Indianapolis Int’l Airport: Roving Robot Responds

It’s on wheels and looks like a thinking bot. However, the self-propelled wheelie is actually just a live face on a TV monitor who answers questions from inquiring passengers. The Indy info expert sits in a studio somewhere in IND airport and operates a two-way sight and sound system.

Of course, some day everything will be run by real robots. They’ll actually steer ships, drive cars and fly airplanes. For veteran seniors who’ve been there and done that, there’s hope that armies of brave bots will also fight our wars. www.indianapolisairport.com

What To Do About A Stinky Seatmate In Flight? PDF Print E-mail

Q: On my last trip from NYC to London, the man next to me really reeked, obviously a heavy smoker and infrequent bather. His hair, skin, clothing and breath were putrid. I asked the flight attendant to move me, but she said all seats were filled. Is there anything I can do about it next time it happens? PLMcR, Jersey City NJ

A: Not much if all passenger compartments are full. However, if you’re in a cheap seat when the stink happens, ask if all seats in all compartments are occupied. If not, demand politely but firmly to be moved to a higher-priced seat for free.

Hollywood CA: Bikers Pause At Soon-To-Open Restaurant PDF Print E-mail

Tourist bikers and escort leader line up to rest along busy Santa Monica Boulevard, the final miles of cross-country Route 66. Ippudo will serve Japanese specialties.

Q: Do Airlines Still Offer Discount Fares For Funerals? PDF Print E-mail

Recently we had a death in the family and I needed to get a cross-country flight. Because it was a last-minute booking, the cost was twice as much as it should have been for a regular booked flight. Could I have avoided the sky-high fee? MMR, Newark NJ

A: Not all airlines offer lower-rate, quick-book bereavement fares. When you first know about the funeral schedule, immediately check online, by phone and/or with a local travel agency to find a cooperating airline. When booking, you must give details, including name of the deceased relative, funeral schedule and locations.

Amsterdam To Forbid Tours Of The Red Light District PDF Print E-mail

Because of growing street crowds and noise, one of the most popular tourist visit sites in the city is applying restrictions on large groups. Of course, individuals will still be permitted to wander there, especially ogling senior guys who can fondly remember happier days and nights. www.cnn.com/travel/article/amsterdam-red-light-district-tours

Los Angeles CA: Pond At Famed LA Farmers Market PDF Print E-mail

A popular destination for tourists, kids and locals since 1934, it’s also called The Grove. There are dozens of specialty food shops, meat markets, restaurants and souvenir stands.

With Hollywood studios just up the street, the market boasts many stars and would-be stars who worked there as youngsters before they became famous. They include Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe (Miss Cheesecake 1953), Clint Eastwood and Ava Gardner. Is it possible that these three will someday grow up to become Hollywood stars?


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