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State Dept.: Stay Away From Playa del Carmen, Mexico PDF Print E-mail

Recent terror incidents and other violence has forced the banning of visits and using local transportation by U.S. employees and families to the Mexican resort town. The American Consular Agency there is closed until further notice.

If you have plans or younger relatives are considering visits during Spring Break, you’re urged to heed the warning. Other popular Mexican tourist destinations and resort cities have no current warnings against them. They include Mexico City, Cancun and Los Cabos.

Women-Only Vacation Island Soon To Open In Finland PDF Print E-mail

While the world is recognizing and honoring women, this news goes along with the theme. To senior single women wanderers: Have you had enough of those creepy old guys who always ruin your cruise and other vacations? Called SuperShe Island, the no-men-allowed resort is scheduled to receive it’s first female-only guests in June.

The forested leisure retreat is located about 90 miles from Helsinki, the Finnish capital city. Because of its lush natural features, dining, sports and health programs, SuperShe could be considered super costly. According to news reports, an all-exclusive seven-night visit will start at $3,500. supersheisland.com

Airlines Plan To Scan Your Digital History To Price Your Ticket PDF Print E-mail

According to a recent article, USA Today reports that with advanced tech, your future flight reservation prices will depend on how the airline feels about you. When booking, your name will immediately reveal your previous record with the airline.

That could include how often you fly with them, seats you reserve and other factors. If all positive, your next flight could cost less and you’ll get better seating. Although no one wants to admit it, if you’ve also flown in the cheap seats and/or had personal complaints, your fare would go higher. Sort of reminds of the Soup Nazi in the Seinfeld comedy. Imagine lining up at the desk and being scornfully dismissed by the angry agent: You always book cheap seats. No flight for you!

China Developing Hypersonic 3,800MPH Passenger Jet PDF Print E-mail

According to reports by UK’s Daily Telegraph, the super-fast airliners could be in regular service by 2020. Imagine flying from New York City to London in less than an hour and Los Angeles to Beijing in less than two hours.

Imagine this morning farewell message from the American traveler’s spouse: Hey, when you get to Beijing, would you bring home some take-out bird’s nest soup, Peking duck and dim sum for dinner? And when you’re in London tomorrow, be sure to visit a pub and order some toad in the hole, spotted dick and bubble and squeak for tomorrow’s lunch back home.

Totally Driverless Taxi To Be Tested In Yokohama, Japan PDF Print E-mail

Anyone remember the WW2 song with lyrics: Goodbye, mama. I'm off to Yokohama for the red, white, and blue, my country and you? Nissan and DeNA plan to test an autonomous-driving taxi soon to be roaming the streets of the busy, heavily populated city.

The plan, called Easy Ride, is to have the vehicles fully functioning throughout Japan by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They’ll be booked and operated with Smartphone and other computer-hailing and ride-control systems. So, mama, if you’re inattentive while crossing the street in Yokohama, don’t become a traffic drama!


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