Southwest Offers Live Inflight Music In The Aisles

Now passengers trapped in their squished economy seats will now be serenaded by musicians wandering along the aisles strumming and singing. With all the technical miracles predicted to imitate reality, how soon will it be when a virtual Sinatra will magically appear before senior Southwest passengers to croon, Come Fly With Me? And Peter, Paul and Mary belting out, Leaving On A Jet Plane.

Miami FL: Haul Your Bare Butt Over To Haulover Beach PDF Print E-mail

With winter already taking over in much of the Eastern USA, and you plan to visit Miami to get away from it all, consider a nudist experience. The clothing optional state park in Miami boasts one of the most popular public nude beaches in the U.S.

The nude beach area was recently updated with new bathrooms and shower stalls. There are food trucks, as well as beach chairs and cabanas to rent. The nearest beachfront upscale hotel is the Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbor, about a 15-minute walk to Haulover.

Many Chain Eateries Offer Discounts To Senior Diners PDF Print E-mail

Whether in your hometown or on the road during this busy holiday season, you’ll need to stop for a bite or two. When you get the bill at a fancy or fast-food restaurant, always ask the key question: Is there a discount for seniors?

Here are just a few that may respond with some money-saving answers: Subway, Friendly’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Whataburger, A&W, KFC, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Sizzler and Country Kitchen.

Las Vegas NV: Lo Mejor De Los Burritos Mexicanos PDF Print E-mail

Take some time from grooving and gambling away your family fortune to enjoy a South of the Border feast at Pink Taco in the Hard Rock Hotel. Order the Ultimate Burrito, deliciously stuffed with over three pounds of pulled chicken, pork, beef, refried beans, rice, queso, guacamole, crema, pico de gallo and lettuce. Cost: $24, but unless you’re a cerdo, it’ll feed at least three family members, your dog and cat.

Shoot Creative Photos & Videos On Your Next Trip PDF Print E-mail

If Warhol and other so-called artists can make millions of bucks on soup can photo copies, you can shoot niftier scenes while wandering the world. Remember the good old days when you had to buy film and reload your camera after 36 shots? Now there’s no film, more sophisticated cameras and endless opportunities for creative photo results.

Do a few selfies, but mostly seek out interesting moments you’ll treasure for many years. While wandering through Zanzibar markets, Grand Canyon rocks or Paris boulevards, scenic opportunities are endless. Capture candid travel scenes that happen once and never again. Then, long after you return home, you’ll look at your photos and videos and repeat what Bogart said to Bacall: We’ll always have Paris.

Holiday Travel: Anger Gets You Nowhere From Here To There PDF Print E-mail

Thomas Paine wrote: These are the times that try men’s souls. Of course, if you remember your history, he meant battles of the American Revolution. The same phrase could apply to this year’s holiday season, when embattled travel schedules are as unpredictably revolutionary.

Of course, impatience and anger on the roads and in airports are normal human reactions to the frustrating holiday surge. However, even firebrand Thomas Paine would tell you that consideration and courtesy are the best ways to overcome the problems of holiday travel. When the inevitable airport and flight schedule messes happen during your holiday travels, you’ll be ready to explode at employees at the front desk, flight attendants and fellow travelers bumping you in the airport.

Before it happens, take a deep breath and allow yourself to calm down. Of course, the anger won’t help the situation at all. Smile and ask courteously how you can help solve the problem. To your amazement, this approach may actually get you on another flight or a better seat on the scheduled one you’re able to catch. 

The secret is to be patient, courteous and understanding during holiday air travel. Considering all the potential and inevitable problems, it’s not as if you have any other choice.


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