San Diego CA: Fern Street Circus Brightens Airport

The unfunny political circuses are over in Cleveland and Philadelphia. So, if your travels take you to San Diego International during the next three months, you can enjoy some real circus fun.

While you’re stalled in a long security line before your flight, or waiting for your luggage after landing, relax and watch the show. Enjoy clowns, jugglers, acrobats and other performers as they make your anxious airport experience more pleasant.

Denver Airport Gargoyle Greets Arriving Passengers PDF Print E-mail

He responds to questions about flights and provides several humorous moments to those who need relief from the stresses of air travel. Of course, some slight artistic additions by your travel4seniors.com editor to the monster’s appearance could give him broader powers, such as spouting long speeches, making world peace and building immigrant-proof border walls.

USA Today: Senior Travelers Be Kind To Springbreakers PDF Print E-mail

The online advice covers situations when hyperactive young people in your resort hotel make ear-splitting noise at 3 am. It says don’t get mad, just politely ask them to quiet down.

Then, the report predicts, they’ll comply and be all quiet, sober, friendly and respectful to mature you. This may have been possible a couple of generations ago, but don’t expect it today. The kids now are there to have fun, and are sure to ignore old codgers griping at them.

If you have upcoming travel plans to visit cities notorious for spring break mobs of youngsters, the best thing to do is change them. Do some online research to see if you’ll be in popular party locations, such as Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Padre Island and other destinations for youngsters. Simply make other schedules and fondly remember you were young once. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/advice/2019/03/01/spring-break

Should John Wayne Airport Be Renamed? PDF Print E-mail

Orange County, California, is all juiced up. Along with all nationwide demands for hauling down Confederate statues, a new controversy has popped up. Politically-correct activists demand John Wayne’s statue disappear from the 40-year-old airport.

It seems allegedly racist and homophobic remarks the actor made many years ago are now totally unacceptable. So, don’t act like that mean old Western movie hero. Be careful what you yell when you attend a Washington NFL game. When a football player falls down, don’t be like a bigoted John Wayne cowboy and loudly cheer: Another Redskin bites the dust!

Airport Comfort Dog Causes Severe Wounds To Child PDF Print E-mail

A pit bull emotional support dog recently mauled a five-year-old’s face at the Portland OR airport. She had moved close to him when the sudden attack happened. 

The dog was stressed by airport noise, crowds and confusion, resulting in the unexpected reaction. Your travel4seniors.com editor was also hurt recently in a similar incident. When I stroked the head of a costumed dog during a noisy holiday street parade, he quickly bit my hand. It caused a large, deep bloody wound that required many stitches.

Lesson learned? In your travels, always be careful about petting comfort dogs in airports and elsewhere with large crowds, loud noise and other stressful conditions that could frighten them. Be friendly, but keep a safe  distance.

Retiree Prefers Final Days In Holiday Inn To Nursing Home PDF Print E-mail

Unless we’re hit by a car, catch a fatal disease or drink/eat/smoke ourselves to death at a younger age, we all must face the inevitable decision. Unable to handle daily life, we or our family decide to stash us in a nursing home.

However, in these days of never-ending inflation, a semi-private old folks room there costs an average of $7,500 a month. Just 30 years ago when my mother needed that care, it was $450 a month. Prices have gone up just a teeny bit since then. So recently, when a Texas guy hit his golden years, he priced nursing home vs Holiday Inn living he had experienced in many years of travel. 

Every senior wanderer is familiar with Holiday Inns. Costs for similar accommodations at one are $1,900 a month, plus advantages of private room and bath. When you’re a Holiday Inn resident, there’s another plus. Instead of other old people coughing and rasping in next-door rooms, the motel wall offers more interesting sounds from amorous one-nighter younger customers.


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