Uber May Beat Taxi Fares At Many Major Airports

According to SmarterTravel, the savings could be surprisingly good. For example, the average taxi fare from Heathrow to downtown London is $85 vs $39 on Uber. From Las Vegas it’s $43 vs $19, and Miami $39 vs $18. Almost makes you think of old times when rates were reasonable.

So, before you jump into a taxi when leaving home and after landing at the airport, plan ahead to contact Uber for an economic ride. And if you speak a bit of German, say billige Fahrt über alles. Despite what you may think, it actually means: Cheap taxi ride above all!

Dublin, Ireland: See Oscar The Famed Rock-Reclining Poet PDF Print E-mail

While touring the friendly town, pay your respects with a free visit to Dublin's favorite son, Oscar Wilde, in Merrion Square’s beautiful Iveagh Gardens. He’s facing across from his former home at 1 Merrion Square. Be sure to get there in daylight, because the park’s iron gates slam shut at dusk.

Robbery Prices: Summertime And The Gypping Is Easy! PDF Print E-mail

The distorted Ira Gershwin lyrics from Porgy and Bess certainly apply this year. Every crook from greedy Middle East oil producers to your friendly neighborhood gas station owner is out to rob you at the pumps.

In addition to loudly cursing out the station owner each time you need to gas up, the only way you can fight back is to use less of the stuff. Do local errands on foot and bike. On driving vacations, plan them closer to home, or just stay home. Also, when a car trip is necessary, get together with car-owning friends, neighbors and family to share the ride. And when you need a new car, consider an all-electric.

Are Seniors That Stupid? Travel Pricing $99 And $.99 PDF Print E-mail

Example: One cruise line advertises its 100+ day around the world cruise for $22,999 per person. Of course, “price based on double occupancy and not including taxes, fees and port charges”.

Hey, senile sailor, you can sail on that bargain voyage with your cabin mate, but with those and unadvertised add-ons, you’ll each have to shell out $30,000. Or at least $29,999.99. Before booking flights, cruises and other vacation packages, demand the actual total out-of-pocket prices you’ll have to pay.

Keep Visual Travel Memories Alive With A Virtual Scrapbook PDF Print E-mail

Do you often look through your family photo scrapbook to relive days at school, family holiday gatherings, amusement park visits and other important happenings? While spending senior years traveling with your smartphone, it’s easy to create an electronic creative record of your trips.

You, friends and family members will then always have it in future years to relive those happy times. Check the internet for sites that offer design and technical instructions. Learn how to compose, display and, if in your plans, print your virtual graphic creation into an old-fashioned paper scrapbook.

London UK: Chelsea Flower Show Events May 19 Through 26 PDF Print E-mail

Eliza Doolittle, who sold flowers in Covent Garden in My Fair Lady, probably wouldn’t be part of this year’s Feel Good Garden theme. Maybe the title seems a bit too close to the current Hollywood casting couch publicity. However, for visitors, including flower-loving American senior tourists, wouldn’t it be loverly to experience this colorful celebration. 

It’s the 105th annual gathering of the best and brightest Royal Horticultural Society creations. For locations, schedules, events, tickets and other info, go to  www.chelseaflowershowtour.com


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