Airline Future: Engines Will Be Full Of WHAT?

Instead of gasoline, they’ll fly on BS? It shouldn’t be too surprising, because we suspect the U.S. Congress is fueled by the same substance. All members and most other politicians around the world seem to soar above the rest of us while handing out the stuff endlessly.

Realistically, a recent UNESCO report claims aviation engineers are now working on creating a cost-saving fuel derived partially from cattle manure. So far, several experimental aircraft energy substances could include a mixture of the familiar barnyard deposit, body heat from on-board passengers and electric current.

Additionally, this conjures up the offensive ingredients in the sayings of greedy oil cartel sheiks and international fuel monopolies. It may also be the cattle waste words you’ll think of saying to your friendly neighborhood gas station owner as he keeps jacking up the prices.

Should Heathrow Name Be Changed To Churchill Airport? PDF Print E-mail

The famed British airport first opened as Great West Aerodrome in 1925. It had been a wheat field in the small town of Heathrow near London, thus the name. However, through the years since, suggestions have urged the government to name airport in honor of wartime prime minister Winston Churchill.

Other historic leaders have major airports named after them. They include  Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, two Kennedys, Charles De Gaulle, Louis Armstrong, John Wayne, Bob Hope, John Lennon and others. Hmmm. Wonder when will someone suggest the Donald Trump International Airport?

That’s The Spirit! Wider Seats And Cheaper Fares! PDF Print E-mail

Spirit Airlines recently put new seats, bigger tray tables and new cabin colors on one of its Airbus planes. Plans are that eventually all of the company’s flights will offer the same.

The upgrades are part of Spirit’s "Invest in the Guest'' program. Other new features will include Wi-Fi and self bag check. According to company ads, the upgrades are intended for increased comfort and to attract more passengers to fly with the low-cost airline.

Be Aware Of Growing List Of Where You Can’t Travel PDF Print E-mail

As the world gets more dangerous, American wanderers are officially banned from venturing to potentially dangerous destinations. The most recent list includes Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, Venezuela and North Korea.

If you’re considering making plans for this year, before you commit to reservations that involve ground and air travel into or through forbidden countries, be sure they’re not officially banned to U.S. citizens. apnews.com/753968e412fab06e6fb8180e7ac98d47

No More Ladies And Gentlemen, Welcome Aboard! PDF Print E-mail

Maybe now as you arrive at your airline seat, you’ll hear: “Hey, stupid! Get your big old butt settled in so we can take off!” Seriously, low-cost carrier EasyJet crews now greet boarding passengers with gender-neutral language.

The British airline is training them to use more contemporary greetings than the traditional "ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard.” Other airlines, including American and United, are also encouraging flight and airport crews to make their customer greeting language more individualized. Example: Have a safe, enjoyable flight, Mr. And Mrs. Jones.

Carnival Cruise Line Bans Carnal Clothing On Cruisers PDF Print E-mail

Showing too much skin in an eenie-weenie bikini at the ship’s pool has always been a no-no on the cruise line. Now, because of the creative variety of t-shirts available, passengers are also forbidden those with offensive words and/or graphics. So, you obscene ¥†ƒ∂†, on your next ¥†ƒç∫µ Carnival cruise be sure to wear modestly designed µ∫÷ shirts.


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