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Hey, Striking Teachers & Others On Union Picket Lines! PDF Print E-mail

Did you see the just-announced fantastic salary hikes for Frontier Airline pilots? After two years of union negotiations, the flyboys were granted pay increases averaging a fantastic 53% each! Of course, the downside of that money outpouring by generous Frontier will eventually show up when passengers must pay more for flight tickets that inpour it back to the airline.

Travel Mess: Trump Shutdown, Strikes And Bad Weather PDF Print E-mail

If you have plans to drive or fly for any distances this week, keep in minute-by-minute touch online about current and pending problems. Heavy snow is making highways throughout the East and Midwest hazardous.

Additionally, the weeks-old government closures continue to grow worse at airports throughout the country. And people in heavy rainy Los Angeles, if you plan some relief at home while your kids are learning about other historic hysteria from teachers in school classrooms, fuggetabotit.

Airline Shuts Down: Joon Is Busting Out All Over PDF Print E-mail

Are you old enough to remember that song title from the 1956 Broadway musical Carousel? Of course, Air France’s decision to discontinue the subsidiary service isn’t a joke to the employees of Joon Aviation.

After only one year in service, financial and schedule problems forced Air France officials to make the difficult decision. The parent airline said it will honor all tickets already purchased for Joon flights, as it works to continue its traditional efficient service with future schedules.

Frontier Airlines Now Encourages Tips To Flight Attendants PDF Print E-mail

Flying continues to become more hectic, with too frequent labor disputes and government shutdowns. And every time you buy your tickets, the prices keep going up, along with sneaky new add-ons.

Passengers have to pay for snacks now. The aircraft bathrooms are getting smaller along with seat sizes, except those upper class ones you pay higher money to occupy. Now one airline has hinted broadly that passengers should tip your airborne waiters AKA flight attendants. So, when you get that $10 small can of Coke and pack of peanuts, be sure to leave a generous tip.

Eurostar Train: London To Amsterdam In 3 Hours! PDF Print E-mail

Starting April 4, travelers will be able to zoom from London’s St. Pancras Station over land, under the Channel and up again. After dashing through France and Belgium, they’ll arrive at the Dutch capital just in time for the annual tulip blossoming.

Two daily passenger trains will ride the cross-channel high-speed rails, with fares starting at $47 each way. Tickets go on sale February 20. For more info and reservations, go to www.eurostar.com


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