Miss Liberty's Crown to Welcome Visitors Again

Closed off to the public since 9/11/01 because of fears of another terrorist attack in New York City, the crown of the Statue of Liberty will finally reopen. With all patriotic symbolism, bands, political speeches, flags and fireworks, the official reopening ceremony will be held July 4.

Despite the fact that several weeks ago, a clueless Washington bureaucrat sent Air Force One soaring too close over the statue and scared the hell out of New Yorkers, all of Miss Liberty is now considered perfectly safe for visitors. First, after a boat ride from Manhattan, they take the elevator from the statue’s base, then climb the 168 steps to the observation platform.

The area has room for just 30 people at a time, and when the crowds are large, guards move everyone along so that each gets only a few moments in the crown. There they can stare 15 miles out of the 25 windows at the harbor, Ellis Island and a calmer New York City.

Is It Safe For Seniors To Take The Hollywood Walk Of Fame? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re scheduled to visit Los Angeles next month, and since we’re old movie fans now in our 70s, we have one bucket list location we want to experience, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We’ve heard rumors that it isn’t safe. What do you think? Mrs. Laura E., Pueblo CO

A: The Hollywood Walk of Fame is often crowded with tourists, plus souvenir hawkers, costumed characters and street people. As you wander, you’ll be prime targets for those who earn their living making money from tourists. If you do your visit during weekday daylight hours, you should be safe. Also, there are interesting souvenir shops and eateries, as well as the famous Walk of Fame sidewalk plaques and movie star footprints at Grauman’s Theater.

Q: I’m Worried About What To Do If My Hotel Has A Fire PDF Print E-mail

Though I must now use a wheelchair, I still want to do as much traveling as physically possible. Recent news about a sudden hotel fire in the Philippine capital of Manila that killed 75 people frightens me. How can I prepare in case I’m forced to get to safety in a hurry.
Mrs. WLA, Baltimore MD

A: Now that you’re not as mobile as you were in younger days, be alert to potential travel dangers at all times. When checking in to a hotel, get familiar with all the safety rules, including fire alarms and other warning systems.

Book a room on a lower floor, preferably close to the elevators and exit doors. Travel with a physically-fit companion who can help, especially if you must use the stairs. If you see fire or smell smoke in your room, have your smartphone close at all times to call the front desk and/or local fire department for help.

New York NY: Memories Of The Waldorf Astoria On Park Avenue PDF Print E-mail

The celebrated hotel is now closed during a three-year restoration project, and scheduled to reopen in 2020. Among the extensive plans are for part of the hotel to become condos. We can only imagine what the purchase costs will be for living in Park Avenue super luxury.

Your senior travel4seniors.com editor has fond memories of the Waldorf. A lunchtime visit during Navy service in World War 2 cost a hefty $5, plus a $1 tip. Later, after returning in 1953 from service in Korea, our aircraft carrier air group members were briefly billeted at the Naval Air Station, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, N.Y.

We celebrated with a weekend at the Waldorf. (Anyone remember that 1945 movie starring Lana Turner and Van Johnson?). The prices were still out of sight high. Drinks were $2, dinner $15 and rooms were $25. We can only guess what the prices will be when the Waldorf reopens, possibly up just a little bit.

Delta Wants More Proof For Qualified Support Animals PDF Print E-mail

It all started with Seeing Eye dogs many decades ago, when physically-challenged passengers brought their trained pooches aboard. Now, when you're on your flights, you may see cats, birds and other allegedly helpful critters coming along in the cabin seats.

Now, with Delta and soon with many other airlines, those passengers who claim their pet raccoons or aardvarks help them make it through the flight must first show written proof. The animals must be qualified by training, health, inoculations and other requirements to do the support job. So, before you head for the airport with your helpful critter, be sure to check with the airline for the latest regulations

Supersonic Flights: New York-London In Just Three Hours! PDF Print E-mail

It may take another decade or two, but the age of super fast air travel is almost here. It will also happen from the West Coast. Imagine taking off from San Francisco at 9 am and lunching in Tokyo at noon.

You’ll also be able to fly from Los Angeles to Singapore at 5 pm to sit down with your Singapore Sling at 8 pm. If you plan to stay for dinner and next-day breakfast and touring, make sure your bag doesn’t take a three-hour trip to Buenos Aires.


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