New Taiwan Hotel Rooms Are Miniature Casinos

Gone are the days of the one-armed bandit and other coin-operated mechanical machines. Today’s casinos feature all kinds of electronic slots that give you colorful displays while taking in many of your paper dollars. However, things they are a’changing!

The newly opened, five-star i-Hotel  in Taouan claims to be the world’s first total e-gambling mecca. Each guest room is equipped as a mini-casino, with two multi-purpose computers featuring electronic versions of the traditional casino slot machines, as well as fun computer games, movies and regular TV programs.

There are also computerized gambling machines in the super-modern hotel lobby and other areas of the luxury destination. Quoted room rates are listed from about $50 a night.

Amsterdam: Do Fake Wedding With All The Trimmings PDF Print E-mail

For about $100, curious tourists can experience a simulated marriage ceremony in the capital city of The Netherlands. It comes with all the trimmings, including flowers, wedding dinner, flowers and confetti.

However, there’s no promise of a steamy wedding night to follow. Except maybe later in the city’s infamous Red Light District. www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/travel/060619/marry-a-local-for-a-day-in-amsterdam

Here We Don’t Go Again: U.S. To Cuba Travel Ban Back On PDF Print E-mail

It has happened for various reasons, primarily because the island’s Castro government is Commie. President Trump has reinstalled a law again that no ships, rowboats nor planes carrying U.S. citizens may dump them ashore in Cuba.

The decision raises political questions, because the ban doesn’t apply to Americans visiting Commie Russia, China, North Korea and Vietnam. However, now as it was during the previous ban, Americans who want to visit Cuba can avoid the problem. They just sign up to cruise or fly from Canada, Mexico and other countries. Or maybe on a neutral rowboat paddling the 106 miles from Key West to Havana.

Downtown LA Homeless : Reconsider Visiting In Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

Possibly worse than the same problem in San Francisco, Los Angeles street-living population figures are a staggering 59,000. The obstructed once-beautiful streets and parks make walking difficult, and at times dangerous to residents and visitors.

Over the last decade, the city’s homeless growth has been a steady 10% annually. The reasons, other than the traditional mental and addiction illnesses, include lack of job opportunities and grossly overpriced apartments and homes.

So, if your travels require you to walk through the homeless streets of downtown Los Angeles, be careful. Also, if you want to help the unfortunate people, instead of handouts, it’s best to donate to agencies set up for the job, including the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Prepare For Crowded, Frustrating Summer Air And Road Travel PDF Print E-mail

Shakespeare’s Richard III could’ve said it: Now is the summer of our discontent. According to news reports, this season could be the busiest in years. There are not too many options for senior travelers to do about the situations, but be prepared to deal intelligently with them.

First, get your electronics up to max effectiveness. Stock your smartphone with the latest services, including hourly flight info, alternative travel routings, government regs and med emergency sources. Schedule at least crowded times, such as red eye flights and post-midnight highway driving.

Road Scholar: Remember Winston Churchill On The QM2 PDF Print E-mail

Recall the story of the great British statesman as you study his life and work during a luxury Queen Mary 2 voyage from Southampton, England to New York City. Program No. 23191RJ is for 13 days at prices starting at $4,499 per person, with airfare included in some offers. There are scheduled to be five of the Churchill programs during 2019 and 2020, the next from August 17-29, 2019.

In England, tour where he was born to his American mother at Blenheim Palace. Also visit his Chartwell estate and burial place at St. Martin’s Church in Bladon. Go underground in London to see the Churchill War Rooms and Museum, as well as tours of Westminster Abby and the Imperial War Museum.

For full info, go to:www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/23191/Churchill-s-Finest-Hour-A-Transatlantic-Voyage-on-QM2/dates


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