Paris: Proposed Napoleonland Amusement Park

Attention all you fans of theme parks! Now some French business investors have proposed Napoleonland to compete with Disneyland. If they can gather the $300 million necessary to fund the project, they’ll build it just outside the capital city of Paris.

Can you just imagine some of the rides? How about the retreat from Moscow in 1812? Will visitors get to dress in French army uniforms and trek a thousand miles through the snow?

Then, there could be the reenactment of the Battle of  Waterloo ride. Visitors can choose to be victorious British soldiers or Napoleon doing another retreat job. Let’s not even talk about the naval battle of Trafalgar and dressing up like Admiral Nelson.

Seriously, although Napoleon suffered many defeats and ended up a prisoner on the island of Elba, we wish the French business leaders success. It could make for a very interesting theme park to bring back some of the glory which was Napoleon’s France.

American Airlines Pilot Arrested For Being Drunk PDF Print E-mail

According to news sources, he was pulled from his flight in England’s Manchester Airport before scheduled take-off for Philadelphia. This has happened before, and if you’re ever a passenger in the same situation, here are some clues to listen for when you hear the captains’ announcements:

All passengers fasten your chastity belts
The attitude will be very high, but not as high I am right now
This flight is headed for some place I can’t remember
I just got slapped for explaining the word cockpit to a stewardess
Damn service dogs! I just slipped on something in the aisle
Be kind to that sloppy drunk in the next seat. He’s my drinking buddy.

Shout Aloha To Clean Air: Hawaii May Ban Cigarettes PDF Print E-mail

Next time you visit the beautiful island state, you may notice the air is brighter and more fragrant. The suggested state law sounds like a bad joke or misprint. It recommends a gradual increase in the minimum age to buy cigarettes from the current 21 to age 100, to go into effect in 2024.

How many addicted smokers live to 100? They typically cough out their final moments by age 60 in a cancer ward. Further, in your wanderings, can you just see a group of eager centenarians lined up at the Honolulu drugstore counter to buy cigarettes for their 75-year-old kiddies?

Actually, with many other states making lots of tax income from legit marijuana, it isn’t likely a Hawaii cigarette ban would cross the ocean into other US areas any time soon. So, on your next trip to Hawaii, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. Or just cough and find some clean air to breathe.

Amsterdam, Holland: Keukenhof Tulip Festival PDF Print E-mail

The famed Keukenhof Gardens are open from March 21 thru May 19 this year. If your springtime travel plans includes the Netherlands, be sure to put this beautiful experience on your list.

Your travel4seniors.com editor had the pleasure several years ago. We happily arrived on the last day of March, just when tulips in the gardens and nearby landscapes had burst into blossom. The 2019 theme is Flower Power, and when you’re surrounded by millions of red, orange, purple, yellow, white and blue blossoms, you’ll get the powerful message. For daily schedules, events, entry fees and other info, go to tulipfestivalamsterdam.com/keukenhof

Hollywood CA: Stagger Through The Museum of Death PDF Print E-mail

It’s right on the busy tourist path of Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. If you like such gruesome subjects, it features morgue photos and videos of famous dead people and infamous crime scenes.

When visiting, enjoy the exhibits, but except for special promotions, selfies nor other photos are permitted in the museum. Admission is $17, and for info on special events, visiting hours and other data, go to www.museumofdeath.net

Get Easy Access Electronic National Park Passes PDF Print E-mail

Hopefully, the government shutdown mess has passed. This season’s visits to America’s wonderlands should be trouble free. And even more accessible for tourists to get in electronically.

When you’ve made your plans, buy a pass online for $35, print it out and store it on your smartphone. At your arrival, Rangers will scan the pass and you’re on your way into the park. For detailed instructions and other info, go to YourPassNow.com


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