Mamounia Hotel reopens in Marrakech Morrocco

After a long restoration and makeover, one of the greatest hotels in the world has reopened.  We have been to Marrakech and spent time there, it's truly a life changing experience.   Here's a great article on the new changes from AP.

Q&A: Best Time To Cross Mexican Border To Tijuana? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We plan to drive from San Diego into the Mexican border city to meet with friends. We’ve heard from recent U.S. visitors who said they had to wait three or four hours to get through the border police hassle. What’s your advice?

A: It’s similar to planning a trip to any big city or airline flight. A crowded time at border stations is any weekday six to eight am and four to 6 pm, when people need to cross in both directions to get to and from daily work.

The most crowded is from about 10 am Saturdays and 6 pm Sundays, when tourist traffic is heaviest. Those hours are often made even slower because of time-consuming security and legality checks on items and people going into the US. Of course, be sure you have all necessary ID with you, and are not taking any banned liquids or other materials.

New York NY: Visit Shorakkopoch Rock in Inwood Hill Park PDF Print E-mail

The big stone commemorates the alleged spot where in 1626, the leader of the New Netherlands Peter Minuit in 1626 “purchased” the island of Manhattan.

He got a pretty good deal from the Mohawk and Lenape tribes. It cost the shrewd Dutchman a trunk full of trinkets and beads “then worth about 60 guilders.” At the time, where Inwood Hill Park in lower Manhattan is located today, lived Native Americans who called themselves Reckgawawang.

Osmonds Mark 50 Years In Las Vegas With Full 2018 Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Would’ja believe it? Young Donnie celebrated his 60th birthday this month. And former teeniebopper Marie is 58. Donnie has five sons, Marie has eight kids, with both boasting scads of grandkids. Marie, ever youthful and beautiful, still makes those TV weight-loss Nutrisystem commercials.

Their show, most likely containing A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock n' Roll, offers tickets starting at $95.

Senior Flyer: What To Do When In-flight Fight Breaks Out PDF Print E-mail

Today’s air travel is hectic enough without crazy antics by passengers making it worse for other flyers. It seems to be in the news all the time. Recently, a woman passenger ran up and down the aisles threatening to kill everyone. Another happened when an already soused passenger got violent when the attendant refused to give him a drink.

Statistics indicate the situation is reaching shocking levels as air travel gets more and more stressful. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports a 50% rise this year for bad in-flight actions, including verbal abuse, sudden anger and actual injury-threatening scenarios.

Phila PA: See Our Most Patriotic Relic For Free PDF Print E-mail

Even in 2018, some of the most significant relics of American history won’t cost you money to admire.  At Philadelphia's Liberty Bell Center, you’ll get close to the famous ringer, with Independence Hall just a short walk away. While there, watch the 10-minute presentation about the Bell’s history, including how the famous crack happened.


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