Tourist Beware: How To Get Blacklisted In China

The State Tourism Department in Beijing recently published a list of nine offenses that could get visitors kicked out of China. They are:

1. Interference with public transport facilities including planes, buses and boats
2. Damaging public facilities and public environments
3. Offending local customs or way of life
4. Damaging areas of historical relevance

Ooops! Mispainted Cathay Pacific Flight From Hong Kong PDF Print E-mail

Although the spelling error was caught and corrected quickly, did this mean Cathay Pacific doesn’t give a flying F for rival airlines nor its complaining passengers?

Wheel Around Sin City Cheap With Downtown Bike Share PDF Print E-mail

Consider how costly, tedious and tough it is to travel in busy Las Vegas by taxi and bus. If you’re fit and rarin’ to roam, try wheeling around on a bike. For a 24-hour pass, the cost is just $8, about half the price of a one-way taxi or Uber ride. A three-day pass is just $12, and if you’ll be in town longer, a 30-day pass is just $20. Downtown and many other areas of the city have safe street bike lanes. For more info, go to bikeshare.rtcnv.com

Celebrate Oktoberfest In New York City PDF Print E-mail

In a huge tent along the East River, the annual Munich festival will happen from September 28 through October 7. The local Zum Schneider German restaurant hosts the celebration with native beers, food and music. It all takes place at 24-20 FDR Drive off East 23rd Street in downtown Manhattan. For more info, go to oktober-fest.nyc

Singapore Airlines To Again Offer Non-Stop To Los Angeles PDF Print E-mail

After several years without the service, the airline will resume its schedule to the largest California city on November 2. The 16-hour, 9,000-mile flight is available only for premium economy and business-class seating. For ticket prices, schedules and other info, go to www.singaporeair.com

Avoid Expensive Airport Parking When Flying Round Trip PDF Print E-mail

The costs now keep going up. In olden days you paid $10 daily to leave your car at the airport garage while you flew away and returned. Now, daily charges, especially at major airports such as JFK and LAX, can be $40 and up. So, if you spend two weeks on business, touring or visiting relatives, expect to add at least another $560 to your travel costs.

You can avoid the heavy charges and airport hassles of the busy parking garage by going from home to the airport by train, bus, taxi, Lyft or Uber. It may cost $100 total for the round trip, but your wallet and nervous system will thank you for the decision.


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