Flying Nuns Accused Of Sinning $500,000 Into Sin City

Two senior California nuns are in trouble for absconding with church money in large amounts over ten years of flights to Las Vegas. And the flashy town didn’t earn its evil nickname by holding religious services in its gaudy casinos. Hey, brother, is that a sister sitting at the next slot machine?

Obviously the nuns didn’t wear their habits at the casinos, but did have the bad habit of stealing and betting church money in Sin City. Charges are not yet reported, but you can bet there will be some fervent pleas offered heavenward. Of course, we traveling seniors will continue praying religiously as we invest our pension money at Las Vegas casinos.

Christmas In Las Vegas Features Exciting Seasonal Displays PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to Las Vegas this month, you'll find the hotels all gussied up for the season. Be sure to bring your camera and creative ideas to the Bellagio. The resort’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens are great to visit at any time of the year, but at holiday season it’s an experience not to be missed. And it’s free!

There’s a giant Christmas tree and colorful decorations on the permanent collection of exotic plants and trees. The theme is Majestic Holiday Magic, hosted by Santa and the lifelike image of Queen Bellisima. She rules her castle, flanked by costumed guardsmen and many friendly animal figures.

When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do: Behave Yourself! PDF Print E-mail

With the year-end holidays upon us, many seniors are planning December flights to historic cities, including the Italian capital. The Vatican, Roman museums and other local areas will offer Christmas and other celebrations.

If Rome is in your plans, be aware of tourist rules and obey them. Unless you want to pay large fines or find yourself in a Roman prigione, here are a few suggestions. Don’t fight imaginary gladiators in the Colosseum, bathe in the Trevi Fountain, jump around on the Spanish Steps nor drop in at the Vatican for a visit with the Pope.

Welcome Holiday Gift For A Wandering Senior Gourmet PDF Print E-mail

Along with worldwide contemporary dining options, the website eatwith.com offers a unique way of offering some holiday cheer. As your friend or family member travels the world, you can provide one or more gourmet dining experiences to be enjoyed where and when the roaming happen.

For example, give a gift card of value starting at $75 for a favorite café in Paris, a beachside restaurant in Honolulu, a Chinese feast in Hong Kong, a family eatery in Venice or wherever travel is scheduled on the person’s itinerary. The gift is good for one year. For more info, go to www.eatwith.com/landings/gifts

Scooters Are Sidewalk Dangers To Strolling Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

This unposed photo by your travel4seniors.com editor illustrates how the no scooters on sidewalk sign is ignored by thoughtless riders of the grown-up kiddie toys. While adult and child walkers are trying to avoid racing scooters, they may stumble over a stack of abandoned ones spread across the sidewalk waiting for new reckless riders.

City scooters are supposed to be limited to 15 mph on the street, but single racers and mindless groups of them go much faster illegally on sidewalks. So, in your city travels, if you’re an elderly and physically challenged hiker, be alert for speeding scooters racing illegally on sidewalks and busy street intersections.

Old Sailor: Cruises Today Just Ain’t What They Used To Be PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor remembers my first cruise. It was on a Navy transport APA during WW2 in 1944. Slightly different from today’s sailings with private cabins, shuffleboard and elegant dining. Back then, I snoozed with 100 other guys in four-high bunks, and lined up for chow slopped on tin trays. And when not swabbing the deck or standing watch, I was on the crew of a 20-millimeter anti-aircraft gun.

Since retirement, your travel4seniors.com editor has sailed on dozens of cruises, including USA rivers and oceans in Asia, Europe and the Americas. And not once did I have to swab the deck nor load anti-aircraft guns. If you’re thinking of cruising, whether a first sailing or 100th, scan today’s attractive ads online and in Sunday newspapers. Shake your landlubber legs and enjoy traveling the winding rivers and  ocean blue.


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