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Lake Elsinore CA: Poppy Fields Cause Highway Problems PDF Print E-mail

Because of this season’s unusually heavy rains, many California landscapes are covered with brilliant blossoms of orange, red and purple poppies. However, the overwhelming masses of visitors blocking roads have caused local police to cut off access to many of the areas of Lake Elsinore, including Walker Canyon.

If your travel schedule includes current visits and the upcoming 2019 California Poppy Festival on Saturday and Sunday, April 27 - 28, keep in close touch. Check breaking news reports that could affect your plans.

Hollywood CA: Relive The Glamor At The TCM Film Festival PDF Print E-mail

The exciting program is from Thursday to Sunday, April 11 to 14, at the 10th annual celebration and 25th anniversary of Turner Classic Movies. Iconic films at the festival include Gone With The Wind, The Dolly Sisters, From Here To Eternity, Hello Dolly, The Sound Of Music and many others.

In the long list of invited special guests are Billy Crystal, Angie Dickinson, Shirley MacLaine, Rob Reiner, Meg Ryan and many other familiar faces. Programs will be in nearby tinseltown. They include Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s), Egyptian Theatre, and Legion Theater at Post 43 celebrating its 100th birthday. For event schedules, membership, ticket prices and other info, go to filmfestival.tcm.com

Sniffing Beagle Brigade Police The Busiest U.S. Airports PDF Print E-mail

Waiting for your flight, you may see them nosing about on duty. They’re now performing their skills at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson and Chicago's O’Hare, but soon may go to work at other airports. With their sensitive noses, the trained Beagles sniff out grains and meats in passenger luggage that could bring in serious diseases and insects.

Seeking Best Low-Cost European Springtime Destination? PDF Print E-mail

CNN Travel quotes London experts who list their annual City Costs Barometer. The most economical is Vilnius, Lithuania. The nation’s capital boasts medieval architecture, art galleries, lively music, celebrations, quaint eateries and centuries of vivid history at bargain rates.

The dad of your travel4seniors.com editor came to America from there as a teen more than a century ago. And except for endless wars and religious persecution, he had fond memories. In Lithuania’s capital today you can get to or from the city airport for less than $3, and a night in a three-star hotel for two adults at $50. A delicious native Vilnius meal is $12.

According to the experts, the most expensive European visit is not to Paris nor London, but Reykjavik, Iceland. There you’ll need to shell out about $300 a night and $50 for airport rides. And if you have to ask the price of dinner, you can’t afford it.

Orange County CA: Rainy Year Brings Flying Painted Ladies PDF Print E-mail

Way back a century or two ago, when the West was rootin’ and tootin’, painted ladies were not high society. However, there’s a breed of butterflies today with the same name. And they’re just as pretty as their historic human counterparts, and maybe a bit more flighty.

Because of the region’s unusually wet season this year, millions of the colorful insects now swarm over meadows, gardens, parks and deserts of Southern California. If your travels take you to destinations in Orange County and nearby, be sure to bring your camera and smartphone for capturing great selfies and other creative images.


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