Airplane Mob Scene: Pay To Be First Off?

According to USAToday, airlines are considering adding yet another nickel-and-dime cost to their already ever-increasing fees for baggage, carry-ons and other formerly free services.

You can already pay an extra $10 to $25 to board flights early on some airlines before the mobs of coach-seat peasants. Soon, passengers may be able to pay a similar extra fee to get off their flights first after landing.

When the new fee goes into effect, you lowly coach flyers will be able to see their first-class sneers close up as they strut by to exit before you.

Jackson Hole Wy: Park Service Kill Invading Mountain Goats PDF Print E-mail

They say the elimination is necessary, but many of we senior naturalists may disagree. Instead of murdering them, if the mountain goats are invading the territory of the approved bighorn sheep, why not just gather them up and take them where they can live out their lives?

An official kill of the mountain goats that have invaded Grand Teton National Park and threaten the existence of the park's struggling bighorn sheep herd, is going on. A High Tetons area, including the north and west slopes of the Cathedral Group, will be closed to the public. Flying goat killers are locating and shooting the evil invaders. Hey, senior naturalists: Doesn’t this slaughter really get your goat?

Las Vegas NV: Unadvertised Hotel Resort Fees Sneaking Up PDF Print E-mail

When planning your Sin City trip, you’re attracted by all those hotel and online travel guru ads offering rooms for $49.99, with some listed as low as $19.99. So, first get smart when you see they always take an entire penny off the ridiculous price to lure in the suckers.

Then, after several wild cheap Vegas days and nights, when you check out you get a bigger surprise. The bill has another $50 daily “resort fee” and other charges added to the cost. The innocent explanation at the front desk is that the legally added rip-off is for security, city taxes and/or other dire luxury necessities.

Big bad news! Now Caesars Palace and other Las Vegas hotels are raising their resort fees, and other city hotels will continue to do the same. For example, the new extra nightly fees at Caesars Palace and Nobu Las Vegas are kited to $51.02. So, along with all the family savings you’ll be bringing to Sin City to invest in never-win gambling, be sure you have enough to pay the hidden resort robberies.

Senior Wanderers: Beware Where Winter Flu Hits Travelers PDF Print E-mail

When flying and in other forms of travel in China, you’ll see many people wearing face masks. Especially in this season, and with many current reports of the disease, you should do the same. Take with you at least two or three disposable medicated masks

In that country’s airports and many major ones around the world, passengers are now routinely screened for flu and other infectious wintertime ailments. They include New York City's JFK International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airport. Those passengers who test positive may be prevented from going aboard their scheduled flights.

We Rented An Airbnb And It Went All Wrong! PDF Print E-mail

Q: When we arrived late at night, we found the previous family still there for one more night. We had to wait in our car for several hours until they moved out. What should we do about the inconvenience? PLJ, Morestown NJ?

A: As with hotels, restaurants and other travel bookings, sometimes you don’t get what you’ve paid for with a private rental. The fair solution is to ask for a specific discount of one night’s price. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/hotels/2019/12/29/airbnb-rental-problems-and-how-solve-them-reviews-cancellations

Long Airport Wait? Get Some Good Exercise PDF Print E-mail

Your connecting flight is late. Or your arrival was too early and family car pick-up won’t be for another hour. Or you got to the airport hours early for your outgoing flight, you’re all checked in and boarding isn’t for another 90 minutes. Or your flight was cancelled and the next one won’t  happen for two more hours. Don’t just sit there and mope.

Get some exercise before spending hours in flight jammed into your narrow cheap seat. Walk and or jog through the airport and safe open areas outside. If you have a suitcase and/or much carry stuff, use a push cart while exercising.

Think of it as resistance training. Airports usually have lockers, so if you're facing a big delay, stash your bags for a little vigorous activity. Whatever ways you keep delayed mind and body working in the airport, it will help with physical health and mental ease.


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