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Will Choo-Choo Trains Ride Trackless Across The Ocean? PDF Print E-mail

A month after beginning her term as New York’s 14th District Rep, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-confessed Bernie Sanders socialist, released her “Green New Deal”. It threatens quote; "a massive transformation of our society.”

One of the proposed spectacular changes is to build trains that can run on tracks across oceans and end all air travel. So, if you can wait a couple of years, maybe you’ll be able to ride the waves in that cross-Atlantic train from New York to London.

Royal Air Maroc: Non-Stop Boston-Casablanca Flights PDF Print E-mail

Had they lived in Beantown or the Big Orange, Bogie and Bergman would be happy to learn about the new schedule of three overseas flights a week, beginning in June. Earlier, in April, the airline also plans Casablanca flights from Miami. Here's lookin' at you, kid. For ticket prices, schedules and other info, go to www.royalairmaroc.com

American Airlines Pilot Arrested For Being Drunk PDF Print E-mail

According to news sources, he was pulled from his flight in England’s Manchester Airport before scheduled take-off for Philadelphia. This has happened before, and if you’re ever a passenger in the same situation, here are some clues to listen for when you hear the captains’ announcements:

All passengers fasten your chastity belts
The attitude will be very high, but not as high I am right now
This flight is headed for some place I can’t remember
I just got slapped for explaining the word cockpit to a stewardess
Damn service dogs! I just slipped on something in the aisle
Be kind to that sloppy drunk in the next seat. He’s my drinking buddy.

Shout Aloha To Clean Air: Hawaii May Ban Cigarettes PDF Print E-mail

Next time you visit the beautiful island state, you may notice the air is brighter and more fragrant. The suggested state law sounds like a bad joke or misprint. It recommends a gradual increase in the minimum age to buy cigarettes from the current 21 to age 100, to go into effect in 2024.

How many addicted smokers live to 100? They typically cough out their final moments by age 60 in a cancer ward. Further, in your wanderings, can you just see a group of eager centenarians lined up at the Honolulu drugstore counter to buy cigarettes for their 75-year-old kiddies?

Actually, with many other states making lots of tax income from legit marijuana, it isn’t likely a Hawaii cigarette ban would cross the ocean into other US areas any time soon. So, on your next trip to Hawaii, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. Or just cough and find some clean air to breathe.

Denver CO: Friendly CATS At The Airport Are Dogs PDF Print E-mail

Confusing? The letters actually mean Canine Airport Therapy Squad, and include friendly dogs that greet and snuggle with passengers in the busy waiting areas. Volunteers bring their well-trained dogs, including all from noble breeds to mutts, daily to help make the experience more comfortable. Rumors are that sometimes you’ll find a friendly cat among the canine therapists.


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