Sleep Pods: Coming To Your Airport Soon?

If you’re old enough to fondly remember Pullman sleepers, WWII troop trains and Navy transports, you’ll love the new airport sleep pods. The teeny little bunks are popping up in terminals all over the world. They’re a welcome convenience for passengers who have long waits or delays, and want some basic privacy and to lie down in comfort until their flight.

Asian airports have been using sleep lockers for many years, and now others in London, Moscow, Philadelphia and Dubai are making the pods available. Some are literally stacked little horizontal spaces not much bigger than check-your-bag lockers, and a bit smaller than the old Pullman sleeper bunks. Others are tiny rooms with a bed, closet and wash station, some with private toilets and shower stalls.

The sleep pods rent for as much as $30 per hour, about what you’d pay for a full night in a cheap motel room or hostel. Of course, because they’re right there in the airport, they’re much more convenient for waiting and stranded passengers. For more information, go to yotel.com or sleepbox.com

Speedy Bandits On Bikes Commit Ride-By Cell Phone Grabs PDF Print E-mail

All too frequent street crime headlines: bike thieves swoop up tourist cell phones. When walking, especially in a big city, it can happen to you. Top targets of the thieves are distracted senior tourists wandering the streets cluelessly pointing and shooting selfies and other scenes.

You can prevent it happening to you by keeping your phone secure in a fitted case with a strap wrapped around your wrist. When not pointing and shooting, don’t walk around with it loose in your hand. Keep it in a buttoned pocket.

Cruise Ships Really, Really Hate To Sail With Empty Cabins! PDF Print E-mail

You’ve decided on a cruise, had a price quote from the cruise line and are ready to pay for it. Hold on to that money until you can check out ways to sail that voyage for less, sometimes much less!

Look online for discount booking companies, such as www.vacationstogo.com, and seek out better deals. The best are usually for last-minute sailings, where the ship is scheduled to leave the dock in just a few days, and some cabins are not yet booked. It’s especially good for retired seniors who are always prepared to grab an already-packed bag, fly to the port and go aboard just before sailing time. Bon bargain voyage!

Psychiatrists Say Too Much Bad News Can Make Seniors Sick PDF Print E-mail

According to some learned shrinks, all the ever-increasing travails of seniors are affecting their health. They say every hour of every day now fills our minds with shocking news of natural disasters, wars, politics, suicide, crime and other negative brain drains. How can we, especially seniors, cope with it all?

The best solution for staying mentally healthy is to get out and get going to keep your aging brain filled with new and exciting travel adventures. Grab a flight to England and have tea and biscuits by London’s Trafalgar Square. Sail to a Caribbean island and enjoy the music, beaches and tropical themes. Get star-struck in Manhattan’s Broadway theater district and see the latest plays. Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris or just hit the nearest beach with your grandkids.

When Shopping For Air Fares, Seek Out Senior Discounts PDF Print E-mail

For example, Southwest offers senior deals on most flights, but sometimes they may not be the lowest you’ll actually pay. For instance, SW periodically offers special fares with a three-day deadline. If you’ve already bought a ticket earlier for the same flight, the price you paid could be $100 or more higher. Keep daily checking, and if the flight is later advertised at a lower rate, contact SW or your travel agent. Ask to get the credit applied for a future SW flight.

Emirates Official Says Windowless Airplanes In The Future PDF Print E-mail

The airline’s claim is that they will be more fuel-efficient and safe from in-air glass breakage. Also, there will be fake windows that show continuous video screening of pleasant air and ground scenery.

Your travel4seniors.com editor has reservations about it. He enjoys watching the real take-off, in-air and landing scenery. Of course, if the fuel savings bring on lower ticket prices, he’s all for the fake windows.


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