Wheel Around Sin City Cheap With Downtown Bike Share

Consider how costly, tedious and tough it is to travel in busy Las Vegas by taxi and bus. If you’re fit and rarin’ to roam, try wheeling around on a bike. For a 24-hour pass, the cost is just $8, about half the price of a one-way taxi or Uber ride. A three-day pass is just $12, and if you’ll be in town longer, a 30-day pass is just $20. Downtown and many other areas of the city have safe street bike lanes. For more info, go to bikeshare.rtcnv.com

Flying Nuns Accused Of Sinning $500,000 Into Sin City PDF Print E-mail

Two senior California nuns are in trouble for absconding with church money in large amounts over ten years of flights to Las Vegas. And the flashy town didn’t earn its evil nickname by holding religious services in its gaudy casinos. Hey, brother, is that a sister sitting at the next slot machine?

Obviously the nuns didn’t wear their habits at the casinos, but did have the bad habit of stealing and betting church money in Sin City. Charges are not yet reported, but you can bet there will be some fervent pleas offered heavenward. Of course, we traveling seniors will continue praying religiously as we invest our pension money at Las Vegas casinos.

Gas Fill-Ups During Holiday Road Trips May Be Cheaper PDF Print E-mail

Over the river  and thru the wood to grandmother’s house this season could cost less than in previous years. According to USA Today, average gas pump prices are falling. After skyrocketing into the $4 and $5 range for several years, it could hit a national average $2.40 this month.

The lowest rates are in Missouri, averaging $2 per gallon. Oklahoma and South Carolina were at $2.06. Of course, the state with the big highways and bigger costs of living, California gas is at $3.45 a gallon. Let’s just hope your grandmother’s house is in Missouri, Oklahoma or South Carolina.

Q: Should We Take Our First Trip To Sinful Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail

My spouse and I both retired from teaching last year, and for religious and other reasons have never gambled in a casino. We’re invited to speak at a convention at Caesars Palace next month. We’re tempted, but…. What do you suggest? TRMcD, Ogden UT

A: Unless your religion expressly forbids it, go to the convention. Of course, its called Sin City, but there are countless other things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling, and many are free. For example, check out Fountain Shops and art displays at Caesars, as well as downtown Fremont Street where there are nightly sky-filled lights, music and huge projected images.

There’s the Conservatory at the Bellagio Resort, with beautiful blooming trees and flowers, huge aquarium at the Silverton Resort and interactive art museums at the Cosmopolitan and City Center. And don’t miss the Statue of Liberty at New York New York and Grand Canal at the Venetian. And, if you have the time and interest, there’s much more to enjoy.

Bangkok, Thailand: New Super High Rise Makes Debut PDF Print E-mail

If your travel plans include visiting the enjoyable Asian capital, be sure to experience the new Iconsiam. The super-modern building features nearly two million feet of upscale luxury department stores, restaurants, entertainment and 379 luxury skytop condos.

More continuing developments of the building complex along the city’s Chao Phraya include an IMAX movie theater, museum, gardens, art exhibits and many other innovations.

Make Virgin Space Flight Your Ultimate Senior Journey PDF Print E-mail

You’re old, and you’ve seen it all from Bangkok to Bermuda to Brussels, and you don’t have much more time left on this planet called Earth. So, what the hell! Sign up for a 2019 space flight with Virgin Galactic’s SS2.

After a training program, the 90-minute trip will carry crew and passengers 50,000 feet into Earth’s stratosphere. Ticket prices are a mere $250,000 each, but think of it as what a way for a seasoned senior to go heavenward while undeserving relatives get fewer inheritance bucks!


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