No Big Electronics On Some Middle East Flights

Due to potential terrorist attacks, a new rule is in effect. It forbids laptops on flights from some countries to U.S. and Canadian airports. The ban include Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Smaller devices, such as Smartphones, may be used by passengers while in flight. The larger electronics must be checked with luggage before boarding. When flying to America from the Middle East, always check with the airline and your travel agent for the latest requirements as they apply to all legs of your journey.

Q: Fond Atlantic City Memories, But Is It OK To Visit Now? PDF Print E-mail

All the news about rising street crime, bankruptcies and closing down of hotels and casinos in recent years have scared me away from AC. However, I recall as a kid how much fun it was in the 1940s and 50s. Steel Pier, Miss America, sunny beaches, the Boardwalk and salt water taffy. Do you think it’s ok to visit now with grandkids? RLB. Philadelphia PA

A: Despite the closing down of some casino hotels and other issues, Atlantic City is safe enough for savvy visitors. To be most secure for you and grandkids, do Boardwalk strolls and beach time during the day. Walk in well-lighted areas at night, and during day nor night, don’t wander into the residential areas beyond the Boardwalk.

Barcelona, Spain: OK To Swim Topless At City Pools & Beaches PDF Print E-mail

Hey, wandering dirty old men: If Barcelona is on your upcoming travel schedule, don’t be the last one into the pool! The city rules now allow women in local swim centers without bathing suit tops. The law also applies to the city’s beaches, which may cause even more serious eye-strain problems to older male tourist bathers.

England Goes Dark For Several Hours, But OK Now PDF Print E-mail

It could happen again on your next visit to Blighty, so be prepared. Trains suddenly stopped, homes went dark and auto traffic was dangerous with no stop and go lights.

Much of London and southern England lost power for several hours during the usual busy Friday. Later, UK Power Networks reported that the mess was "due to an issue on the national transmission.” So, senior tourist, take note in case it happens when you’re in London and any other world big city.

During your wanderings, always have a flashlight or smartphone with brightly lighted face. A small bottle of fresh water and snacks could help if the delays extend into several hours. And, especially when you’re in subways, buses, trains, stations and other crowded areas, be continuously alert to protect your belongings. The possibility of pickpockets and other crimes could happen.

Black Rock Desert NV: 2019 Burning Man Festival PDF Print E-mail

The event runs from Sunday, August 25 thru Monday, September 2. The location is about 100 miles northeast of Reno, with many options for transportation to the event. This year’s theme is Metamorphoses, as in Ovid’s “Omnia mutantur, nihil interit” (Everything changes, nothing perishes). To prepare for your visit, check festival websites with info on schedules, prices and personal on-site needs. burningman.org/event/brc

Venice, Italy: Big Cruise Ships Banned From City Docking PDF Print E-mail

A destination that has always totally depended on tourist moolah, it seems a bit strange that ungrateful locals are taking steps to limit cash-heavy visitors. In an industry where cruise ships are getting ever larger, turning them away seems arrogantly wrong.

If you’re booking a future cruise that includes visiting Venice, be sure to get all the facts about hopping off your ship right in the city. Or will you need to spend time and money getting to Venice by ground transportation from a port many miles away? www.cnn.com/travel/article/venice-cruise-ships-lagoon-scli-intl/index


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