Big Brother Will Be Watching You At Major Airports

Within the next few years, airport face scanning and tightened security will be the norm. A new program, called “biometric entry-exit system,” will work like a super-sophisticated police line-up. It will instantly compare your features with millions of other faces on electronic file, including criminals, terrorists, anarchists, mental cases and other dangerous people.

So, next time you’re in an airport, don’t be surprised if a Sherlock Holmes scan happens to you. Sometime, somewhere, someplace when you least expect it, something gets into your face and says, Smile! You're on Candid Camera!

Hong Kong Violent Protests Continue To Disrupt Tourism PDF Print E-mail

Previously known as one of the most welcoming and safest travel destinations in the world, the city now has continuing violence problems. If you have summer plans that include a stay in Hong Kong, be daily aware of potential dangers for senior travelers.

Whatever their reasons, mobs of local residents, mostly young and angry, now regularly take to the streets and sidewalks. Sometimes protests are planned and announced before the disruption. However, often the actions are spontaneous and disrupting to the city’s prime industry, foreign tourism.

While in Hong Kong, avoid demonstrations and other actions of large, angry crowds. Keep in hourly touch with local news and announcements of potential physical dangers to tourists. When in doubt about safety, stay in your hotel until the streets are declared clear again.

Easter Island: No Selfies With The Famed Sculptures PDF Print E-mail

There are overwhelming numbers of thoughtless tourists with smartphones these days. The selfie has become an annoying reality in the world of travel. No monument or statue is safe from thoughtless point-and-shooters crawling all over them and posing.

Other world-respected statues have suffered the same disgraceful behavior. Think of David in Florence, Admiral Nelson in London, the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, the peeing boy in Brussels and many others. Before you attempt some offensive climbing and posing, know the local rules. If you do it on Easter Island, it could cost you $500 and/or some time in the local hoosegow.

Ya Gotta Ask: Hotel Discounts For Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Even though you were quoted a price that included a senior discount when originally booking with a travel agent or online, speak up. When actually eye-to-eye checking in at the hotel front desk, ask if there’s an additional senior discount in effect.

Additionally, when your room is being assigned, further ask if you’re eligible for a free upgrade to a larger room or suite. It can be more effective if you declare you’re celebrating an important event, such as birthday, anniversary or are newly retired.

Some hotel chains regularly offer senior discounts, including Best Western, Choice Hotels, Comfort Inn, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt, La Quinta, Marriott, Omni Hotels and Resorts, Red Roof Inns and Wyndham Hotel Group.

Seniors: Be Aware Of Phony Online Vacation Deals PDF Print E-mail

The Los Angeles County District Attorney warns about the scams. The travel companies offer discounts in cruises, airfare, resorts and package deals. While some info is correct about basic prices, the entire out-of-pocket charges are rarely listed.

For example, a Las Vegas hotel room is offered at $99.99 a night, but the actual price you’ll pay is $150 or more. When city taxes, resort fees and other piled-on costs are added, the price often is close to double the advertised rate. Before booking travel vacations, consider doing it with a reliable travel agency and/or research all offer details with the Better Business Bureau or other customer-protection agencies.

Sign Up For A Savory Summer Sipping Session PDF Print E-mail

For the wine enthusiast, Chaddsford Adult Summer Camp takes place at the Chaddsford Winery in Chadds Ford. It happens 25 miles southwest of Philadelphia PA, on two Saturdays, July 21 and 28, for $65 per person.

The one-day camp encourages adults to get outside for lawn games, arts and crafts, archery, sack races, whiffle ball home run derby, volleyball and Mad Libs. Also generous snacks, wine and beer tastings. Each session is topped off with a pig roast from Hood’s BBQ. For more info, go to chaddsford.com/pages/chaddsford-adult-summer-camp19


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