Will Lyrics Soon Be: Come (Unbutton Your) Fly With Me?

Remember the Sinatra song inviting you to take to the air? The lyrics don’t mention the normal human need to use the onboard toilet while up there in the sky.

Airlines continue to create and hike all kinds of extra fees for flying. Therefore, a recent news item about a top airline official mentioning the possibility of putting pay toilets on passenger planes shouldn’t be surprising. His reason was to raise “discretionary revenue.” Hmm. Wouldn’t that better be described as “excretionary revenue”?

Of course, pay toilets are still flourishing in tourist cities around the world. When in Rome recently, we visited the Colosseum, and its toilets were coin-operated, pay-as-you-go. Also, in Paddington Station in London, it was similar rip-off. 

One newswriter said if they install pay toilets aboard flights, it could have a backlash effect of losing money for the airline. He predicted passengers would then avoid buying expensive drinks, so that they wouldn’t have to use the toilets while in flight.

To misquote a phrase by Sir Walter Scott, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we charge to relieve!”

Traveling Seniors Beware: Heavy Flu Season Predicted PDF Print E-mail

Medical experts are shouting out the bad news that the end of 2019 and following winter months of 2020 could involve the worst flu outbreaks in 20 years. First, of course, for wandering oldsters to get your flu shots before venturing on the road or into the sky. Also, when buying gifts and and other shopping during this season, save time, avoid sneezy crowds and do as much as possible by online orders to be delivered to giftees and/or your home.

Protect yourself in jammed airports, airplanes, stores and other places where masses of people sniffle and sneeze too close to you. Carry a sanitized cloth mask for where holiday and travel dangers may be most severe. Also take along packs of medicated disposable paper towels for when you’ll be using toilets in stores, airports and airplanes.


Britain's Queen Elizabeth II Hires Director of Royal Travel PDF Print E-mail

Maybe I’m a bit jealous. She’s the same age as your travel4seniors.com editor, and I do all my own travel plans and reservations. Well, I hope the new expert can at least get Her Majesty some senior discounts.

The royal travel director will be responsible for purchasing "safe, efficient, cost-effective and appropriate travel services” for members of the royal family. The job pays $111,000 (85,000 pounds) annually. Tasks include organizing air and train travel, as well as overseeing operations of the queen's helicopters. For that high salary, the director should also do a Sir Walter Raleigh and throw his coat over a puddle whenever the Queen walks by on a muddy London day.

Air Travel: Positive Politeness Always Helps PDF Print E-mail

Of course, during the busy holiday and vacation seasons, everything about airports and aircraft boarding can be confusing to seniors. When unexpected delays happen, frustration and anger too often lead to yelling at the nearest airline people.

A bit of advice voiced by your travel4seniors.com editor and frequent flyer may help the next time, and it will, happen to you. No matter the problem, keep calm and respectful to the airport staff. I do and it paid off recently to me while hanging around hoping to board a flight. I was at the end of the long line of other people waiting impatiently for a possible cancellation. Suddenly my name was called, and this quietly respectful flyer was then seated as the last passenger before take-off. So, always remember: Politeness pays off!

London Underground Offers First-Class Carriages PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the busy British capital city, an efficient way to get around is via its traditional subway system. However, especially at crowded holiday times it involves rubbing shoulders and other body parts with unwashed fellow riders whose odors and crowded proximity could be offensive.

The London Undergound management recently installed exclusive upscale passenger cars on the regular commuter line that offer clean seating, booze bars and personal comfort. Of course, riders of those luxury cars will have to pay a bit more pounds and pence for the privilege of the regal service. www.suffolkgazette.com/news/london-underground-introduces-first-class-carriages

Las Vegas NV: See Sin City From High In The Sky PDF Print E-mail

Take a daytime, dusk or after-dark helicopter ride to experience the famed city, mighty Hoover Dam and surrounding desert sights below. Cost of one local chopper provider is $124 per person, and includes complimentary champagne. For more info, go to maverickhelicopter.com


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