Zunum Aero: Fly Electric On Short, Cheap Hops

The company, located in Kirkland, Washington, is developing electric planes to get travelers out of cars and into the air for regional travel. They’re expected to be able to fly up to 400 miles on each electric charge.

Along with partners Boeing and JetBlue, Zunum predicts that hybrid passenger aircraft will be operating within the next decade. Because the engines don’t use expensive gasoline, Zunum expects ticket prices will be much lower than on today’s huge, high-cost, gas-guzzly airliners.

Q: Why Are Overhead Bins Always Full When I Board My Flight? PDF Print E-mail

A frequent flyer with my own business, I travel only with a small wheeled bag that fits in the overhead. Won’t pay for upper class nor baggage charges. So, unless I fly Southwest and get to my seat early, I too often find no bin space. Suggestion? PLR, Reno NV

A: If you don’t want to check your bag or find the overhead bins too packed, lighten and compress the load. Get a smaller soft bag that fits under the seat, and wear a jacket with many large inside and outside pockets.

Venice, Italy: Problems With Too Many Tourists PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com has visited the beautiful city several times, and always found it enjoyable. However, recent news reports declare it’s just too crowded, and the citizens demand restrictions. So, if you’ll be there during the next several months, be aware of new laws that could affect your visit. www.express.co.uk/news/world/951345/italy-news-venice-tourism-visit-bank-holiday-may

When The Hotel Clerk Says You Have No Reservation PDF Print E-mail

And, of course, all rooms are booked solid, and you're kicked out to seek another place to stay. There are ways to prevent this panic situation from happening. Just think and communicate ahead.

Call the hotel several days before your expected arrival and confirm the reservation number and dates you’ll require a room. Ask and write down the name of the hotel clerk who confirms you. After you have all the info and numbers, make a hard copy printout and have it with you at check-in.

Didn’t Another Forbidden Fruit Case Happen Way Back When? PDF Print E-mail

A woman passenger on a Delta flight from Paris put an apple she saved from the in-flight lunch into her bag. When she went through customs, the illegal apple was confiscated and she was fined $500. She had committed the crime of bringing forbidden foreign fruit into the USA.

The lesson for senior travelers, other than suffering the punishment of Adam and Eve, is to make sure you comply with all customs regulations when re-entering the country.

Phoenix AZ: Enjoy The Desert City’s Arts Free On First Fridays PDF Print E-mail

Each month, mix with and enjoy members of the Phoenix art community while experiencing some of the city’s best galleries, art sales and events along the Roosevelt Row Arts District. There are also guided art walks, food specialties along the street, as well as music and performers. Hop on and off the free shuttle to take in all the festivities. artlinkphx.org/first-fridays


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