Las Vegas NV: Marriage In A Carriage?

Cinderella never had it so convenient. As Jay Leno would ask, “How fat are we becoming now?” In the same theme, are visitors to Las Vegas getting lazier all the time?

First, there are the infamous Vegas buffets, for plate-stuffing diners who are too porky to eat just one dish full. Recently, a chauffeur service began offering a drunkmobile called Hangover Heaven, that roams the Vegas strip providing rides for boozing tourists who needed help finding their hotels.

There are also the famed Vegas wedding chapels, for couples who can’t wait until they can go back to their home towns and get hitched the old-fashioned way. More recently, for really impatient couples, the wedding chapels started offering drive-through hitching lanes.

Now, according to an ABC TV report, there’s a new service for even more impatiently eager couples, called the LVWW, Las Vegas Wedding Wagon. It’s a large van that also wanders around Sin City, complete with an on-board, licensed wedding hitcher. For $99 each, the good reverend will perform ceremonies and furnish all the official papers.

Couples can elect nearby sites for the nuptials. It could happen near a Las Vegas Boulevard sidewalk, at the shores of Lake Mead, on the roadway over Hoover Dam or just about anywhere else the loving schmoozers choose to exchange marriage vows.

If you’ll be in Las Vegas with your sweetie and feel that primeval urge to merge on the road, and need information about the Wedding Wagon, go to lasvegasweddingwagon.com

Visitor’s Guide To North Korea Published PDF Print E-mail

A French travel guru just issued info on how to enjoy a trip to one of the most dangerous destinations in the world. Your travel4seniors.com editor can attest to the reputation from experiences in the early 1950s as a member of a reactivated U.S. Navy Carrier Air Group during the Korean War.

They lethally hated Americans then and still do, as tragically proved recently when they imprisoned and tortured young student Otto Warmbier to death. Other jailed American travelers have suffered similar brutal treatment. Yet some, such as that clueless, bejeweled retired basketball pro, still go to North Korea despite U.S. State Department warnings to stay away.

Here’s a suggestion for seniors who insist on traveling to North Korea. When getting off your flight there, just turn around and kiss your butt goodbye.

Enjoy Las Vegas For Less Than $90 A Day? Nah! PDF Print E-mail

USA Today and GOBankingRates named 20 travel destinations you can visit for less than $100 daily. Others listed include Singapore, Madrid, Lisbon, Prague, Cancun, and Bali was the cheapest at $24. Las Vegas was #19 on the cheapo list.

The beancounters obviously haven’t been to Sin City lately. And why didn’t they include the expenses of getting there plus additional in-town costs? Round trip U.S. flights range from a cheap $200 and much higher. Also, the famed Vegas buffets now average $35 for breakfast or lunch, and $50 for dinner. Some bait ads quote hotel room rates at $99.99 per night. Then, all add the infamous daily resort fee, usually another $20 and more.

Show tickets are at least another $25 plus booze, food and tips. Finally, of course, there are the greedy Vegas casino bosses. Unless you spend your entire visit at local museums and sightseeing, expect to lose a modest average of $100 day playing the tables and/or slots. Of course, it’s possible you’ll win, but the odds always heavily favor Vegas.

CNN: The Happiest Nation On Earth Is Finland PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN and the latest World Happiness Report, it’s the jolliest destination for senior travelers. The study follows with Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Holland, all some of the iciest nations. The US skates in at 19th. Where did they do the study: in an igloo?

Maybe Finland ads should list various happy things you can do there this spring and summer. Dive through the ice for a nice swim. Enjoy getting your lips frozen to a metal light pole. Dance while your toes fall off from frostbite. Come out of your igloo to enjoy arm-wrestling with polar bears.

Beverly Hills Hotel: Freddy Sherman In A Historic Seat PDF Print E-mail

At a recent stay in the luxurious Sunset Boulevard landmark, the popular travel writer poses in the exact location as in the decades-old photo of movie icon Marilyn Monroe. It’s poolside near Bungalow 1A, where many Hollywood stars have enjoyed the hotel’s hospitality over the past century.

Beijing Daxing International Airport To Be One Of World’s Largest PDF Print E-mail

China announces that the $12 billion new facility is expected to open in September. It plans to handle 100 million passengers on 620,000 scheduled worldwide flights annually.

High speed trains, including subways, will whisk passengers to and from the airport to the nation’s capital in Beijing in less than 30 minutes. The sleek new terminal will feature luxury sleep quarters, upscale shops and restaurants, along with childcare and commercial facilities.


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