Washington DC: New Smithsonian Museum Adjunct Debuts

President Obama officially opened the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the nation’s capital. Attending the ceremonies were members of America’s oldest African American church, First Baptist of Williamsburg VA.

A highlight of the event was the ringing of the 150-year-old church Freedom Bell. The congregation was established in 1776, the year the American Revolution began. Many of the first members were slaves and freed-slaves. In the pre-Civil War days, church services were held secretly in nearby Virginia farm fields and forests. When your senior travels include Washington DC, for more info, go to nmaahc.si.edu/about/museum.Smithsonian Institution

Senior Disney Parks Visitors: Don’t Molest The Critters! PDF Print E-mail

When you take your kids and grandkids to the Happiest Place On Earth, you’ll notice that the costumed characters often reach out to pat and hug visiting little ones. However, always remember it is illegal for adult visitors to do the same with the familiar figures.

Recently, several adult visitors have been ejected and/or fined for doing some annoying touchy-feely grasping of characters dressed as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Their actions went beyond simple hugs, including reaching into costumes and grasping bottoms and busts.

It brings back family memories from 40 years ago. Our daughter, then aged 4, followed the Donald Duck character while holding on to his costume’s tail. Angry, he attempted to get through a doorway, but she wouldn’t let go. If that had happened today at Disney, would we have to later visit our little girl in the local lockup and/or hospital?

USA Today Names Its 20 Safest US Cities For 2020 Travelers PDF Print E-mail

In rank order: 1. Columbia MD, 2. Yonkers NY, 3. Plano TX, 4. Gilbert AZ, 5. S. Burlington VT, 6. Virginia Beach VA, 7. Bismarck ND, 8. Nashua NH, 9. Chandler AZ, 10. Warwick RI, 11. Chesapeake VA, 12. Scottsdale AZ, 13. Fargo ND, 14. Burlington VT, 15. Peoria AZ, 16. Madison WI, 17. Laredo TX, 18. Cedar Rapids IO, 19. Lewiston ME and 20, Aurora IL.

How they compiled these figures is anyone’s guess. Actually, for wandering seniors, just about all city sidewalks and streets can be dangerous at any time, day or night. Consider crossing on foot in heavy traffic, while scooters and bikes speed down sidewalks and reeling drunks stagger out of bars.

And let’s not forget druggies, homeless, pickpockets, drunk drivers and hold-up thugs. Many sudden happenings can knock a city off the safe list at any moment. Therefore, in your big metropolis visits always be alert and responsible for your own safe driving and wandering. www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/travel/news/2019/12/02/safest-cities-america

Free Airfare From Miami For Havana Tours PDF Print E-mail

Sign up for free round-trip air from the Florida city with InsightCuba for four-day weekends and other promotions. The offer, which includes land visits to various Cuban destinations, is in effect throughout 2020. With U.S. travel restrictions still in effect, the deal applies only to Miami flights to Havana. For more info, go to insightcuba.com

Book Best Spring & Summer Cruise Deals In January PDF Print E-mail

When questioned about choices, 58% of cruise veterans polled say they would pass on technology upgrades, luxury cabins  and other perks in favor of cheaper cruise prices. Bargain-hunting senior sailors should make spring and summer cruise plans during January.

The year’s first month marks the start of wave season. That’s the three-month period when cruise lines offer the best deals. They may include free booze, lower cruise prices, cheaper shore excursions and other bargains. So, if you’re planning a cruise for later in the year, consider January booking bargains.

Monaco: Be There For The 88th Ralley Monte-Carlo PDF Print E-mail

Enjoy moderate winter weather at this luxury destination on the Mediterranean Sea. Also, the traditional auto event takes place from January 20 to 26. It’s the 88th running of the world famous road race we Americans spell as a rally, starting and ending in the small kingdom, as well as roads in southern France.                                                                                                                

Long gone are the glamorous days of Princess Grace Kelly and her Prince Rainier. However, if you want to experience some nostalgia for their history, visit the Prince Rainier Museum, There you’ll see many artifacts, featuring uniforms, ball gowns, historic artifacts and the prince’s antique car collection, including the royal Rolls Royce and Alfa Romeo.


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