Lonely Planet: Top English-Speaking In Europe

The list includes those where senior American tourists can usually find someone who understands the language. In order of ability, they are the Netherlands, Denmark.  Sweden, Norway, Finland, Singapore, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany and Poland.

The language problem elsewhere in the world is fading due to tech advances. Before embarking on your next journey, ou can load new languages on your smartphone. Use them for quick references and interpretations when you find yourself in a land where English isn’t spoken.

Basic Eating Rules For Hungry Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor enjoys gelato in Torgau, Germany. Fortunately, this did not the result in belly ache or other frequent tourist ailment. However, many senior travelers who eat local foods too often get sick because of mystery ingredients and/or lack of cleanliness.

Overeating is another cause of stomach problems, also consuming food that has been sitting in the sun too long. If you want to sample street food, watch the vendor cook your portion as you observe. And be careful of unfamiliar ingredients, such as unfamiliar seafood, dog, cat and those that affect your allergies, such as milk intolerance and spices.

St. Petersburg: White Nights Festival Russia In Midnight Sun PDF Print E-mail

The former capital city of the czars celebrates springtime warmth and longer daylight hours. Festival events are scheduled from late May to early July. Included are the Stars of the White Nights ballet and opera performances. Also fireworks, live music and much more. wnfestival.com

Agra, India: Taj Mahal Often Hazy In Thick, Choking Smog PDF Print E-mail

One of the world’s most popular tourist attractions gets thousands of visitors daily. However, when your travel4seniors.com editor was there recently, the shrine was barely visible in thick smog.

Other cities in India also suffer the same auto-emission pollution, including Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta. If heavy smog is a particular danger to your senior health, and India is on your travel plans, be prepared. Take medicated face masks for long periods of exposure, and do touring in air-conditioned cars and buses.

Yee, Haa! San Antonio TX Celebrates Its 300th Birthday PDF Print E-mail

Commemorative Week in the old mission town will happen from May 1 to 6. On May 1, 1718 the Mission San Antonio de Valero, later called the Alamo, was dedicated. And you all remember what happened at that famed fortress. During the tricentennial week, visitors will enjoy entertainment, sports, arts, food and many other fun happenings. For prices and updated info, go to www.sanantonio300.org

70th Anniversary Of Founding Of The Nation Of Israel PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to Israel at this historic time, you’ll be aware of many events this month celebrating the anniversary. On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency and first president, declared "the establishment of a Jewish nation to be known as the State of Israel.” Among the many events will be Pat Boone in concert, opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and many other entertainment and cultural programs.


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