Ebola Alert: U.S. Airports Screening Some Arrivals

With serious world concern about the spread of the deadly virus, senior air travelers may encounter delays and other inconveniences. At five major U.S. airports, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol squads are conducting individual health screenings of specific arriving passengers.

As of this date, the process is confined to those coming to the U.S. from the West African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Most of the Ebola illnesses have been spreading among populations in those areas.

Seniors traveling through major airports, so far in Atlanta, New York JFK, Newark Liberty, Washington Dulles and Chicago O’Hare, may experience delays due to the increased health security measures. When your flight plans include those airports, for more info, check with the airline, your travel agent and/or go to www.cbp.gov

Los Angeles CA: LAX Forbids Taxi & Uber From Curb Pick-Ups PDF Print E-mail

The Los Angeles International Airport has had enough of the crowded street traffic and blockage when passengers arrive at the pavements outside exit doors. LAX moved passenger pick-up to a new area, called LAX-it, near Terminal 1.

Passengers now must walk about 15 minutes to the new area, and shuttle buses also will board them from at all terminals. So, next time your flight lands at LAX and you need to hail a ride, be patient and follow the rules. While it may be inconvenient and confusing for awhile, soon you may actually get home a bit quicker.

Dominican Republic: New Hotels Offer Great Features PDF Print E-mail

Just in time for tropical winter retreats, Hyatt opens two new all-inclusive resorts in Cap Canal. The family-friendly Zika and adults-only Zilara, both along white sandy Juanillo Beach.

The hotels boast of large infinity pools, along with attractive beachside restaurants. Also live music entertainment and rum tastings. Nearby is the Punta Espada golf course. Guests enjoy Water ParkDrift along in the river, and Grotto Cascade and waterslides. www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/dominican-republic/hyatt-zilara-cap-cana/pujia

Q: How Do I Find The Lowest Airline Fares? PDF Print E-mail

I know Southwest frequently offers special deals, but it seems every time I need to book, there are no cheap SW flights in effect. TSF, Roanoke VA

A: Of course, the first rule for best fares is not to book to fly on busy weekends, and never on holidays, when airports are jammed. And be willing to fly late night, so-called red eye flights. Before booking, always comparison shop online and/or with a trusted travel agent. Airlines routinely match one another's fares on competing routes, and you’ll find Southwest isn't always the cheapest.

There may be a better deal or flight schedule on another airline, or snag a Southwest deal one way and a deal on the return on a different airline. Search on airline websites, travel search sites like Google Flights and online travel agencies like Priceline and Expedia. Southwest tickets can only be booked on its website, or through its reservations center (800-435-9792).

Planning A Visit To Sunny Fiery Southern California? PDF Print E-mail

Be aware of extended brush fires, smoke, evacuations and electricity cut-offs. They’re happening in areas near Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and other popular holiday tourist destinations, creating a continuing hazard this season.

Excessive autumn heat, lack of rain and other factors are creating growing problems. While making your holiday schedules to visit the area, keep in close touch with breaking news that could affect your plans.

Don’t Be A Dangerous Selfie Cruise Passenger PDF Print E-mail

Selfies while traveling can be fun. Smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower, hugging at the Trevi Fountain and strutting in front of the Kremlin are all ok. However, if you’re on a cruise and climb up to point your camera or smartphone while standing on the ship’s railing is a no no.

Despite warnings, a couple did it while on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise. They were kicked off at the next port and had to pay all return home expenses. Additionally, Royal Caribbean banned them from ever sailing again on the cruise line. Simple solution: With or without your smartphone camera, when traveling, always be aware of personal dangers you may encounter, aboard cruise ships, high buildings and elsewhere, and follow all safety rules.


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