Las Vegas NV: MGM Grand Rooms Improve Health

We’re not lion when we say Vegas may not be healthy for your wallet. However, there’s a new upscale trend at the MGM Grand to make guests feel healthy. The lion-themed resort originally designated 42 rooms as individual health spas.

Now there are 171 upgraded spa rooms and suites offered as Stay Well accommodations. Designed by health expert Delos, the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Deepak Chopra, guests enjoy more than a dozen health enhancements.

Certain to help senior visitors after a tough day at the casino, they include long-wave soothing night lights, hypoallergenic bedding, Vitamin C showers, air purification and jet-lag easing energizing lights. Single room rates start at a modest $72 a night. For booking and other information, go to www.mgmgrand.com

Emirates Official Says Windowless Airplanes In The Future PDF Print E-mail

The airline’s claim is that they will be more fuel-efficient and safe from in-air glass breakage. Also, there will be fake windows that show continuous video screening of pleasant air and ground scenery.

Your travel4seniors.com editor has reservations about it. He enjoys watching the real take-off, in-air and landing scenery. Of course, if the fuel savings bring on lower ticket prices, he’s all for the fake windows.

Could This Gathering Be A Chorus Of Singing Artichokes? PDF Print E-mail

The delicious samples of cynara cardunculus var. scolymus are all lined up like a leafy choir at the famed Los Angeles Farmers Market. Cruise the many exotic food stands, novelty shops and enjoy sit-down dining.

If visiting on a Friday, indulge in the free evening music concerts, with jazz, soul, swing, Mexican and much more. It happens on the Market's West Patio from 7 to 9 pm.

Q: Just Retired & Ready To Roam. When Is Best Time To Travel? PDF Print E-mail

We’re thankful for the new freedom, but our pension income is very limited. We want to see the world, so how do we pay for it wisely? Mrs. LVL, Dallas TX

A: Your search for bargain travel deals won’t be difficult in this era of instant info. First, decide on general plans, including destinations and events that interest you. Then, work with a trusted travel agent and/or scan the internet daily for best packages.

Time of year and day of the week are important, because prices vary greatly. For example, a flight during busy Labor Day weekend could cost $400 round trip, but two weeks later only $100. A weekend visit to a Florida beach city hotel during Spring Break could cost $1,500 for flight, hotel and meals. The same package to the much quieter, less crowded destination may be as low as $500. Lower if you fly midweek.

Chicago IL: Frank Sinatra Sang About The Great Town PDF Print E-mail

The lyrics sum up what admiring visitors love about the city. The 1964 musical movie starred the Rat Pack, called Robin and the Seven Hoods, sort of a modernized version of Robin Hood.

Each time I leave, Chicago is tuggin' my sleeve.
Chicago is the Wrigley Building;
Chicago is the Union Stockyard;
Chicago is one town that won't let you down:
It's my kind of town!

No matter what the shady reputation these days, senior visitors love Chicago. See the city with the Hop on Hop Off bus. Stroll Navy Pier Amusement Park. Ride a boat on Lake Michigan. Do some great shopping and fine dining along the Loop’s Magnificent Mile.

Joining the restaurant crawl in Lincoln Park on June 13. A ticket to Cravings on Clark gets you samples from 20 Chicago restaurants and discounts at shops on Clark Street and Diversey Parkway, beginning at HopCat.

Four Easy Riders On Two Cycles Get Ready To Rumble PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com caught this scene with my daily roaming camera. After a munchy snack shop stop, it’s time for the riders to hit the famed Highway 66 as it winds thru West Hollywood, California, on it’s way to the Pacific Ocean beaches just a dozen miles away.


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