IKEA plans 100-hotel budget chain in Europe

The first thought may be that one feature of a budget IKEA hotel will require guests to put together their own beds from an IKEA do-it-yourself kit. Not make UP the beds, but literally make a bed, as we do when we buy IKEA furniture. Just joking, because IKEA management has emphatically stated that the new hotels in Europe will have no IKEA furnishings.

The rooms at the IKEA hotels, which expect to start accepting guests within two years, won’t be quite as luxurious as a royal suite. However, according to official information, they will offer attractive furnishings, budget room prices, bargain restaurants and all the modern trimmings.

My Tourist Camera Blocked At The Sistine Chapel In Rome PDF Print E-mail

Q: On a recent visit to see Michelangelo’s masterpiece I pointed my camera at the beautiful ceiling. Suddenly a guard’s hand blocked it, scaring the hell out of me. What are the rules? TFB, Chicago IL

A: The no photo rule in the chapel is because cameras disturb the religious setting for other visitors. Also, when there are flashes, the bright light can damage the fragile old artwork. Other world art on display, such as in London’s Westminster Abbey, have similar no photo rules. So, when visiting any famous old site, be sure to know where to keep your camera lens closed.

Santa Barbara CA: Courthouse Rooftop Tour Offers Vistas PDF Print E-mail

If you roamings include the beautiful California coastal city, be sure to bask in 360º views of the city, sunny beaches and surrounding ocean. When you take the rooftop tour, you’ll be hosted by local volunteers who offer historical, architectural and other current information. While up there day or night, you may also witness one of the frequent weddings, anniversary celebrations or colorful holiday events.

Report: San Francisco Pays Big Salaries To Excrement Experts PDF Print E-mail

There has been lots of negative publicity lately about the homeless situation in popular city tourist areas. One of the most offensive problems is human poop on the sidewalks. So, in your next visits to the City By The Bay, whether walking night or day, always watch your step!

Another bit of news about the dire situation there is that San Francisco has hired clean-up crews to swoop in daily to clean up the poop. And even more shocking, it’s reported that they are paid as much as $185,000 annually to do the dirty deeds! Of course, that info could just be a lot of crap.

If You’re Stranded In Dulles The Night Before Christmas… PDF Print E-mail

Or at any other time. The Washington DC airport now offers comfy beddy-bye roomlets to passengers who must spend time there during the holidays and beyond.  The Sleepbox area is available for booking from a one-hour nap to overnight sleep.

The Sleepbox site is between airport gates A6 and A14, containing 16 small, stand-alone sound-proofed rooms, with access to public bathrooms. They can be reserved by Sleepbox website or app. Hourly rates are from $25 and $35 per hour. All through the nights are from $120 and $150, depending on size and upscale features. Of course, there’s no charge for snoozing on an empty bench or quiet hallway in the airport waiting area. For reservations and more info, go to www.sleepbox.com

Would You Two-By-Two Ride The Ark From Holland To Israel? PDF Print E-mail

So far it’s just a thought, but after five years of building an exact replica of the Biblical vessel, plans are to set sail in an actual ocean voyage. Dutch architect Johan Huibers believes Israel is the proper historic destination for the new Ark.

Since Noah’s large family, as well as the all kinds of animal couples, lived aboard the original Ark, there should be plenty cubits available for passengers and other creatures on the new Ark. According to the Bible, after it rained 40 days and 40 nights, the voyage lasted a year. Would you sign up for the new sailing?

If so, consider these questions:
Will you book my cabin next to the smelly elephant cabin?
Will the ship’s pool be open to animal passengers to swim?
On it’s long voyage, will the Ark’s menu include beef and poultry dishes?
Since the Ark doesn’t have sails, will passengers have to row?
When the long voyage is over, how much do I tip the Noah and his crew?


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