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An addition to the already-time-consuming passenger check-in process, a new security level has been installed at Syracuse Hancock International (SYR) and Atlantic City (ACY). If proven effective, it will soon be caging people at an airport near you.

They’re barred, glass-framed exit pods that hold individual passengers before they’re permitted to board flights. Security personnel guide them into the pods to be electronically body-scanned while recorded voices tell them to wait. Then a green light indicates the process is complete, and the cell-like pod door can be opened. Once travelers exit the detention pods, they must go to their flights or, if they wander back into the terminal, it’s necessary to experience the entire security process again. According to the TSA explanation, the pods economically replace some human security personnel who normally stand at the exit for individual personal searches.

Our advice to senior travelers going through airport security: Grin and bear and/or bare it! For more info, go to www.homelandsecuritynewswire.com/dr20131205-existing-airports-through-futuristic-glass-pods

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