San Francisco CA: Airport Valet Service Available

Are you old enough to remember Jeeves, the super-competent, snooty butler of P.G. Wodehouse stories and movies? A new service is available for travelers at SFO, and for a fee, an all-knowing Jeeves-like butler can help them with all requirements related to flight schedules and other needs.

Called Airport Butler, the services include personal security, fast check-in, airport escort and ground transportation. They can also be helpful to passengers in wheelchairs and with other physical challenges. www.airportbutler.com

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Grabs More Tourist Money PDF Print E-mail

Will it be Double Dutch? Next time you visit this favorite foreign city of your travel4seniors.com editor, be aware. Politicians there will be taking more cash out of your travel pocket.

The charming city already has the highest hotel tax rates in Europe. And they will go higher. Of course, as in many world cities, that’s just the tip of the extra charges. So, when you see ads touting hotels for $99.99 a night, whether in the Dutch or other tourist city, that’s just the start of the real cost. With add-ons of local taxes, resort fees and other hits, consider your advertised room rate may be actually only about half of what you’ll really have to pay. www.cnn.com/travel/article/amsterdam-tourist-tax-increase

Los Angeles CA: Busiest Airport’s Arrivals Are Now Busier PDF Print E-mail

When you dash out the door at LAX, you won’t get immediate taxi or ride share pick-ups curbside. You’ll have to take shuttles to designated holding lots. Shuttles are every five minutes, adding another 15 minutes to your journey.

You can walk yourself and bags to a lot in about 20 minutes. Before you plan a flight that ends at LAX, contact your travel agent or airline for the best way to get a ride to your final ground destination.

Saudia Arabia Is Now Encouraging Tourists PDF Print E-mail

There are restrictions. Visiting women must wear schmattas. No drugs, no bikinis and no booze. In restaurants, no borsht, matzo ball soup nor chopped liver on bagels.

Visas will be available online for around $70, with no restrictions for unaccompanied women, previously the law. Access to the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina will be restricted. Sadly, you can’t find the Arabian theme any more in Las Vegas. The Aladdin and Algiers Hotels have been closed for years.

How To Report Effectively When You Have Travel Problems PDF Print E-mail

The recent sudden shut-down of the Thomas Cook company left many thousands of travelers stranded in airports, hotels, cruise ships and other destinations throughout the world.

It has happened before and will happen again, sometimes involving airline employee strikes, city street riots, stalled cruise ships, hotel fire or other reason. Of course, your immediate task is to get to your destination or home by the most effective way possible.

As soon as convenient, report the problem to your travel agent and the most active authorities. For example, your state consumer protection office, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and/or the local Better Business Bureau. www.usa.gov/travel-complaint

Trusted Travelers Use Global Entry and TSA PreCheck PDF Print E-mail

Too many world wanderers endure long waits to get through security these days. If you want to speed things up, consider joining Global Entry for an annual fee of $100 and TSA PreCheck for $85. You’re then labeled a Trusted Traveler, allowing you to avoid those long airport security lines at the airport. Go aboard flights without removing your shoes nor seeing your bag unzipped and contents flipped.


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