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The National Park Service Offers Freebee Days In 2020 PDF Print E-mail

Entrance fees are not charged at select 110 park sites on five days in 2020. Fees of from $5 to $35 are in effect on other days thru the year.

The 2020 fee-free days at those impressive sites are: Jan. 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, April 18: First day of National Park Week, Aug. 25: National Park Service birthday,  Sept. 26: National Public Lands Day, and Nov. 11: Veterans Day.

Springtime Flying: Frontier Adds More Non-Stops PDF Print E-mail

If you’re planning some 2020 escapes, consider the bargain airline’s new routes. Frontier Airlines boasts it’s the no-frills carrier with cheapest tickets, and is growing. The Denver-based airline recently posted info on 18 new nonstop routes, including seven from Newark International Airport, after Southwest Airlines discontinued them there.

New flights include El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as more schedules out of Miami. Frontier is also adding two new destinations in the Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo and Santiago. Frontier already serves Punta Cana. For more info, go to www.cheapoair.com/flights/booknow/airlines

Light-Fingered Guests Stealing Big Hotel Mattresses PDF Print E-mail

Many of we senior travelers have left hotels carrying suitcases stuffed with towels, sheets, soaps, cups and other contraband. Now, according to the British Guardian, the list of swiped room items includes mattresses.

While the smaller items are worth only a few dollars each, hotel beancounters already factor them into the room charges. However, with posh hotel mattresses costing several hundred bucks each, there’s no way to make up for their loss. Unless, of course, hotel management sends bills to the rooms’ most recent occupants.

But that isn’t always possible, because mostly non-guest professional crooks are stealing the big mattresses. They get into rooms illegally and haul the loot down by elevator into under-hotel parking garages for car and truck getaways.

So,  be an honest guest. On your next visit to a posh, overpriced hotel, don’t try stuffing a bulky mattress into your too-tiny suitcase when you leave.

Senior Disney Parks Visitors: Don’t Molest The Critters! PDF Print E-mail

When you take your kids and grandkids to the Happiest Place On Earth, you’ll notice that the costumed characters often reach out to pat and hug visiting little ones. However, always remember it is illegal for adult visitors to do the same with the familiar figures.

Recently, several adult visitors have been ejected and/or fined for doing some annoying touchy-feely grasping of characters dressed as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Their actions went beyond simple hugs, including reaching into costumes and grasping bottoms and busts.

It brings back family memories from 40 years ago. Our daughter, then aged 4, followed the Donald Duck character while holding on to his costume’s tail. Angry, he attempted to get through a doorway, but she wouldn’t let go. If that had happened today at Disney, would we have to later visit our little girl in the local lockup and/or hospital?

USA Today Names Its 20 Safest US Cities For 2020 Travelers PDF Print E-mail

In rank order: 1. Columbia MD, 2. Yonkers NY, 3. Plano TX, 4. Gilbert AZ, 5. S. Burlington VT, 6. Virginia Beach VA, 7. Bismarck ND, 8. Nashua NH, 9. Chandler AZ, 10. Warwick RI, 11. Chesapeake VA, 12. Scottsdale AZ, 13. Fargo ND, 14. Burlington VT, 15. Peoria AZ, 16. Madison WI, 17. Laredo TX, 18. Cedar Rapids IO, 19. Lewiston ME and 20, Aurora IL.

How they compiled these figures is anyone’s guess. Actually, for wandering seniors, just about all city sidewalks and streets can be dangerous at any time, day or night. Consider crossing on foot in heavy traffic, while scooters and bikes speed down sidewalks and reeling drunks stagger out of bars.

And let’s not forget druggies, homeless, pickpockets, drunk drivers and hold-up thugs. Many sudden happenings can knock a city off the safe list at any moment. Therefore, in your big metropolis visits always be alert and responsible for your own safe driving and wandering. www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/travel/news/2019/12/02/safest-cities-america


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