FFRF: Request No More Bedside Bibles At Hotels

You may come up with your own F words to describe your opinion of the anti-Bible organization. It actually means Freedom From Religion Foundation. And it’s mad as hell!

FFRF has contacted thousands of major hotel and motel chains with the request that the traditional Gideon Bibles be taken away. According to FFRF, the books in each room are offensive to guests who are non-Christian.

For more than a century, Gideon International has placed millions of the Bibles, printed in many languages, in travelers’ hotel rooms throughout the world. Has anyone on either side of the argument yet suggested replacement books of inspiration? How about these titles:

This Hotel Also Rents Rooms By The Hour
Many Fascinating Varieties Of Hotel Bedbugs
How To Stuff Sheets And Towels Into A Small Suitcase
Boring Kardashian Stories To Put You To Sleep Fast
Guest In Next Room Just Drilled Peephole In Your Wall

Moody Los Angeles CA Metro Rail Station PDF Print E-mail

Candid shot by your travel4seniors.com editor. If wanderings take you to the City of Angels, you may find The Rail transportation system the most convenient and least expensive to get around the sprawling city.

It includes six lines, two rapid transit subway (B and D) and four light rail lines (A, C, L and E lines), totaling 93 stations. Fares are $1.50 per ride and $5 for an all-day pass.

Las Vegas NV: Homeless On Sidewalks Growing Problem PDF Print E-mail

If Sin City is on your travel plans, be aware of possible encounters with ragged people and beggars. You’ll see them night and day on popular tourist sidewalks including downtown Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip). Many live in tents on parking lots, lawns and alleys. Some actually camp in storm drains under popular Strip hotels.

A new city law now is intended to reduce the problem with fines and forceful removing of homeless from the streets. There are also various relocations to city-run shelters. However, on your next visit to Sin 
City, be aware that the problem on the streets is not yet solved. www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/13/las-vegas-homeless-sleeping-ban-no-lodging

Rio de Janeiro: Will Infamous Virus Affect Famed Carnival? PDF Print E-mail

Preparing for Carnival, to fill the city streets from February 21 to 26, more than a million visitors will celebrate the event. However, the "Marvelous City” must deal with the growing worldwide medical problem.

If your travel plans include the Brazilian event, take all personal precautions to avoid possible health issues. Be careful when mixing with crowds, take a mask and medical kit with you, and seek medical help if you begin suffering symptoms of the virus. Reuters news.trust.org/item

Q: I'm Worried! My Dad Invited Family To Tokyo Olympics PDF Print E-mail

Very wealthy, he’s also very generous, with summer trips over the years we took to England, Norway, Italy and France. We were all excited about Japan this year until the coronavirus epidemic is causing us to reconsider. What do you suggest? RLV, Houston TX

A: There is continuing bad news about the spread of the disease, especially in Asia, and unfortunately, including Japan. The problem could be solved quickly by convincing your dad to plan a family summer trip elsewhere.  Consider the Grand Canyon AZ, Honolulu HI, Malibu CA, Paris, France, Venice, Italy, or other location that hasn’t been hit with the deadly virus.   

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are scheduled from July 24 through August 9, so you still have plenty of time to discuss all the options with grandpa. Maybe unfair to Japan, but necessary, one question could be the most important. Do you want your Tokyo-bound family, especially if it includes vulnerable children, to possibly be exposed to what could be an even worse epidemic by this summer?

RoadScholar: Stroll & Sight-See America’s Most Historic City PDF Print E-mail

Walk Philadephia’s cobblestone streets where our democracy was born, as you explore one of America’s most historic cities. Visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House and much more.  Meanwhile, Billy Penn will look down on you from the top of historic City Hall.

The RoadScholor program No. 22406RJ features six days and five nights, starting at $1,299 per person, including hotel, meals, lectures and much more. Next on the schedule is from April 5 to 10, 2020. And be sure to enjoy imitating Rocky Balboa by running up the steps of the impressive Philadelphia Museum of Art, the alma mater (BFA ’51) of your travel4seniors.com editor. www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/22406/city-walks-exploring-philadelphia-s-neighborhoods


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