Survey: USA Today Ranks Top 30 Airports In The USA

We always appreciate the interesting travel articles we see daily in the prestigious news source. However, we must voice an opinion on the above pronouncement.

We find the list quite believable, but only under perfect conditions. There’s no such heavenly place as a top airport unless you’re a flight-bound pro athlete or crooked politician with unlimited millions of bucks.

Holiday Giving: Add To Your Joy By Helping The Homeless PDF Print E-mail

Make this happy season more meaningful by contributing to an organization that provides aid for the unfortunate. Consider poor people you encounter in your travels at home and around the world. You'll see them in major tourist locations and elsewhere.  

Donate to traditional national and international groups, such as the Salvation Army and Red Cross, as well as local church and others. They’ll appreciate your help with those in need.

Groping Airport Screeners Are Getting Even More Invasive PDF Print E-mail

If you think horny Hollywood producers and actors are the only ones grabbing quick feels, consider airport security. These days almost every passenger from grandmas to babies are required go through the annoying body search inspection.

Because of recent terror incidents, on your next flight, you may find the process even more invasive. One tip is to shower before you go to the airport, but don’t use fragrant body or hair lotion. Some have chemicals that may register on security scanners as ingredients in explosives. Make it a bit easier and quicker when you cooperate fully with the security inspection, no matter how violated you feel when being felt.

Hotwire: Wow! Four-Star Las Vegas Hotels For $50 A Night PDF Print E-mail

For stays from December 8 to 28, grab this fantastic special deal while accommodations are still available. If you’ve checked prices lately, all upscale Sin City hotels usually charge from $200 to $400.  So, how do you get in on this Hotwire super deal during this year-end holiday season? To find out, go to www.hotwire.com/Las-Vegas/Sale

Warehouse Tour Of The Jelly Belly Candy Company PDF Print E-mail

Located in in the picturesque town of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, near Racine, the Jelly Belly Visitor Center offers the free Jelly Belly Express Train Tour. Of course, the visit also includes some delicious complimentary Jelly Belly samples. The gourmet treat boasts 100 flavors, including Green Apple, Juicy Pear, Cotton Candy, Lawn Clippings, Chili Mango and many, many more. For more info, go to www.jellybelly.com/wisconsin-warehouse

Instead of Flying, Next Enjoy A Ride On The Choo Choo PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor recalls three memorable train rides. My first was in January 1942, when my Philly high school senior class went to Washington DC. I was impressed by the city, but remember the experience because it was a historic and hysterical time in U.S. history.

Just three weeks before our train trip, the nation had been shocked into World War 2 by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As we rode our bus through the capital city, we could see armed soldiers at many of the major buildings. They were on steps, at street corners and on rooftops.


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