Vacation Hotels: Best For Family Visits

USAToday and TripAdvisor named their choices for the top ten hotels and resorts for family travelers in the U.S. We note with agreement with voters that six of them are on or near Disney parks. Five for Walt Disney World and one at Disneyland.

Those listed include Disney's Wilderness Lodge, WorldQuest Orlando Resort, Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, Marriott's Harbour Lake and Floridays Resort, all in Orlando. The Homewood Suites by Hilton Anaheim-Main Gate Area in Garden Grove CA are near Disneyland.

Fido Rides The Speedy Hawg: Good Idea? PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor caught this candid shot as the strapped-in dog scoots by on the back of a motorcycle. Of course, with all the restraints, it looks somewhat safe. However, any sudden turn or stop in fast traffic could cause the dog to be sent flying helplessly and dangerously.


Q: Are All Travel Ads And Customer Testimonials Fake? PDF Print E-mail

After seeing exciting ads for a seaside resort hotel, we booked a weekend. In the ads, it showed happy visitors enjoying lush rooms, pool, beach and dining in fancy restaurants. Actually, for us the hotel was old and dirty, the food awful and the beach worse. How can we avoid this kind of rip-off? PLJ, NYC

A: Take all big-promise TV, smartphone and print travel ads with caution. Like the miracle drugs, fancy cars and other flowery product ads that are endlessly repeated, most is exaggerated promotion. Before you book, check several independent websites such as TripAdvisor that sensibly review travel destinations.

Should You Travel To Greenland Before It Becomes Trumpania? PDF Print E-mail

We don’t know if our president was joking, but he recently commented that he’d like to buy that big island. Greenland belongs to Denmark and is located way out in the Atlantic beyond Canada.

Despite it’s name, Greenland is mostly snow and ice, and was discovered by Leif Erikson about four centuries before Chris Columbus waded ashore in 1492 much further south near what would become the Trump estate at Mar a Lago in Florida. The Danish government was quick to refuse to sell Greenland to Donald Trump, so don’t expect to see casinos, golf courses, towers, fake universities nor any other familiarly-named constructions on the island in the near future.

Big Brother Taking Over: Airports Now Face Scanning PDF Print E-mail

Next time you walk through the airport doors, garage or sidewalk, you won’t see them. But dozens of electronic eyes will be following every move, especially as you’re finally lined up at security when boarding your flight. And as the technology gets more and more advanced, those all-seeing eyes will not only scan your face and figure.

They’ll also be able to use that new info instantly to merge with stored visual impulses and texts about you. First, of course, is the search of face and/or figure to seek a match of those of known criminals. There’s particular emphasis on images that may have a history of terrorism or members of terrorist organizations.

Those who fit any of the images will be detained for more detailed security examination, and possible arrest. So, senior wanderer, next time you go into an airport, always wear an innocent smile and carry only approved stuff on you and in your baggage.

AAA Predicts Lower Gas Prices For Autumn Roadies PDF Print E-mail

When planning September and October travel, compare costs of flying with driving. Piling everything into the car and lazing along on your own schedule vs getting to crowded airports, checking bags and long waits for those ever-costlier flights.

Prices at the pump this autumn could average nationally about $2.40, compared to $4 and more in busy summer driving. So, internet check local and on-the-road gas station prices and be on your scenic, less expensive way.


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