Airports: Most Major U.S. Terminals Now Smoke Free

According to USAToday, 27 of the 35 busiest American airports now ban smoking. Now, if they’d only consider banning body fondling by airport security, flying could get a bit more pleasant again.

Fort Bragg CA: Mendocino County Crab, Wine and Beer Festival PDF Print E-mail

The annual celebration of the Dungeness crab is celebrated from January 19 through February 28 in various Northern California locations. Events include a crab cake cook-off, seafood specialties, wine competitions, music, silent auction, raffle prizes and other celebrations. Visitors can dine on steaming bowls of Cioppino, cooked with Dungeness Crab and other fresh local seafood.

U.S. State Dept. Warns Tourists About Five Mexican States PDF Print E-mail

The do not travel message includes Colima, Michoacan, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas and Guerrero. The popular tourist port of Acapulco in Guerrero, is now considered the murder capital of Mexico. The official warning compares the dangers to those now in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The very specific message concludes: “Exercise increased caution due to violent crime, including homicide, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery.” Much of the violence is due to drug trafficking gangs competing for distribution in Mexico and the USA.

Las Vegas NV: Consumer Electronics Show Offers Dogged Suitcase PDF Print E-mail

On your next flight or cruise, would you like the convenience of a no-hands suitcase that follows you around? Instead of needing to lug it, you can cue it digitally to perform like an obedient, all-seeing Fido on an electronic leash. They’re similar to the growing trend of small electronic carts with cameras that follow delivery guys on neighborhood sidewalks from restaurants and stores.

The CX1 is made in China, and cost with be announced later in year as the product goes on sale.  Question: Does it get ticklish when airport security gropes its belly?

Singapore: Like San Francisco Without The Crime & Litter PDF Print E-mail

Consider a visit to the freaky clean Pacific city just 18 hours non-stop away from Los Angeles on United from about $650. It’s expected that over 15 million tourists will go to Singapore this year. Most are from Asia, but many American travelers are discovering the combination Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong and Paris set in Oriental splendor.

Founded 200 years ago as a British colony, Singapore is now an independent state. Shopping at its many exclusive stores is the best in Southeast Asia. Dining at its scores of upscale restaurants include menus from China, India, France and many others.

The botanical gardens, are among the most varied and beautiful in the world. With the average January and February summertime weather at 80º daytime and 65º nights, wandering through the parks and window shopping are not to be missed by senior travelers. And for those of us who’ve experienced Paris, New York and Los Angeles, Singapore is squeaky clean. There’s no graffiti, trash and the well-patrolled streets are safe for day and night strolling.

Animal-Loving Traveling Seniors Can Stay For Free! PDF Print E-mail

As hotel rates continue to jump from grossly overpriced to outright robbery,  many savvy seniors look for other options when they roam. There’s airbnb.com, where you can find private city and beachside homes that rent out to traveling families for $100 a night. They include several bedrooms, kitchens, pools and other comforts that would cost a family of four $600 nightly and more.

Along with Airbnb’s growing success, a similar service is now available, named TrustedHousesitters, It requires guest travelers to take care of the homeowner’s pets during their stay. There’s no charge by the homeowner, but it involves an annual, one-time membership fee. It’s $119 each for the homeowner and the visitor.  For $148, you can sign up as both homeowner and visitor.


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