1001 Great Works of Art To See Before You Die

So, what are the 1001 greatest works of art of all time, you may wonder...

Hollywood CA: Visit The Spooky Museum Of Death PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the Famed Hollywood Walk of Fame this month, be sure to spend some time in this frightful location. Inside is the world’s largest collection of serial killer artwork. Also antique funeral gear, mortician and coroner instruments, Manson Family memorabilia, pet death taxidermy, crime scene photos and more!

There’s also a branch of the Museum of Death in New Orleans LA. For locations, hours and ticket costs, go to www.museumofdeath.net

Q: Why Do My Feet Always Swell Up & Hurt When I Fly? PDF Print E-mail

I know I’m not the athlete I once was, but flying is getting more painful. How can I prevent it? PJL, Evanston IL

A: Leg, ankle and foot swelling happens to many passengers during long flights. When sitting in the same position for hours, blood flow slows down and blood pools in leg veins. The continued pressure leads to pain and swelling. Get up at least once an hour and walk around the aisle. Also, on long flights dress in loose clothing and footwear.

Scratch, Scratch? Are Your Hotel Bedsheets Fresh? PDF Print E-mail

Recently your travel4senirs.com editor spent an unhappy night in a Las Vegas hote. In the morning I felt itching on my feet and legs. When I turned back the covers, I saw little live black specks. I quickly checked out.

A Chinese hotel may help the industry avoid such problems by using a high-tech system that reveals when bed linen was last washed. The Wuhan will implant microchips into bed sheets, towels and quilts. Incoming guests’ cell phones will reveal the date of last washing. When that happens in the US and other world vacation area, maybe there will be less scratching.

Amtrak Ending Traditional Dining Car Luxury PDF Print E-mail

Not many of us can remember way back to the days when meals and drinks were served like an upscale restaurant on US trains. Gradually over the past decades, that all became quick snacks. Now Amtrak has officially discontinued waiter-served meals.

If you’re planning a long railroad ride, buy snacks aboard or be sure to pack your meal and drinks . Be content to enjoy them in your regular seat. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2019/09/27/amtrak-dining-car-alternatives-napa-valley-wine-train-conway-scenic-railroad

Southwest: No More Cheaper Seats For Senior Flyers PDF Print E-mail

Southwest is ending special senior fares as of December 11. SW refundable tickets are still available with its “Anytime” and "Business Select" fares, as well as the semi-annual special price cut promotions for all passengers.


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