Flying Hawgs: Will They Soon Fill The Skies?

According to the London Daily Mail, scientists are currently working on a motorcycle that flies with all the controls of airplanes and drones. Sitting astride, the pilot can comfortably sail thru the skies, as well as take the traditional wheeling along the roads and highways. Can you imagine Brando grooving along on one of those cloud-busting 'cycles?

Los Angeles CA: LaLa Land History At The Hollywood Museum PDF Print E-mail

It’s located in the building formerly the Max Factor cosmetics HQ. The historic site displays hundreds of movie memorabilia. In the former make-up rooms, visitors see where Lucille Ball got her red hair and Marilyn Monroe was dyed blonde.

There are also historic photos, videos, artifacts, scripts and costumes from The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ In The Rain, Gone With The Wind and other classic films. The museum is at touristy Hollywood and Highland Avenues. A nostalgic visit takes you back to youthful movie-going days. For prices, hours and other info, go to thehollywoodmuseum.com

Washington DC: Speedy Scooters Offer More To See In DC PDF Print E-mail

Are you planning to experience springtime cherry blossoms and visit all the historic sites? To avoid ever-rising costs of taxis, rental cars and parking, hop on and off electronic scooters. Of course, you need to be in good physical shape and follow all traffic rules. For costs and more info, go to washington.org

Grand Canyon AZ: 100th Anniversary Of The National Park PDF Print E-mail

President Teddy Roosevelt’s efforts to protect one of nature’s most beautiful creations helped the U.S. to declare it a National Park in February 1919. Since then it has been explored by millions of visitors, including your travel4seniors.com editor.

Each time I’m there, whether wandering along the picturesque edge above or riding a mule train a mile down to the Colorado River, the experience is always as thrilling as the very first time. If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to put the Grand Canyon on your senior bucket list. For current visiting info, go to www.nps.gov/grca

How To Deal With Ever-Rising Restaurant Costs PDF Print E-mail

After not visiting the Florida resort town for several years, we recently had lunch at a popular eatery. The food was health-themed, but the bill was sickening.

It was $190 for the four of us, with booze, but no desserts. When we first ate there just a dozen years ago, the same lunch cost less than $80 for four people. There are ways to fight the high prices. For seniors trying to live on limited budgets, we can deal with the ever-rising cost of restaurant dining.

The most obvious is to visit high-priced restaurants less frequently and find the most reasonable eateries. When traveling, avoid expensive restaurants and catered in-room hotel meals and drinks. Buy take-out food and booze at a nearby grocery, and enjoy bargain meals in the park and your hotel room.

Road Scholar: Art History In Belgium And Holland PDF Print E-mail

See the classic works of famous artists close up during tours in famous cities, including museums, classic scenes and much more. They include Rembrandt, Van Eyck, Rubens, Franz Hals and Vermeer. Also featured is a visit to the Rotterdam Delft Blue Pottery Factory and other historic sites.

Program No. 3544RJ is 14 days, with prices from $4,199 include hotel, meals, lectures and museum entries. Special airfare package deals are available. There are four trips this year, beginning with May 24 through June 6, 2019. For prices, schedule details and other info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/3544/art-history-in-belgium-and-holland


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