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All Road And Air Traffic Will Eventually Go Electric PDF Print E-mail

According to some reports, the trend has already started and will happen totally within 25 years. Of course, some of we elder wanderers won’t be around to enjoy the reduced noise and end of gasoline-caused air pollution.

But thankfully, we’ll have the extreme pleasure of knowing travelers will no longer be robbed by Middle East oil emirs and their crooked American oil company pals.

The move away from oil dependency is already happening in England, India, France, Japan. China and other nations.

WOW Air Ads Offer $99.99 Tickets To Europe, But... PDF Print E-mail

Good bargains, but why do they do the snarky 99¢ routine in their ads? Actually, the $99.99 one-way price quotes are before taxes and other charges. Why not reveal the real, out-of-pocket costs? Compared to most other airlines, they’re still a great bargain.

Taxes add another $50. The return flight is about $120. Checked bags could add another $50. Buy a seat upgrade: $20. For example, a total WOW round trip from Boston to Reykjavik may cost $400, not bad when compared with major airline lowest rate averages of $1,500.

USA Today Advises Travelers With Depression PDF Print E-mail

The informative article helps those with mental health problems cope with the strains of today’s air, sea and land challenges. Of course, the article is very competent and helpful, especially to wandering seniors.

We not only face the normal pressures of getting from here to there, but are more physically challenged than younger travelers. Therefore, we must add a list of on air, sea and land encounters that cause senior mental and physical breakdowns:

Crooked taxi drivers who charge an arm and a leg for a short ride
Security guards who enjoy groping between arm and leg
Snooty hotel desk clerks who put you in a $400-a-night closet
Greedy travel agent who books your cheap seat $1,500 flight
500-pound seatmate who smells of stale tobacco and BO
City guide who takes you to overpriced markets run by his family
Gangs of ten-year-old pickpockets who greet you at the city park


New Taiwan Hotel Rooms Are Miniature Casinos PDF Print E-mail

Gone are the days of the one-armed bandit and other coin-operated mechanical machines. Today’s casinos feature all kinds of electronic slots that give you colorful displays while taking in many of your paper dollars. However, things they are a’changing!

The newly opened, five-star i-Hotel  in Taouan claims to be the world’s first total e-gambling mecca. Each guest room is equipped as a mini-casino, with two multi-purpose computers featuring electronic versions of the traditional casino slot machines, as well as fun computer games, movies and regular TV programs.

There are also computerized gambling machines in the super-modern hotel lobby and other areas of the luxury destination. Quoted room rates are listed from about $50 a night.

More Scalpers On Broadway Than At Little Big Horn PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to New York, and you want to enjoy the traditional theater experience, be aware. Tickets to Bruce Springsteen concerts and other popular Broadway shows are beyond insane prices. According to BloombergMarkets, some scalpers sell them for as high as $10,000.

No one, except maybe a grossly-overpaid NFL kneeler, politician or phony pro boxer, can afford to pay that price. This expensive ticket offers about 60 minutes of a scruffy, aging millionaire on stage howling and strumming his guitar. Included at no extra cost are probably some sincere protest lyrics about how evil rich people exploit the downtrodden poor.

To avoid the grossly inflated scalper prices online, get your tickets as far in advance as possible from legitimate theater sources. They’ll still be high-priced compared to what you paid a dozen or so years ago, but unlike General Custer, you may avoid being scalped.


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