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Speedy Scooters Vs Senior Sidewalkers = Daily Dangers PDF Print E-mail

It’s happening every day in cities around the USA, including those frequently strolled by traveling seniors. In Los Angeles, New York and beach cities on both coasts, the electric toys for grown-ups are dangerous.

The introduction of scooters just a few years ago has blossomed into armies of racing electric skaters. Many, single and in packs, speed along sidewalks aimlessly knocking over anyone and anything in their paths. By law, they’re supposed to travel on the street in bike lanes. However, too frequently they race up and down sidewalks at speeds far greater than the advertised 15 MPH.

On your next travel destination while strolling in Central Park, Chicago lakefront or along Hollywood Boulevard, be constantly aware of competing for space with scooter traffic. Look both ways before you suddenly decide to turn to walk into that souvenir shop or for a bite to eat at a nearby McDonald’s. Your next painful option after a scooter collision may be to try to get back up or be taken to the hospital.

Virgin Voyages Will Have A Tattoo Parlor Aboard New Ship PDF Print E-mail

Brave senior cruisers will not only enjoy the great food, booze and ocean views on their Virgin Voyage on the Scarlet Lady cruise ship. When the first voyage sails in 2020, they can patronize the Squid Ink Parlor, and make their skin a work of art. Then they can go home after the trip looking like Popeye and other vintage swabbies.

Online Phone Travel Advisor May Be Wearing Stripes PDF Print E-mail

Recent news revealed that some advice sites are staffed by prisoners. It could be as crooked as the dangers of responding to other phony sites in China, Russia and other foreign locations. Your best bet to book travel is with a live, legitimate expert in an agency near you. Also, when you decide to book online, the safest way is contact directly with the airline, hotel and other proven services. 

Imagine what happens when the jailbird agent asks you? OK, customer. Now that I’ve advised you, I need your credit card number to buy a ladder, civilian suit, 10 feet of rope and your soon-to-be emptied bank account ID.

Memories: New Playboy Club Open In Manhattan PDF Print E-mail

For nostalgic seniors wandering in New York, bring back memories and voyeurism at the newly-opened club at 512 West 42nd Street. The series of clubs around the nation, featuring the famed bunnies, began in the 1960s with Hugh Hefner’s notorious one in Hollywood and his hotel in Miami Beach.

Club dining prices are just a teeny bit higher today than they were way back then.  A sample 1960 menu: London Broil  $8, Eggs Benedict $7, Buffet $7.25 and cake $2.50 For reservations and other info, go to: playboyclubnyc.com

Bordeaux, France: Wine & Dine At The S.O. Good Festival PDF Print E-mail

The beautiful southern seaside city is famous for its great wine offerings. It also features fine dining, including tasty menus of oysters, mushrooms, white asparagus and macaroon cookies. For upscale diners, there’s caviar from local sturgeon farms.

From November 16 thru 18, visitors will gather to enjoy the food and wine of the region at the festival Bordeaux S.O. Good. For more info, go to www.bordeaux-tourism.co.uk/offre/fiche/bordeaux-s-o-good-urban-and-gourmet-food-festival


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