80 a month. In same building it now costs $1,800. With housing grossly expensive and getting worse, the homeless situation throughout the Los Angeles area continues to grow.

The area is still enjoyable to visit, and if a costumed Hollywood character poses with you for a photo, offer a couple of dollars. However, if you don’t want to give money directly to homeless people there, who may be drug and alcohol addicts, you can still help them. Donate to authorized charities, such as Red Cross, Salvation Army and others specializing in offering shelter, rehab and other professional aid to them.

Liverpool, England: Where My Mom Was An Illegal Alien At Age 10 PDF Print E-mail

All the talk these days of immigration problems reminds your travel4seniors.com editor of her undocumented past. It happened in 1908, when her family left Russia, traveled illegally through Poland, Holland, Belgium, France and England. Then they sailed incognito from Liverpool with Irish immigrants to New York City.

They used forged papers to become legal immigrants at Ellis island. Does that mean I’m an anchor baby? Mom often talked about her months in Liverpool, where she learned to speak English and enjoyed the friendly people and music. Of course, this was many decades before the Beatles emerged to conquer the music world. 

A decade ago Liverpool was declared the European Capital of Culture, and this year the city celebrates with cultural, musical and sporting events. There’s a festival of Chinese contemporary art and culture. If your travels take you to the charming city, for current info, go to visitliverpool.com.

TripAdvisor: Two Hanoi Hotels In World’s Top Ten PDF Print E-mail

On the list is La Siesta Hotel & Spa at #4, and La Siesta Hotel Trendy at #10. Of all the great hotels throughout the world, who decided this list, Jane Fonda? Some Vietnam War vets may inquire: Did they ask Senator McCain and other ex-POWs if they believe the luxurious Hanoi Hilton should actually top the list?

New York NY: Memories Of The Waldorf Astoria On Park Avenue PDF Print E-mail

The celebrated hotel is now closed during a three-year restoration project, and scheduled to reopen in 2020. Among the extensive plans are for part of the hotel to become condos. We can only imagine what the purchase costs will be for living in Park Avenue super luxury.

Your senior travel4seniors.com editor has fond memories of the Waldorf. A lunchtime visit during Navy service in World War 2 cost a hefty $5, plus a $1 tip. Later, after returning in 1953 from service in Korea, our aircraft carrier air group members were briefly billeted at the Naval Air Station, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, N.Y.

We celebrated with a weekend at the Waldorf. (Anyone remember that 1945 movie starring Lana Turner and Van Johnson?). The prices were still out of sight high. Drinks were $2, dinner $15 and rooms were $25. We can only guess what the prices will be when the Waldorf reopens, possibly up just a little bit.


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