Speedy Scooters Vs Senior Sidewalkers = Daily Dangers

It’s happening every day in cities around the USA, including those frequently strolled by traveling seniors. In Los Angeles, New York and beach cities on both coasts, the electric toys for grown-ups are dangerous.

The introduction of scooters just a few years ago has blossomed into armies of racing electric skaters. Many, single and in packs, speed along sidewalks aimlessly knocking over anyone and anything in their paths. By law, they’re supposed to travel on the street in bike lanes. However, too frequently they race up and down sidewalks at speeds far greater than the advertised 15 MPH.

On your next travel destination while strolling in Central Park, Chicago lakefront or along Hollywood Boulevard, be constantly aware of competing for space with scooter traffic. Look both ways before you suddenly decide to turn to walk into that souvenir shop or for a bite to eat at a nearby McDonald’s. Your next painful option after a scooter collision may be to try to get back up or be taken to the hospital.

Grand Canyon AZ: Two Fatal Visitor Falls In A Week PDF Print E-mail

Of course, for the victims and families, the recent deaths are tragic, but they’re preventable. Many of us who’ve visited the Grand Canyon and walked around the rim have seen some needless close calls. Selfies, video and other photo opportunities are inspiring at the site, but add to potential danger.

Also, seniors are extra vulnerable because many are physically challenged by the required walking and climbing. The most dangerous can be the one-mile mule ride that twists its way from the rim down to the Arizona desert floor. Before you book that adventure, be sure you’re in good physical shape.

Q: How Can We Be Safer In Our Hotel Room? PDF Print E-mail

On a recent trip to Vegas we were sleeping at 7 am when the door suddenly opened. It scared the hell out of us. Fortunately it was just an elderly couple. Their key card worked because the front desk had wrongly recorded us as checked out. Are there ways to prevent such intrusions or worse? PPR, Long Branch NJ

A: We had a similar experience recently when we opened the door to our just checked-in hotel room one morning to find a shocked couple still in bed. Embarrassing! You can’t prevent such intrusions or worse in busy hotels, but there are simple remedies.

When you’re in for the night, be sure to double lock the door and set the inside latch. For more security, carry a small, sturdy plastic wedge with you. DoorJammer costs about $25 and is effectively set in the door bottom space against unwanted attempts to enter.

TripAdvisor Readers Name Best U.S. Restaurants PDF Print E-mail

Top five in their rank order are Pane & Vino, Miami Beach; Mon Ami Gabs, Las Vegas; Hog Island Oysters, San Francisco; Phil’s BBQ, San Diego and Spice Symphony, NYC.

My top five, none of the above and not necessarily in rank order: Union Oyster House, Boston; Antoine’s, New Orleans; McGillin’s Olde Ale House, Philadelphia;  Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington DC and Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills Hotel. Hey, senior traveler …. what are your faves?

Deadwood SD: Where Wild Bill & Calamity Jane Whooped It Up PDF Print E-mail

If this season’s plans include visiting Mount Rushmore and/or Yellowstone, consider spending same time in the nearby legendary Western town of Deadwood. You can see close-up gunfight reenactments on the streets, as well as enjoy great food, dancing girls, booze and casino at the classic Bullock Hotel. For special events and other info, go to www.deadwood.com

San Diego CA: Enjoy Luxury At Historic Hotel del Coronado PDF Print E-mail

A scenic drive across the bay from San Diego, the 130-year-old beachfront resort is getting a total makeover. The classic architecture will be preserved, while the latest innovations in style and technical advances are introduced.

Also celebrated this year is the 60th anniversary of “Some Like It Hot”, the legendary movie starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. While the story is about a Miami Beach hotel, it was actually filmed at the Del Coronado. For upcoming events and other info, go to www.hoteldel.com


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