Sr. Sailors: Couple Celebrates 200th Carnival Cruise

According to USA Today, during the past 15 years, the retirees cruised annually on Carnival ships involving about 880 days, adding up to 2.5 years at sea.

That’s about the same amount of World War 2 time your travel4seniors.com editor spent in the U.S. Navy. Of course, it isn’t likely anyone was shooting at the seagoing seniors while they were on the briny. Nor did they have to fire anti-aircraft guns, scrub the decks or clean up the mess hall.

Pot Museum: As If Las Vegas Isn’t Self-Destructive Enough PDF Print E-mail

Gambling, booze, buffets. Sin City’s aim, in addition to relieving you of all your money, seems to be to help shorten your life. No sleep for hours in smoke-choked casinos, unlimited booze and stuffing your gut at lard-loaded buffets. All guaranteed to kill you before surviving those three score years and ten.

Now, Sin City visitors who wish to spend a smoky shortened life, can go downtown to Fremont Street and visit Cannabition. Marijuana has been legal in Nevada since 2017, so museum visitors can indulge in all kinds of cannabis history, products and paraphernalia. For museum schedules, fees and other info, go to cannabition.com

Stockbridge, MA: Enjoy Norman Rockwell Museum Exhibit
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With a BFA from the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, your travel4seniors.com editor is very opinionated about art. Illustrators are the real, honestly traditional artists. I’ve admired Rockwell since student days. I believe in traditional art skills, not random paint splashes nor copies of photos printed on canvas.

The Stockbridge exhibit, which runs through October 28, will also feature his traditional contemporaries Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth. Featured are more than 60 works and 300 digital representations. For more info, go to www.nrm.org

Three Ways To Try For The Lowest Airline Ticket Prices PDF Print E-mail

We daily see all kinds of advice in airline ads and by online travel experts. Savvy senior travelers may get some benefits from reading them. However, the basic reality is that airlines are in business to make money, and they do everything possible, usually in sneaky words, to get you to pay more for that temporary seat in the sky.

The basic ways you can attempt to keep some of your money are: buy tickets online directly from the airline, study details of ever-changing airline ads for days before you buy and/or deal with a trusted hometown travel agent. With all the obvious and sneaky airline add-ons, you’re very likely to pay more than you want. However, you can at least have the satisfaction of doing your homework.

Enjoy Autumn Pacific Northwest Columbia River Cruise PDF Print E-mail

Get your cameras ready for sailing by all the forest and flower colors on the American Queen riverboat. Emerging from Vancouver, experience visits to the ports of Astoria, Stevenson and the Dalles, where Lewis and Clark expeditioned in October 1805. See the Columbia Gorge, Bonneville Dam and stroll the Riverwalk in Astoria. For schedules, prices and more info, go to www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com

Offer Your Help In Carolina Flood Ravished Areas PDF Print E-mail

You can join volunteers in the affected Carolina areas with clean up, repair and other necessary tasks. Also, contribute financial support to agencies, including Red Cross and Salvation Army, to fund the emergency tasks of aiding those in need. Check with your local chapters of the agencies to learn how your help can be most effective.


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