UAL: Now Sporting Navy-Blue Uniforms

Flight attendants and other members of the United Airlines team are all spiffy in Navy blue with new working apparel. Considering the recent flap about Cap'n Crunch showing only two stripes when a USN skipper would have four, the UAL employees are satisfied strutting around as real cool two-stripers.

New York NY: Turner Classic Movies Hop On Film Tour PDF Print E-mail

It’s a bus excursion that visits famous Manhattan locations where many of the most memorable movie scenes were shot. Remember Miracle On 34th Street, Saturday Night Fever, Home Alone, The Godfather, Midnight Cowboy, Taxi Driver and scores of other masterpieces filmed in the Big Apple.

On Location Tours offer behind-the-scenes peeks at favorite classic filming locations in New York City. Your savvy guide gabs and quizzes as you experience more than 60 famous sites. For schedules, prices and other info: onlocationtours.com/tour/tcm-classic-film

J’Accuse: Now It’s TV’s Tom Brokaw The Groping Scofflaw PDF Print E-mail

Of course, many oft-told tales about Hollywood casting couches and lay-down&get-promoted-up movie careers are true. However, as more and more women jump into the spotlight with their lawyers, just maybe some are faking it for the money. It seems every day a celeb royal is led to the financial guillotine.

And, of course, the media gobble up and spread it across their pages and screens to try to save their fast-fading paid subscription lists. It’s no longer innocent until proven guilty in the media kangaroo court. Now, it’s the dirty old guy groped me 20 years ago, so let’s behead his big fat bank account.

If Your Destination Was Frustration, Let Others Know PDF Print E-mail

It’s fair to seniors who plan to visit that place or use the service to tell them your true story on social media. It could be failed airline schedule, dangerous streets, overpriced hotel or city square full of pickpockets. Also, amusement park too crowded, upscale restaurant served downscale food and/or creepy cruise ship. Check out customer complaints on online review sites, including TripAdvisor and Yelp.

USA Today Lists Safest Places In Mexico For U.S. Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Along with the usual negative reports and the recent hotel death of a family of four from carbon monoxide poisoning in their room, Mexico is losing U.S. tourists. Of course, Mexico is usually no more dangerous than other world destinations, such as NYC, Chicago or Los Angeles. Or Rome, Rio or Paris. For senior world wanderers, regular safety rules always apply. Stay alert, especially at night, preferably not alone and keep valuables secure. www.usatoday.com/picture.../destinations/...safest-places-in-mexico.../3336266...


Brit Hotel Survey Only One US Hotel On It’s Best In The World List PDF Print E-mail

According to the Daily Mail report, “over 1.19 million genuine hotel reviews have been submitted by Travel Republic customers since 2006, with customers scoring the hotel based on location, quality of room and service.”

Nine of the listed 34 hotels are in Spain. The lone US one is the Hard Rock in Orlando FL. Also only one in England, the 30 James Street Hotel, Liverpool, and one in Ireland, Riu Plaza The Gresham in Dublin. Hmmm. It seems none of those genuine reviewers have ever been to New York City, San Francisco nor Las Vegas. Source: Travel Republic Hotel Awards 2018dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-5634049/Best-hotel-UK-named-30-James-Street-Liverpool


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