Atlantic City NJ Seeks Return To Former Glory This Summer

After some disappointing years over the past decade, when hotels went bust  and customers stayed away, the storied seashore resort town once more shines with new ideas. If you fondly recall your visits during good times, put a vacation in AC on your travel list this summer.

Two examples include reviving Trump’s Taj Mahal, now a Hard Rock Hotel,  and Revel, now the Ocean Resort. Completely updated throughout, they’re welcoming guests with new decor, restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment and other modern updates.

Of course, many of the city’s traditional attractions, including the Boardwalk, beach and souvenir shops still add to the city’s charm. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2018/06/29/atlantic-city-revival-continues-opening-hard-rock-casino

Teeny Airline Toilets Are Getting Even Teenier PDF Print E-mail

According to The London Sun, American Airlines is earning more than $500 million a year by reducing the size of on-board toilets, thus adding more seats in the already-jammed passenger compartments. As if sitting for hours squeezed into the tiny cheap seats isn’t uncomfortable enough. What’s next: straps hanging from the aircraft ceiling, so that the lowest-class passengers will have to stand throughout flights?

Q: Do Online Travel Sites Really Get You The Best Prices? PDF Print E-mail

I recently bought an online deal for a Vegas hotel of $120 a night. But when I checked in, the clerk said because I was a senior, I could’ve paid just $99. Are those sites giving out wrong info to make money? MCJ, Atlanta GA

A: Of course online agencies exist to earn money. Sometimes their prices are lower than booking direct with hotels. It’s a matter of timing, season, special promotions and other ever-changing factors. When checking in, always ask the clerk if that’s the best price. Of course, also mention you're a senior, frequent visitor and/or other positive fact. Chances are, you’ll get a lower price and/or other benefits, such as larger rooms, free meals and entertainment.

Los Angeles: 92-Year-Old Man Beaten While On Daily Walk PDF Print E-mail

According to the LA Times, his offense was accidentally brushing into a gang member on a crowded city sidewalk. Hit many times with a brick, he’s now in the hospital with a concussion, broken cheekbone and multiple bruises.

Your travel4seniors.com editor is the same age, and I hike along city streets twice a day. Not beaten yet, but I’ve been confronted by gangbangers, homeless, mentally ill and other potential sudden enemies. My advice to elderly travelers and other walkers is to avoid trouble in your wanderings. Stay in well-traveled areas and avoid after-dark hikes on city streets.

If you’re in a city area, whether New York, Tokyo or Rome, with a reputation for possible attack, protect yourself. Be sure you have a charged smartphone handy and carry a small can of pepper spray. Also, if age is slowing you down, do your walks with at least one younger companion.

Southwest Airlines Stops Serving Peanuts On Flights PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor has enjoyed flying SW for more than 50 years. And one airborne ritual has always been trying to pry open those little foil bags to get the few peanuts inside.

Now, because of frequent problems by passengers who are allergic to peanuts, SW won’t ever serve them again. Of course, there will be other, allergy-free snacks available, hopefully easier to unwrap.

Washington DC Friday The 13th: Unlucky, Yukky Water PDF Print E-mail

If your travels include the nation’s capitol today, be aware of a citywide warning about contaminated water in some areas. Before drinking, washing or bathing in it today and over the weekend, be sure the water has been thoroughly boiled.



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