Sign Up For A Savory Summer Sipping Session

For the wine enthusiast, Chaddsford Adult Summer Camp takes place at the Chaddsford Winery in Chadds Ford. It happens 25 miles southwest of Philadelphia PA, on two Saturdays, July 21 and 28, for $65 per person.

The one-day camp encourages adults to get outside for lawn games, arts and crafts, archery, sack races, whiffle ball home run derby, volleyball and Mad Libs. Also generous snacks, wine and beer tastings. Each session is topped off with a pig roast from Hood’s BBQ. For more info, go to chaddsford.com/pages/chaddsford-adult-summer-camp19

US-Iran Crisis Results In Middle East Flight Cancellations PDF Print E-mail

After Iranian missiles allegedly shot down an American spy drone in the Gulf of Oman, there may be problems for senior flyers. United and other airlines are rerouting schedules to avoid potential dangers.

Also, the FAA is acting to further extend the ban on US airlines from operating in the area. If you have plans and/or bookings for flights to the Middle East, keep checking on possible changes or cancellations in your intended schedules.

SpaceX Future: Lunch In New York & Dinner In Shanghai PDF Print E-mail

The encouraging news from the advanced tech guys is that within a few years, super-fast aircraft will hit speeds of up to 6,000 miles per hour. That means spanning the oceans in just a matter of minutes.

However, getting to and from the airports in taxis, Ubers and cars won’t be any faster in the ever-crowded roadways. So, it has to add at least another hour to the journey. Plus check-in, weather delays, baggage sent the wrong way and the poopy, screaming baby in the seat next to you.

Book A Trip Around The World & Stay In Private Homes PDF Print E-mail

For 80 legendary days and costing $5,000, your no-hotel journey involves staying in interesting houses via Airbnb bookings. It includes meals, overnights, local sights and various transportation rides, such as hot air balloon, boats, trains and horseback.

The first journey of the program runs from September 1 through November 19, with many more planned for next year and beyond. Airbnb locations are in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the South Pacific, North and South America and Europe. The trips involve small groups of up to 12 adults. For more info, go to www.geek.com/culture/airbnb-will-send-you-on-an-around-the-world-adventure-for-5k

Q: Wanna Travel, But Pension & SS Too Low. Ideas? SK, Rye NY PDF Print E-mail

A: If you’re healthy and a good talker, check the internet for one-shot and regular jobs as a travel guide. It could involve escorting senior groups on cruises, tours near your home or around the world. Some may take on only volunteer guides with no pay, but you’ll get to go for free and may include all costs.

Another idea is to dress up as a comic or historic character and get paid to pose for selfies with families on busy sidewalks as tourists stroll by. Do it for several days to pay for your travel costs. Consider Times Square in New York, the Las Vegas Strip, Hollywood Boulevard, Piccadilly Circus in London and the Colosseum in Rome.

An old friend did it on Hollywood Boulevard wearing his 50-year-old Marine Corps dress blues, and claims he made more than $200 a day, tax free. However, be aware it may be illegal in some cities, as well as physically dangerous if local gangs control tourist area sidewalks.

Don’t Fall For Fake Hotel & Airbnb Online Scams PDF Print E-mail

With ever-increasing technology on the internet, scammers are getting more successful in their phony online offers of travel and other deals. Seniors are perfect targets. They have the time to travel and money to spend after lifetimes of work and raising families, and are typically eager bargain hunters.

How can you spot a legit offer from a rip-off ad? Simply don’t just accept and pay in advance until you can thoroughly identify the source. Whether the deal is for a cruise, airline, resort hotel or private home, do your homework before you book. Double-check to ensure that all listings are verified and authentic.


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