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Los Angeles: Friendly Dogs Make Airport Less Stressful PDF Print E-mail

Some U.S. airports offer a unique service designed to reduce the typical problems passengers face as they endure busy terminals. In the Los Angeles facility it’s LAX PUP (Pets Unstressing Passengers).

The trained canines roam the waiting areas with volunteer handlers and offer friendly muzzles and wagging tails. They meet close-up with people worried about late schedules, cancellations, crying kids and all the other airport woes. When you have a future flight scheduled, check online with your airport to find out if you’ll meet a doggone new friend there to welcome you.

Easter Island: No Selfies With The Famed Sculptures PDF Print E-mail

There are overwhelming numbers of thoughtless tourists with smartphones these days. The selfie has become an annoying reality in the world of travel. No monument or statue is safe from thoughtless point-and-shooters crawling all over them and posing.

Other world-respected statues have suffered the same disgraceful behavior. Think of David in Florence, Admiral Nelson in London, the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, the peeing boy in Brussels and many others. Before you attempt some offensive climbing and posing, know the local rules. If you do it on Easter Island, it could cost you $500 and/or some time in the local hoosegow.

SpaceX Future: Lunch In New York & Dinner In Shanghai PDF Print E-mail

The encouraging news from the advanced tech guys is that within a few years, super-fast aircraft will hit speeds of up to 6,000 miles per hour. That means spanning the oceans in just a matter of minutes.

However, getting to and from the airports in taxis, Ubers and cars won’t be any faster in the ever-crowded roadways. So, it has to add at least another hour to the journey. Plus check-in, weather delays, baggage sent the wrong way and the poopy, screaming baby in the seat next to you.

Jerusalem, Israel: Wall Now Safe For Visitors In Wheelchairs PDF Print E-mail

The Israeli government recently provided access pathways and ramps at the Wailing Wall for elderly and physically-challenged people. www.cnn.com/travel/article/jerusalem-old-city-wheelchair-access

Amsterdam: Do Fake Wedding With All The Trimmings PDF Print E-mail

For about $100, curious tourists can experience a simulated marriage ceremony in the capital city of The Netherlands. It comes with all the trimmings, including flowers, wedding dinner, flowers and confetti.

However, there’s no promise of a steamy wedding night to follow. Except maybe later in the city’s infamous Red Light District. www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/travel/060619/marry-a-local-for-a-day-in-amsterdam


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