Denver Airport Adds Cat To Traveler Dog Therapy Crew

It’s about time. While friendly dogs are doing great in soothing the nerves of anxious airport passengers, purring cats can also serve in the same capacity. The first feline joins Denver’s CATS: Canine Airport Therapy Squad.

Brown with black tiger stripes and white muzzle is Xeli, pronounced zellee. The soothing cat is available for stroking, hugging and sharing selfies with passengers and families of all ages.

Use The Airport Restroom Before Boarding Your Flight PDF Print E-mail

Get to the airport early enough so your innards will be ok when it’s time to board. On a short flight, you won’t have to visit the teeny airplane john. Also, during a longer flight, you won’t need to hop up and down in the aisle while six people wait in line ahead of you at the onboard toilet.

Amsterdam, Holland: Be Enlightened At The Light Festival PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the festive city at any time, especially nights, between November 28 through to January 19, 2020, enjoy the holiday event. Many areas of the city center are decorated by groups of creative electricity artists from around the world. For schedules, prices and other info, go to amsterdamlightfestival.com

Holiday Travel: Book When Cheapest And Least Crowded PDF Print E-mail

Do you want to be sitting in the airport instead celebrating with the family? Try to be happily at the holiday dinner table, instead of wearily climbing out of your flight when Santa’s climbing down chimneys?

Be a savvy senior traveler by pre-holiday booking when airports and aircraft are least crowded and tickets lowest priced. Fly at night on red eye schedules, and mid week instead of holidays and weekends. Before making air travel plans, continually check online schedules and with travel agents for the best deals.

Q: We Were Considering A Winter Trip To Mexico, But…. PDF Print E-mail

The senseless killing of American children by drug cartel criminals has made us reconsider. What do you recommend? PJL, Baltimore MD

A: Of course, you can’t blame that horrible crime on the entire nation. Check out offers of some very attractive Mexican winter vacation locations. You should go, but as with any travel schedule, always be sensible about personal safety. As for the evil Mexican cartels, they wouldn’t exist if millions of stupid U.S. drug addicts would stop buying their products.

Pearl Harbor, Honolulu: USS Arizona Memorial Reopens PDF Print E-mail

After more than a year closed due to extensive repairs, the partially-submerged battleship will once again welcome visitors. A shocking moment in U.S. history was when Japanese aircraft sank the ship in the infamous sneak attack on December 7, 1941.

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day, along with all who served in our wars, we remember and respect the 1,177 Navy crewmen who were killed in the Pearl Harbor attack. For info on visiting the USS Arizona Memorial, go to www.hawaii.com/oahu/attractions/arizona-memorial


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