New Orleans LA: Look And Sip At The Tales Of The Cocktail

From July 17 to 22, bartenders and cocktail creators from Louisiana to London will be on tap in New Orleans to to show their skills in the annual week of events. They’ll compete for honors to be named the best bartenders and concoctors. For info, go to talesofthecocktail.com/events/tales-cocktail-new-orleans

Seniors: Make Your Next Journey A Volunteer Vacation PDF Print E-mail

Consider combining travel with positive action where you’ll make a community better for those who need help. It could be teaching basic computer skills in Africa, making house repairs in Mexico or planting trees in flood-damaged California. 

For example, a venture with International Volunteer HQ in Italy. Start in Naples on a program for from two to 12 weeks. Teach English at a public school or after-class program. Another involves preserving UNESCO World Heritage Sites in other historic Italian cities, including archaeological ruins, protecting marine life and more. For locations, schedules, costs and other info, go to www.volunteerforever.com

Dont Fall For Fake Online Customer Testimonials PDF Print E-mail

When you research online comments on hotels, restaurants and products, know that the positive reports are false. As with obnoxious TV ads (are there any other type?), they’re placed there by the businesses to lure new customers.

A recent example from your travel4seniors.com editor. The online customer described a Las Vegas hotel as elegant, well located and cheap. When we arrived, we saw that the building was old and dingy. Worse, when we awoke in the morning, we found bedbugs.

When we complained to the front desk, the clerk idiotically offered to move us to a room down the hall. We checked out in a hurry and went to another hotel. That recommended Las Vegas hotel has since changed its name, but probably not the sheets.

Want A Better Airline Seat? Ask And Ye Shall Receive PDF Print E-mail

When you buy the cheapest seat, it’ll be no surprise to find yourself in the middle of a three-across row. And seat mates could too often be a 300-pounder and/or ever-wailing baby. And, of course, the more popular the flight, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, the higher the ticket price.

So, when can you do the biblical plea and get a blessedly upgraded seat at no extra cost? First is scheduling your flight when there are more chances of unsold seats. They include non-holiday weekdays, early morning and late night (redeye). After you’re aboard, all passengers seated and doors shut, note all empty better-positioned, more comfy seats.

Then, politely ask a flight attendant to move you to a premium seat for free. It may not work every time, but it’s always worth the effort. And now that some airlines are encouraging tips to their employees, offer some dollars to improve your chances of flying in upgraded comfort.

New York NY: Where Newly-Arrived Immigrants Struggled PDF Print E-mail

Today’s news is full of stories of poor families crossing US borders. It brings back memories of similar hardships more than a century ago. The Tenement Museum on 103 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan tells the story.

It portrays the life of poverty, large families living in small ghetto rooms, racial prejudice and daily efforts to survive. The museum exhibits furniture, clothing and other authentic items of the era. Visitors are greeted by guides dressed as immigrants to explore the buildings and surrounding neighborhood where it all happened from the 1890s through the 1920s. For tickets and other info, go to www.tenement.org

Paris Cafe Brings Memories Of Mafia Godfather Corleone PDF Print E-mail

The Italian specialty ristorante recently opened near the Arc de Triomphe in touristy Paris. The menu features favorite Italian and Sicilian dishes, including caponata and pesto all trapanese. Corleone, an infamous town in Sicily, was featured in the Godfather films starring Marlon Brando.

So, senior goombah, when you’re in Paris, stop by for some tasty pronzo and cena, and buon appetito.


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