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Hollywood CA: Coast Playhouse Has Seen Better Times PDF Print E-mail

The rundown theater serves today as a symbol of our video and smartphone era, when people no longer go out to attend live performances. They prefer to stay home and squint into TV screens and little smartie phones.

The now-lonesome building on Santa Monica Boulevard dates back to 1925, and has just 99 seats. Charlie Chaplin lived just a few blocks away, and managed several productions in the theater. Called the Players' Ring Theatre in the 1940s, it featured live performances by future stars including James Arness, Marlo Thomas and Jack Nicholson. Now the once-busy facade is a rest stop to a homeless wanderer.

French Adventurer In His 70s Crosses Atlantic In A Barrel PDF Print E-mail

Hey, senior roamer: This should give us some ideas about our next travel venture! He just arrived from Europe to the Caribbean after spending over four months sailing alone in a home-built floating container shaped like a big barrel. In addition to canned goods and liquids, he caught fish to enhance his meals.

Of course, he’ll write a book about his experience, but the title The Old Man And The Sea is already taken. Does your admiration for this septuagenarian sailor result in action plans? What about a luxury Atlantic cruise, floating along the Danube or Shanghai excursion? Check with your travel agent and internet for attractive offers designed for seagoing seniors.

Venice, Italy: Will The Lovely City Soon Sink Into The Sea? PDF Print E-mail

The beautiful tourist attraction is a frequent destination of your travel4seniors.com editor. Several times it was difficult to get around Venice due to seasonal flooding at St. Mark’s Square and other popular tourist sites. In recent years the situation has been getting worse, and there are dire predictions that it could become a disaster.

If you’re planning a visit to Venice, keep up on the latest news about the weather and possible flooding problems. www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/apr/30/sinking-city-how-venice-is-managing-europes-worst-tourism-crisis

Hey, Say It Ain’t So! Is Woodstock 50 Cancelled? PDF Print E-mail

All now in their 70s and beyond, many rock music zealots from 50 years ago are planning to relive moments from their 20s by attending the iconic music festival that will celebrate its half-century birthday.

Woodstock 50 is advertised to happen from August 16 to 18 at the original site of Watkins Glen in upstate New York. However, there are rumors and news reports that the event will be cancelled because of the loss of financial backing. If you're considering to be at the festivities, keep up on the news of what may or not happen.

Anyone remember 1969? World events that year included first walk on the moon, gas 35ç a gallon, new Toyota Corolla $1,950, Nixon elected President, NY Mets won World Series and NY Jets won Super Bowl.

San Francisco CA: Homeless Spreads From City To Airport PDF Print E-mail

If travels take you to busy SFO, you’ll encounter many people there who have no other place to go. They encamp both outside and within the terminal, adding to crowding, confusion and lack of cleanliness.

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US, with high rentals ever rising due to inflation and greedy real estate owners. Many homeless are jobless, mentally ill, addicted and otherwise forced into the streets, and now at the airport.

When encountering beggars, instead of a hand-out, you can better help by giving to agencies equipped to deal with the problem, including the Red Cross and Salvation Army. www.ktvu.com/homeless/increasing-presence-of-homeless-people-seeking-shelter-at-sfo-airport


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