Casino Bus: Be Sure It's Safe Or Find Alternative

With several casino bus accidents within just the past few days in California, there are growing concerns about their safety. CNN recently revealed info about the U.S. Department of Transportation shutting down over 50 unsafe private bus companies nationwide.

With more casinos opening throughout the country all the time, seniors who like to gamble often go aboard those types of buses.The bus companies are paid by the casinos, so usually the come-on is a free round-trip ride, plus free gambling money of $10 and up. 

If you’re planning a casino bus ride, before you sign on, make sure the company has established currently updated and clear safety records. Also consider alternatives. For example, contact a local limo service.

Hey, Smoker. All On You Stinks, Including Your Attitude PDF Print E-mail

I recently took a non-stop flight from JFK airport in New York to LAX Los Angeles. It was a red eye. and because there was no smoking allowed, I settled down flat in my expensive first class section seat to a pleasant all-snooze, five-hour overnight flight.

No such luck. The rumpled passenger in the nearest seat to me was obviously a heavy smoker. As with most tobacco addicts, his clothing, skin, breath, hair and everything else had the heavily obnoxious odor. I didn't get much sleep on that flight.

Advice to tobacco addict travelers: Before you fly or use other public transportation, shower, wash your hair and wear clean clothes. And if you have to wait in the airport for your flight, don’t smoke before boarding. In other words, be considerate of those who are not addicted to the stinky habit.

Amsterdam, Holland: Visit And Sample Tasty Fockink Booze PDF Print E-mail

I know I can get in Dutch for using that distorted f-word. However, if your travels take you to the capital city of the Netherlands, be sure to add the Wynand Fockink distillery on your fantastic visit schedule.

The popular destination has been producing excellent beers, liqueurs, wines and other drinking products for nearly three and a half centuries. For Fockink prices, hours and other info, go to wynand-fockink.nl

Air New Zealand: Drink In-Flight Coffee, Then Eat The Cup PDF Print E-mail

The Kiwi airline has introduced an unusual new sipping system that will not only be enjoyed by passengers, but also help the environment. The new edible, biodegradable coffee cup reduces waste while adding tasty, chewable munchies.

Airline officials say they’re continuously looking for more eco-friendly options. How about passengers dining on delicious flight tickets, tasty earphones, stewed seatbelts or marshmallow pillows?

Mexico City: Drivers Ignore Red Lights And Traffic Cops PDF Print E-mail

Q: We were planning a trip with a senior church group to warm Mexico this month. It’s mostly touring the capital city. We’re worried now because friends told us to stay away. They say walking the streets, day and night, is just too dangerous for we slower, older tourists. What do you say about it? JJL, Miami FL

A: It’s true that Mexico City may sometimes be dangerous to the elderly tourist. Traffic can be very heavy and less orderly than in U.S. big cities. Also, there are young street criminals, and the physically-challenged are often prime targets. However, if you follow all safety and traffic rules, it’s well worth the visit for the colorful entertainment, local foods and city sights.

Warning: Airbnbs Are Economical But May Be Vulnerable PDF Print E-mail

Senior wanderers, after sightseeing, dining or shopping, sometimes find their city hotel rooms have been burglarized. It can also happen when travelers choose to stay in an airbnb private home. A recent report of one such example was in Niagara Falls NY. The couple left the home for several hours to tour the surrounding area, and when they returned they realized their valuables and smartphones had been stolen.

If you’re planning a trip where you’re booked to stay in a hotel, airbnb or other overnight destination, take sensible precautions to prevent loss of valuables. Keep them in your room safe or front desk hotel security. If you’ll be staying in an airbnb, ask for a closet there with a door that key locks for storing valuables when you’re not there.


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