Peninsular Hotel, Chicago IL: A Heavenly Tablet That Does It All

The super-upscale hotel now provides its computer-hip guests at check-in a glowing tablet. Not quite as creative as the one Moses brought down from the mountaintop, it offers a single electronic touch device that does everything to make the Peninsular visit spectacular. 

The tablet includes control of all in-room functions, displaying restaurant menus, all hotel services and access to all channels of the guest’s TV set. Also, calls for maid and valet services, room security, same-day weather info, room temperature control and many other available services. For more info, go to www.peninsula.com/Chicago

The National Park Service Offers Freebee Days In 2020 PDF Print E-mail

Entrance fees are not charged at select 110 park sites on five days in 2020. Fees of from $5 to $35 are in effect on other days thru the year.

The 2020 fee-free days at those impressive sites are: Jan. 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, April 18: First day of National Park Week, Aug. 25: National Park Service birthday,  Sept. 26: National Public Lands Day, and Nov. 11: Veterans Day.

Will 2020 Gas Prices To Stay Below $3 A Gallon? PDF Print E-mail

Unless the current new crisis gets worse, predictions are that relatively moderate costs at the pump will continue thru the year. This is welcome news to senior drivers. Of course, many us can remember way back when the price per gallon was a buck or less. I recall filling up in  the 1950s at 50¢ a gallon, and at the Naval Air Station where I was stationed at the time, it was 15¢.

Is it the economy getting more favorable, or did Trump make a deal with his Saudi pals to keep prices low while they’re not planning another murderous 9/11 attack? Anyhow, according to fuel savings app GasBuddy's annual forecast, in the US we’ll pay an average of $2.60 a gallon in 2020. Update: Because of the sudden assassination of the Iraqi bad guy and the current Middle East violence gets worse, expect to pay more and more to gas up as inflation hits in intensified Middle East violence.

Will New York City Be A Terrorist Target Again? PDF Print E-mail

If your travel plans include Manhattan, be constantly aware of personal safety. The assassination of the anti-America Iranian general by a US air strike has set off fury in his country and beyond. Many thousands of his followers are now in Middle East streets yelling “Death to America!”

Consider the devastation in NYC on 9/11/01, and what could happen again when a gang of suicidal idiots choose to hijack aircraft to repeat the terrorist attack. Whatever your personal opinions about Trump’s decision to kill the bad guy, be aware that being in Manhattan in the next several weeks could become dangerous.

War Clouds: Middle East Airlines Canceling Flights PDF Print E-mail

The latest disruption is because of the US air strike that killed a top Iranian general. It made a lot of Middle East suicide freaks very angry. Bahrain’s national airline, Gulf Air, has suspended all flights to and from Baghdad. Jordan’s Royal Jordanian Airlines will also not fly to Baghdad. If you have flight plans to Iran, Iraq, Israel, Bahrain and other nearby nations, check frequently to be able to rebook if your schedule is cut or delayed.

Melbourne: Be There For The Australian Open PDF Print E-mail

It’s summer in the Land Down Under, and from January 20 thru February 2 one of the world’s most popular sports events happens in the capital city. It’s the first of this year’s four Grand Slam tennis events, the Australian Open.

The top male, female and couples pro tennis players compete to become Australian Open champs. In addition to watching tennis greats on the court, the events for attending fans include live music, delicious foods and other fun outdoor and indoor activities. You can book your Melbourne trip package through Aussie tour companies, including Springboard Vacations and Down Under Endeavours.


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