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China Developing Hypersonic 3,800MPH Passenger Jet PDF Print E-mail

According to reports by UK’s Daily Telegraph, the super-fast airliners could be in regular service by 2020. Imagine flying from New York City to London in less than an hour and Los Angeles to Beijing in less than two hours.

Imagine this morning farewell message from the American traveler’s spouse: Hey, when you get to Beijing, would you bring home some take-out bird’s nest soup, Peking duck and dim sum for dinner? And when you’re in London tomorrow, be sure to visit a pub and order some toad in the hole, spotted dick and bubble and squeak for tomorrow’s lunch back home.

Totally Driverless Taxi To Be Tested In Yokohama, Japan PDF Print E-mail

Anyone remember the WW2 song with lyrics: Goodbye, mama. I'm off to Yokohama for the red, white, and blue, my country and you? Nissan and DeNA plan to test an autonomous-driving taxi soon to be roaming the streets of the busy, heavily populated city.

The plan, called Easy Ride, is to have the vehicles fully functioning throughout Japan by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They’ll be booked and operated with Smartphone and other computer-hailing and ride-control systems. So, mama, if you’re inattentive while crossing the street in Yokohama, don’t become a traffic drama!

Emotional Support Dog Injures Child On Southwest Flight PDF Print E-mail

That’s what the news headlines blare out. What may have actually happened was when the dog was already seated. Then, in the crowded aisle, the passing child was pushed, and his brow got too close to the dog’s open panting mouth. The result was dog teeth scratches.

Of course, depending on opposing lawyers’ statements, either the nervous dog deliberately bit the child or it was all an unfortunate accident by the innocent canine. Some sane advice for senior flyers from your travel4seniors.com editor: Don’t try to pet strange dogs.

Several months ago, I was walking by a costume party scene. The people were standing on the sidewalk outside a restaurant. Their large pit bull terrier was dressed as a clown, complete with tasseled hat. When I reached to pet the dog, he clamped his sharp teeth down hard on my hand. The golf ball-sized wound required a dozen stitches, bandages, three painful weeks and all kinds of antibiotics. Did I mention you shouldn’t pet nor pass too close to strange dogs, especially big ones with big teeth?

USA Today Rates Best Food In World Airports, None in USA PDF Print E-mail

Of course, the research was done thoroughly, and the listed eateries serve fine food. However, we beg to differ because not one on the list is a U.S. airport. Of course, the hurry-up atmosphere in and around most American terminals doesn’t always make for fine dining, but surely at least one should have made the top 15 list.

Here’s the USA Today world airport list in rank order: Tokyo Narita, Taiwan Taiyuan, China Hong Kong, Singapore Changi, Amsterdam Schipol, London Gatwick, Sydney Kingsford-Smith, Madrid Suarez, Germany Munich, London Heathrow, Germany Frankfurt, Toronto Pierson, Paris De Gaulle, Barcelona El Prat, Rome Da Vinci.

Ok, they’re fine places to dine, but what about San Francisco International, Baltimore-Washington International, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International, Long Beach CA  and Boston Logan? Check out the many xlnt restaurants at those American airports.

Aberdeen, Scotland: Sudsy Hotel Soon To Welcome Guests PDF Print E-mail

The world’s first Craft Beer Hotel will be called the DogHouse by BrewDog. Cold brew will be on tap in every room and in the shower.

It’s right on the property of the brewery, and visits will include tours of where the beer is made. Maybe staying at this hotel and enjoying the beer will cause a change in the lines of famed Scottish poet Bobby Burns to: my love is like a red, red nose.


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