Asheville NC: Sip Suds To Celebrate Memorial Day Festivities

Among many celebrations throughout the USA, one of the most welcoming is the Asheville Brewers Alliance’s Asheville Beer Week. It runs from Friday, May 25 thru Saturday, June 2, with the final event, the Beer City Festival. Along with the suds, there will be local foods, music, games and many other fun happenings. For events, prices and other info, go to avlbeerweek.com

Branson Offers Prayer Sessions On Virgin Australia Flights PDF Print E-mail

To make flying more serene, Virgin aircraft will feature quiet moments for passengers to reflect and relax while in the air.

Your travel4seniors.com editor volunteers some prayers I would fervently offer in flight for heavenly Virgin fulfillment:

Please don’t send my checked luggage to Timbuktu!
I hope there’s no nutcase with a bomb aboard my flight! 
Let there be no three-hour delays on the tarmac!
I pray there’s no 400-pound passenger, barfing alcoholic, stinky smokaholic nor wailing poopy baby next to me on my aircraft seat!

Q: What’s The Most Economical Way To Experience Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail

We’ve been going to Vegas for several decades, and on recent visits we’ve been shocked by the increasing high prices on everything. Room rates are through the roof. In 1990 we paid $25, and now for the same hotel room it’s $250. A buffet was $5, now $29.99. Taxis for a 10-minute ride from the airport to the hotel were $5, now $40. How can we avoid the rising Sin City robbery rates? PLF, San Antonio TX

A: Consider all kinds of alternatives for seniors. To avoid airline, hotel and other high costs to Vegas, check prices at Native American casinos closer to you in Texas. For Sin City local transport, ride with Uber, Lyft or take the bus. Las Vegas RTC transit offers reduced fares to seniors with photo ID.

If you continue going to Vegas, do research before booking. There are seasonal money-saving promotions, packages that include flights, hotels and meals, as well as senior and AARP membership deals.

Bologna, Italy: Enjoy Fantastic Repast At Foodie Theme Park PDF Print E-mail

The Northern Italian attraction, now celebrating its second year, is home to a wonderland that rivals Disney. Instead of rides and games, Eataly features ethnic foods and wines that are as exciting as a roller coaster ride or parachute jump.

The park on the outskirts of the city has developed from a wholesale market to a welcoming adult dining playground featuring 45 expert Italian food and wine purveyors. It includes  a movie house, scheduled demonstrations and samplings, as well as surrounding gardens. Make your next trip to Italy to try some Bolognese favorites, including yucca tortilli,  prosciutto di sauris, torta mimosa and many, many others. Admission is free.

Grand Canyon AZ: Best Time To Visit Nature’s Beauty PDF Print E-mail

As autumn fades, so do the heavy crowds at this popular destination. Head for the South Rim, where camping, lodging and food are most convenient. Hike along the crest for the world’s most spectacular natural views ranging down a mile to the desert and shores of the Colorado River. Mule rides are very popular and must be booked months ahead, but there are plenty of other activities and sights to enjoy. For current info, go to www.thecanyon.com/visitor-information

Q: In Cheap Seats: Must Check Or Not Check Carry-On Bags? PDF Print E-mail

Lately, whenever I buy airline tickets, the rules seem to change. I always fly economy and over the years was permitted to take a small carry-on without extra charges. Now, many charge for carry-ons, and airlines keep adding fees to make flying more and more expensive. What can I do to keep my ticket prices down? Mrs. FLMcB, Quincy MA

A: The best way to keep up on extra charges is to connect with a local travel agent you can trust to find the best deals. Also, before buying your ticket, keep scanning the internet for seasonal specials and other airline price-reduction promotions. Also, to avoid checking suitcases, travel lighter with a small carry-on and wear a coat with large outer and inner pockets for stuffing as many items as possible.


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