Miami Airport Provides Therapy Dogs For Nervous Passengers

They’re called MIA Volunteer K-9 Ambassadors, and human handlers lead them around to stop for friendly visits with people waiting for flights. Similar programs are operated in Los Angeles, Denver and other airports.

Before you reach out to pet an airport therapy dog or any other strange animal, your travel4seniors.com editor has a story to tell. I’ve had furry pets and many encounters with trained working dogs, and never had a problem … until last year’s Halloween night. While attending a street parade, I approached a woman who said her big canine was in training to be a therapy dog.

I petted him, not realizing he was highly stressed from the loud music and crowds. Suddenly he snapped his jaws on my hand, making a large, deep bite. It resulted in an ambulance ride to the hospital and a dozen stitches to close the wound. Conclusion: Whether in an airport or anywhere else, be aware that even the most domesticated and trained dogs are animals. When they’re suddenly nervous or frightened, the attack instinct can take over with painful results.

Important Personal Safety Tip For Traveling Seniors PDF Print E-mail

Your elderly travel4seniors.com editor still enjoys roaming the world, but aging requires facing more dangers. Sudden mishaps while crossing busy streets, riding escalators and coping with airport crowds are more difficult.

Other travel dangers are thieves who prey on the elderly. Recently, I was pushing my walker with a suitcase in its basket from a busy downtown train station. A car pulled up next to me, and the scruffy driver asked if he could take me to my destination. The car had no Lyft. Uber or other ID on it. I refused with: Should I give you everything now or wait till you grab it from me in the car?

Senior travelers, especially the most physically challenged, should always be aware that you’re vulnerable targets for thieves. This is most dangerous at train and bus stations, airports, dark downtown streets at night and other exposed locations. The best solution is to have a younger traveling companion. If alone, always be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Las Vegas: Stay In Ritzy Condo Instead Of Teeny Hotel Room PDF Print E-mail

If your visit to Sin City will be more than a night or two, consider making the experience more luxurious at a lower bargain price. An example of a recent offer is a one bedroom balcony suite at Signature Condo in the MGM complex near the Las Vegas Strip for just $61 a night.

It won’t quite be as ritzy as the queen’s royal chambers at the Versailles Palace. However, it could make your stay in Sin City a bit more sinfully enjoyable. www.tripadvisor.com

AARP Lists 45 Travel-Related Discounts For Members PDF Print E-mail

If you’re a member of the senior organization, before you do any travel booking, check this long list for savings deals. Just a few include Avis, Best Western, American Airlines, Carnival Cruises, Hampton By Hilton, Marriott, Southwest and United Airlines. For current edition of the entire list, go to www.aarp.org/money/budgeting-saving/info-2017/senior-travel-discounts-fd.html

Expect More Big Brother Face Scans At Airports PDF Print E-mail

The latest terrorist bombings around the world are incentive for more intrusive security restrictions on passengers seeking to board flights. The Department of Homeland Security is using advanced face-scanning tech in airports to be better at stopping potential terrorists before they can cause damage.

Use of the equipment has caused political backlash because of Big Brother similarities, and some legislators are asking for imposing restrictions on the more intrusive security measures. So, next time a DHS security guard at check-in does a Joe Biden huggie feelie on you, consider it’s for your safety.

Remember Guess-Your-Weight Pitches At Carnivals? PDF Print E-mail

If the guess was wrong, you got money. According to the London Sun, soon airlines may require passengers to be weighed before boarding. And if they determine you’re overweight, you’ll have to pay them more money.

The reason is that a plane full of heavy passengers uses up more fuel, thus costing the airline higher expenses. So, unless you’re ok with giving the airline fat cat executives heavier salaries, try to slim down for future flights. For more info, go to www.thesun.co.uk/travel/8895844/passengers-weighed-flights-airlines-save-fuel


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