Fly To Mars: Agency Seeks Senior Married Couple

According to CNN, the Paragon Space Development Corporation may hire a husband and wife to be on the first manned (and womanned) journey to the Red Planet. Still in the early planning stages, the space flight would happen in 2018.

The planners may look for a senior couple as volunteers, because Paragon scientists fear radiation and other space hazards would have negative effects on young travelers’ internal organs. That means the travelers would have to be beyond childbearing age.

With new technology, the 70-million-mile roundtrip would take just under two years each way. So far in the plans, there would be no landing on Mars, just a brief orbit of the Red Planet, the total requiring the couple to be away from Earth for almost 48 months.

Old traveler’s response: Four years is a hell of a long time to be away from the grandkids, senior discount at IHOP and the TV soap operas.

Best Season For Seniors To Book Flights And Hotels PDF Print E-mail

Early autumn is when kids return to school and adult workers get back to work. It’s when the greedy travel business needs to drop prices to lure retirees. They call it the shoulder season, so now is the time to get another part of your body, the cushy one below the shoulders, up and out.

The internet is full of deals for September and October flights, hotels, resorts, cruises and other travel-related bargains. For example, there’s the new Flight Hacker Guide. It not only lists best prices, it also keeps you up on the most advantageous days and nights to book reservations. For more info, go to kayak.com

Two Alaskan T-Shirt Pedalers: Optical Illusion? PDF Print E-mail

When your travel4seniors.com editor shot this moment in Juneau, I thought it portrayed two travelers on two bikes. Then, when looking more closely at the photo, it reveals they were on a bicycle built for two. OK, so I’m half crazy looking for Daisy, Daisy?

Road Scholar: Free Airfare With Senior Portugal Adventure PDF Print E-mail

Seasoned travelers are invited to experience traditional Portuguese art, architecture and agriculture in 2019. The program includes visits to a royal palace, winery, farm and much more. Explore exotic Lisbon and other Portuguese destinations. Prices start at $2,399. For schedules and complete info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/22984/Great-Global-Get-Together-in-Lisbon/dates

Myrtle Beach SC: Cussing Could Get You Jail Time & $500 Fine PDF Print E-mail

If your travel plans include Myrtle Beach, be careful with your words. Considering all the extremely foul words we endure these days in night clubs, movie houses and on cable TV, this oceanside town law is like a breath of fresh air.

Your travel4seniors.com editor did active Navy duty in two wars and am certainly familiar with curse words, and maybe spouted a few of themlf when people were trying to kill me. Also, I’ve experienced filthy utterances from pioneer cursers including Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryer, Sarah Silverman and other stand-up toilet mouths.

So, maybe the Myrtle Beach cursing ban is a step back to more gentle, articulate speech times. Profane language there is a misdemeanor disorderly conduct offense by city ordinance, and offenders face a possible 30 days in the town jail and/or a fine of up to $500.

Senior RVers: Autumn Overnight In Enjoyable Surroundings PDF Print E-mail

Similar to the popularity of Airbnb, where travelers stay in private homes, Harvest Hosts offer RVers similar deals. For an annual membership fee of $49, you can click in to park your rig for an evening at a winery, farm, colorful garden, forest, museum, historic estate and other interesting destinations. For info, go to harvesthosts.com


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