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Denver CO: Friendly CATS At The Airport Are Dogs PDF Print E-mail

Confusing? The letters actually mean Canine Airport Therapy Squad, and include friendly dogs that greet and snuggle with passengers in the busy waiting areas. Volunteers bring their well-trained dogs, including all from noble breeds to mutts, daily to help make the experience more comfortable. Rumors are that sometimes you’ll find a friendly cat among the canine therapists.

Prepare For Higher Prices At Disney Parks This Season PDF Print E-mail

If your springtime travels include Disneyland or Walt Disney World with a group of family members, be prepared to pay lots of dough. Your travel4seniors.com editor remembers first doing WDW with kids in the mid-70s, including one very rainy day. Adult tickets were $3.50 and $1 for kids. Rides all cost less than $1, and in-park lunches were not much more. Nearby and on-site hotel rooms then were $40.

Today the basic prices start from $109 for adults and $80 for kids. Lunch and rides are at least $10, and hotel rooms go for $300 and up.  Of course, with constantly updated info on the internet, you can plan your your Disney visit to take advantage of discounts, seasonal pricing, package deals and other ways to economize from the maximum listed prices.

When you begin your research or plan your trip with a trusted travel agent, do it as early as possible so that you can consider the most economical timing and other choices.

Paris Cafe Brings Memories Of Mafia Godfather Corleone PDF Print E-mail

The Italian specialty ristorante recently opened near the Arc de Triomphe in touristy Paris. The menu features favorite Italian and Sicilian dishes, including caponata and pesto all trapanese. Corleone, an infamous town in Sicily, was featured in the Godfather films starring Marlon Brando.

So, senior goombah, when you’re in Paris, stop by for some tasty pronzo and cena, and buon appetito.

Non-Stop Boston To Hawaii Flights To Be Very Lonnnggg PDF Print E-mail

Are you a wintry senior Beantowner dreaming of spending many hours in the air to get across the US, over the Pacific Ocean to sunny Honolulu? Starting April 4, there will be four flights a week from Logan Airport making the globe-circling journey.

It’ll be 51,000 miles by Hawaiian Airlines, and Boston passengers will be in the air 10 hours and 15 minutes. If you go, be sure to stash your Smartphone with lots of audio and video, along with a sleep mask for snoozing. For more info on schedules and prices, check with your travel agent and www.hawaiianairlines.com

Cruise With Royal Caribbean's Robot Bartenders PDF Print E-mail

They’re on duty aboard four of the line’s Of The Seas ships, Harmony, Quantum and Anthem. To meet them, find the Bionic Bar, where digital servers named Mix and Mingle will mix your requests. The robots, with 30 boozes and 21 mixers on hand, can produce two drinks a minute. But will they listen to that sad story about your broken romance?


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