Detroit MI: Zombie Amusement Park Proposed

Detroit has many attractions, including the Henry Ford Museum, Motown Museum, Zoo, Detroit Institute of the Arts and several upscale casino-hotels. But, with the downturn of the economy, the city has not been high on the list of vacation destinations.

Now, someone in Detroit has come up with an idea to build something that could resemble a haunted Disney amusement park. Tentatively called Z World, it would be inhabited by spooky features and creatures from currently-popular films and TV programs featuring zombies. 

The most interesting and oddest part of the proposal is that the theme park’s setting will be based on stark reality. It would be built on what is now the most blighted, rundown area of the financially- and socially-troubled city. The zombie theme will fit right in with what has become a poverty-haunted war zone. The promoters believe Z World will bring jobs, repairs, new construction, visitor money and many other benefits into an area that badly needs as much help as it can get.

For more information, go to zworlddetroit.com

Los Angeles CA: Lions, Tigers And Giraffes, Oh My! PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor recently went neck-in-neck with this tall, friendly zoo resident. Located in Griffith Park, not far from downtown LA, the animal kingdom is worth a visit when you’re in town, especially if there are little ones with you.

Entrance fee for adults is $21, seniors $18 and kids $16. If you want to feed, snuggle and shoot a selfie with a giraffe, it’ll cost another $5. General parking is free. For scheduled events and other info, go to LAZ.org

Austin TX: Texas Isn’t Usually Where You Go For Seafood PDF Print E-mail

When you dine deep in the heart of Texas, you expect traditionally hearty beef and pork dishes along with all the other cattle round-up campfire specials. However, at the annual Austin Oyster Festival on February 27, shelled crustaceans and other ocean specialties are celebrated.

Enjoy all choices of oysters, including raw, grilled, fried and roasted. Also dine on crab, lobster, clams, tuna, salmon and other seafood dishes. Wash them down with varieties of craft beer, while enjoying live Bluegrass and Cajun music. austinoysterfestival.com

Q: In Cruise Ports, OK To Buy Meals From Street Vendors? PDF Print E-mail

We’re taking our first cruise that includes port visits to cities along Mexico’s West Coast. We love Mexican food, but friends warn us not to eat pre-cooked foods on sale from local carts. What’s your opinion? MAF, Troy NY

A: As a general rule, your friends are correct. You don’t know the ingredients nor how long the cooked food has been sitting out in the tropical sun. Don’t take a chance on illness that will spoil your cruise. If you want to dine on local ethnic food, look for carts that prepare it while you watch, or dine at a local restaurant.

San Francisco CA: Noise Pop Festival Features Eclectic Music PDF Print E-mail

It’s a combination of contemporary music with other art forms. Noise Pop runs from February 19 through the 28th, and delights attendees with  concerts, film screenings, visual art galleries, gourmet food, bars and other cultural experiences.

You’ll delight in the views and sounds of such musical stars as Magik Orchestra, Japanese Breakfast, Palehound, Girlpool, Oso Oso, Bat Bangs and many more. For schedules, ticket prices and other info, go to lineup.noisepop.com

Face Recognition Will Speed You Thru Airport Check-In PDF Print E-mail

New biometric advancements have already been tested, and soon make boarding your flight quicker. Several major airlines are testing advanced security check-ins with special electronic kiosks.

When in general use, you won’t need printed tickets nor passports to freely get through security without the usual slow inspections. Just pre-registration, a pleasant smile and pre-recorded image should do the trick.


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