Visit America: It’s Easier Than You Think

That’s the theme of the State Department’s invitation video ads aimed at people throughout the world to come and spend some money in the U.S. We certainly can use some fresh money coming in, instead of it all going out in foreign aid, wars and floods of imports.

A new video released by the State Department is trying to encourage tourists from around the world to visit America. Their euros, yens, dinars, sheckels and all other currencies are very welcome.

The ad continues with: Discover America. More than 65 million visitors do each year. The voice of President Obama adds, "We've got the best product to sell." We can guess he doesn’t mean Toyotas, Hondas, Audis, Volkswagens, Samsung TV sets and stacks of Chinese clothing and toys in Wal-Marts and K-Marts.

ABC reported last year that foreign tourists visits to the U.S. have slowed down due to the State Department’s complicate visa requirements. The claim is that the practice represents lost foreign tourist revenue of $500,000,00o a year.

That indicates foreigners just don’t want to go through all the official hassle of getting into the U.S. Hmmm. Have they ever considered coming in the simplest way, across the Mexican border?

What To Do About Your Aaah-Chooo When In Flight PDF Print E-mail

Q: Several times I’ve found myself seated next to a passenger with a very furry support dog or cat. I try to not make a fuss, but it makes me sneeze. Should I just grin and bear it or complain to get another seat? PJR, Atlanta GA

A: Save a lot of trouble by asking the flight attendant to switch seats. Do it when you first board, when changing is easier to do. Of course, in busy, crowded flights, other passengers can’t or won’t comply, so keep your hanky handy Also, earlier check with your family physician for suggested meds you can take when traveling.

California Gas Stations Continue To Hike Prices PDF Print E-mail

California Gas Stations Continue To Hike Prices
Because some raghead terrorists blew up a couple of oil wells, greedy Saudi and US oil peddlers are raking in more robbery money. The highest rates are in busy California. If your vacation driving plans include the state and elsewhere, be sure to keep checking online for the lowest prices along your journey. www.cnn.com/2019/10/08/business/california-gas-prices/index.html

Save Time & Money On Flights: Lug Your Luggage PDF Print E-mail

With baggage fees and other airline charges ever rising, consider carrying everything on you. Shop for jackets with four or more roomy inner and outer pockets.

Clothing companies, including Jaktogo and Bagket, offer wearable luggage, some with protective locking flaps. For example, Jaktogo sells a jacket that can also convert into a large bag. Wear it loaded as you go through security, while you save money, avoid long lines and potentially lost luggage.

Glowing Online Travel Reviews: Truth Or Planted? PDF Print E-mail

Of course, some are legit opinions by actual customers who enjoyed the experiences. However, in today’s tough marketing battles, many hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines and other travel-related businesses create and post fake positive testimonials.

Las Vegas, where reality rarely happens, is an example of fake customer testimonials. Ongoing resort and hotel ads in many media should serve senior travelers as good examples of fake ads. Included in the exaggerations are vacation packages, hotel rooms, dining, entertainment and other features.

Rule of travel testimonials: Take it all with a grain of salt. Before you book one of the alleged fantastic offers, check with friends and relatives who have recently actually experienced the destinations.

Scratch, scratch! Watch Out For Hotel Bedbugs! PDF Print E-mail

Awhile ago your travel4seniors.com editor woke up in a Las Vegas hotel room with the urgent need to scratch. It was bedbugs. A call to the front desk resulted in an offer to move to another room. Result: A quick shower, immediate check-out and refusal to pay for the room.

Don’t let it happen to you! When going into your hotel room, first thing to do is pull the covers off the bed and check closely for any suspicious spots, live and otherwise. If you see anything suspicious, go to the front desk, report it and check out. Preferably without paying. If bites become infected, see your doctor.


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