Thailand: You Could Do A Year In Jail For Smoking On The Beach

Have you ever settled down at the seashore, picnic in the park or outdoor restaurant, enjoying the fresh air? Then some inconsiderate future lung cancer patient came by puffing on a stinky cigarette or stinkier cigar. Fortunately, there’s hope for non-smokers, because more and more areas of the world are beginning to ban smoking.

The government Thailand just imposed a non-smoking ban on its 20 beautiful beaches. Other countries around the world are doing the same. It isn’t just the bothersome smell causing the bans. Discarded butts cause environmental damage, pollution and drainage problems. Of course, when a smoker falls asleep with a lighted cigarette in hotel rooms, forests and other vulnerable locations, the disaster is much worse than unpleasant smell.

Ryan Air Plane "Sheriffed" For Not Paying Back Loan PDF Print E-mail

Years ago in Great Depression days, the widowed mom of your travel4seniors.com editor had the family furniture repossessed for failing to pay a bank loan. Because city sheriffs served the notice, she called it being sheriffed.

A similar fate happened to a recent Ryan Air flight scheduled to depart from Bordeaux, France, to London UK. There were 149 passengers aboard who were unceremoniously kicked off the flight, and had to return to the airport and make other plans. There is no information about whether the loan company repossessed all the aircraft seats out of the sheriffed Ryan plane.

Cruises And Hotel Bookings: Always Ask For A Free Upgrade PDF Print E-mail

Senior wanderers who speak up while checking in may save some money. If you’re a bit devious, casually mention that you or your companion is marking a 65th or other significant birthday. Your plea could also be that you’re celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary. You can also try the newlywed routine, but if you show wrinkles and grey hair, that ploy may not work.

If the cruise ship or hotel isn’t fully booked, the check-in clerk can usually opt to give you a free upgrade to a larger cabin or suite. It may also get you complimentary champagne or chocolates on your pillow on the first night. And just maybe a free buffet for two at the dining room. Your ploy may not work, but it’s always worth the attempt.

Opinion: Enjoyable Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor recently spent some time in one of the most enjoyable airports in the world. For savvy senior wanderers, the words enjoyable and airport rarely go together.

Most terminal experiences are filled with frustration, delays, incompetence, bad food, scowling security, unruly mobs, dirty waiting areas and other annoyances. Happily, I found Hong Kong to be totally different. My fave European airport is Amsterdam’s Schipol, but as good as it is compared to US terminals, Hong Kong is one step closer to perfect.

Wandering among  the upscale shops, bright outdoor plazas, welcoming eateries and comfortable resting areas is pleasant. Security check-in is efficiently quick, as well as picking up bags after flights. Management brains at US airports should take some lessons from HKG.

California Dreaming Now Smoky Wildfire Nightmares PDF Print E-mail

If your travels include some smoke and fire affected areas of the state for at least the next week, be aware of restrictions and dangers in place or possibly evolving. Although the record-breaking fires are not directly in the most heavily-populated cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, you may encounter breathing problems there from increasing smoke-filled air.

If you don’t cancel your visit, try to avoid the heavy air pollution by staying indoors as much as possible. If you need to be outside for more than a few minutes, wear a medical face mask.

USA Today: China World’s Most Popular Travel Stop By 2030 PDF Print E-mail

First of all, considering that two funny haircut fat world leaders have their itchy fingers on nuclear buttons, our planet isn’t guaranteed to be still here in 2030. However, according to the news service, and if no one pushes the devastation button, the trend is that China will attract the most tourists.

The prediction is that the Eiffel Tower in Paris, gondolas in Venice, Times Square in New York and the Hollywood Walk of Fame will all fade in glory. Meanwhile, Tianimen Square and the Great Wall of China will take over as the top world visitor attraction.  And, of course, there will be those seeking restaurants serving Peking duck.


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