Norwegian Air Offers $65 Fare From USA To Europe

OK, don’t get too excited. First of all, it’s the usual airline routine of advertising a base price. Then, with taxes, baggage, food, drink and other fees, the actual one-way, out-of-pocket cost is about $120. Of course, that’s still a fantastic bargain, with regular airline overseas prices starting at $500 and soaring skyward.

Also, the special low fare is for a limited number of flights only to and from several northeast US airports and destinations in Europe. And Norwegian may end the promotion at any time when bookings get heavier. For more info, go to www.norwegian.com

New York Times: Airline Seats May Get Even Smaller PDF Print E-mail

The news source reveals that those chortling airline planners are designing the rows to be even closer and the seats narrower. As if any seasoned citizen coach ticket flyer isn’t already squeezed into the sardine can spaces. However, next time you want to get the lowest price ticket and enjoy more butt room, here are some ideas for making it a comfy flight.

Book an aisle seat. There’s more room to stretch your legs toward the empty aisle area once the flight begins.

Go red eye. Schedule your flights for evening or later. They’re more likely to have some empty cheap seats, allowing you to stretch out into two or more spaces.

Road Scholar: New York Theater Senior Group Experience PDF Print E-mail

Experience Broadway drama and musical performances, and meet and greet directors and actors. Walk the Great White Way, stand at Times Square and ride The Big Apple’s subways.
The program is five days, and includes four nights at a Manhattan hotel and nine meals. Prices start $1,299 per person for Program No. 11921RJ. Reservations are from mid-November 2017 through 2018. For more info: www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/11921/the-best-of-theater-in-new-york-behind-the-velvet-curtain

Q&A: Advice Sites Fudge Truth By Xing Bad Reviews PDF Print E-mail

Q: Before we make travel plans, we check latest customer comments on travel advice websites. We won’t name them, but recently we’ve heard one refused to publish negative reviews and reports of physical dangers to travelers. Do the sites censor complaints because it means lost income to their client hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other travel businesses? Mrs. TLM, London UK

A: Of course, the main incentive for all in the travel industry is to keep tourists and cash coming in. Several years ago, your travel4seniors.com editor awoke after a night in a Las Vegas hotel to finding the bed infected by biting bedbugs.

UA To Offer LA-Singapore Lonnngggest US Airline Flight PDF Print E-mail

United is planning an 8,700-mile, non-stop flight schedule between Los Angeles and Singapore. If you booked it, what would you do to pass the 18 hours in the air? Some suggestions:
Go to the bathroom five times.
Tell your unfortunate seatmate your life story.
Watch Gone With The Wind four times.
Listen to Wagner’s Die Meistersinger opera three times.
Read 1,225-page book War And Peace by Leo Tolstoy.
Send nasty emails to all of your worst enemies.
Watch every episode of Lucy, Seinfeld and Raymond.
Drink and/or sleep into unconscious stupor.

Okinawa, Japan: Island Secrets Of Living Healthy To Age 100 PDF Print E-mail

Guest Traveler PLF, Skokie IL: In April 1945, my Navy troop transport put Marines ashore on the island to fight the final, bloody battle of World War 2. By the time it ended in June, Germany had already surrendered and Japan would quit just a few months later in August.

Horrendous numbers of dead and wounded in the Okinawa campaign were more than 100,000 Japanese, including civilians, and 50,000 American military. As bad as in any battles in European war.


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