Future Road Trip: Driverless Becomes Car/Hotel Suite Combo

Imagine a future auto journey. You go from New York to Washington, or Los Angeles to San Francisco, in a private hotel suite on wheels. Instead of a tedious drive with your eyes always on heavy traffic, you’ll relax on a comfy bed, munch a sandwich and watch TV soap operas or the latest sports event.

The more luxurious versions of the driverless cars will have twin or double beds, kitchen, dining area with views, refrigerator, bath with shower and other upscale features. It may also have a transparent roof, inviting the romantic couple to enjoy the passing daytime scenery and nightly skies.

A drive can be an especially happy event for romantic couples. They’ll cuddle and smooch in their own private highway rolling love nest. For more info, go to www.cnn.com/travel/article/autonomous-travel-suites.

Q: New Divorcee: Will Travel Help Me Deal With It? PDF Print E-mail

My marriage ended just a year ago. Now friends and family are advising me to get out and meet new people. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, and hope seeing sights will help me deal with being single again. Advice? MMJ, Atlanta GA

A: To ease loneliness, cruising can be an effective way to adjust to your situation. Check with a reliable travel agency and/or online services that specialize in single senior travel. Example: www.cnn.com/travel/article/breakup-tours-travel

Lonely Planet Suggests Top 10 Destinations to Visit in 2020 PDF Print E-mail

In rank order: Salzburg, Austria; Washington DC; Cairo, Egypt; Galway, Ireland; Bonn, Germany; La Paz, Bolivia; Kochi, India; Vancouver, Canada; Dubai, UAE; Denver, CO. You’re also reminded to keep checking thru the year for holidays, markets and other special events when visits are more festive.

However, this senior wanderer wonders why other fun destinations are not on the list for great 2020 visits. What about Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, New York, Las Vegas, Singapore, Hong Kong and that excelent big city just down the road from where you live?

FAA May Set Standards For Squeezie Cheap Airline Seats PDF Print E-mail

Still aching from that long holiday flight while stuffed into a narrow middle seat throughout your uncomfy flight? Maybe there’s hope that next time you’ll be more comfy.

At a special center in Oklahoma City, FAA researchers are running a series of trials to decide whether the space between or size of airline seats affect evacuation in emergencies. Those tested include adults between 18 and 60. Lawmakers and consumer advocates are also concerned about children, comfort animals and passengers with disabilities. www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/FAA-aims-to-reset-standards-for-planes-seats

Rome, Italy: No Ifs, Butts Nor Squats On The Spanish Steps PDF Print E-mail

When sightseeing around the Eternal City, know the rules that apply to tourists. No matter how tired you are, do not sit down on the Spanish Steps. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck did it charmingly in the 1953 film “Roman Holiday”. However, anyone who commits the dastardly crime these days is subject to a fine of 400 euros ($450).

Airport Van Service SuperShuttle Going Out Of Business PDF Print E-mail

After 35 years, the shared ride company that carried passengers to and from airports around the world will cease operations at the end of the year.

The company, founded in 1983 to serve LAX, expanded nationwide, as well as to Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia. However, it has been losing business to Uber and Lyft. In recent weeks it started closing down in Los Angeles, Burbank, Sacramento, Phoenix, Baltimore and Minneapolis. So long, SuperShuttle!


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