Las Vegas needs you(r money) now!

Times are toooo sloooowwww in the Nevada gambling mecca, and you’ll find bargains galore all around town. Hotels and casinos are giving away lots of coupon books and tickets. When you first check into your hotel, ask the front desk clerk for any current free or discount offers for meals, rides, entertainment, casino games and other goodies. Also check in-flight and in-room magazines for similar deals.

Seniors: Get Up And Get Going For Springtime Adventures PDF Print E-mail

Leave that couch and idiot box to see your nation. Whether by car, bus, train, boat and/or aircraft, fill your golden years and virtual scrap book with new American experiences. Examples:

It could be your very first or 20th visit when you explore Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Hiking along the South Rim offers views more spectacular than anywhere else on Earth. Picnic above the canyon and/or join the donkey trail on its one-mile journey down to the Colorado River.

Montréal, Canada: Enjoy A Snowy Winter Festival PDF Print E-mail

From February 22 through March 4, the beautiful city is brilliantly lighted by en Lumière Montréal, one of the world’s most spectacular annual celebrations. It celebrates local foods, art, sports and entertainment.

There’s the Urban Milk Slide, more than 100 yards of glistening skating ice that  runs through the city center. By air, The zipline carries visitors over the bright festival. The Observation Wheel gondola at the Old Port features heated cabins for comfortable air rides and soaring photo opportunities.. For more info, go to  www.quartierdesspectacles.com/en/event/72/montreal-en-lumiere

Liverpool, England: Where My Mom Was An Illegal Alien At Age 10 PDF Print E-mail

All the talk these days of immigration problems reminds your travel4seniors.com editor of her undocumented past. It happened in 1908, when her family left Russia, traveled illegally through Poland, Holland, Belgium, France and England. Then they sailed incognito from Liverpool with Irish immigrants to New York City.

They used forged papers to become legal immigrants at Ellis island. Does that mean I’m an anchor baby? Mom often talked about her months in Liverpool, where she learned to speak English and enjoyed the friendly people and music. Of course, this was many decades before the Beatles emerged to conquer the music world. 

A decade ago Liverpool was declared the European Capital of Culture, and this year the city celebrates with cultural, musical and sporting events. There’s a festival of Chinese contemporary art and culture. If your travels take you to the charming city, for current info, go to visitliverpool.com.

Liverpool UK: Forget The Beatles, See The Terracotta Warriors PDF Print E-mail

From February 9 through October 28, the famed Chinese life-size soldiers will be on exhibit at the World Museum. More than ten centuries of history is contained in the display that dates back to the first Emperor of China. Each of the clay figures portrays individual faces, clothing, hair and weapons.

The program starts with the museum’s celebration of the Chinese New Year, and other events are scheduled during the months the Chinese Terra-cotta Warriors are on exhibit. For more info, including ticket prices, go to www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/wml/exhibitions/terracotta-warriors

Uber And Lyft OK Except During Major Theater, Sports Events PDF Print E-mail

It’s called surge pricing with on-demand rides when major live sports and entertainment events happen. Yesterday, when downtown was quiet, your ride home cost $10. Tonight, when you attend a Super Bowl or Broadway hit, it could be $150 for the same ride. According to reports, some ride charges before and after last year’s Super Bowl increased 500%.

Of course, private drivers not with traditional taxi companies need to find income where it’s most available. Surge pricing makes up for the hours of cruising streets looking for passengers, while fuel and maintenance costs rise. What can senior passengers do about it? Not much, unless you bargain with the driver before you get in, or arrange for a friend or family member to take you and pick you up after a major sports or entertainment event.


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