Retiree Prefers Final Days In Holiday Inn To Nursing Home

Unless we’re hit by a car, catch a fatal disease or drink/eat/smoke ourselves to death at a younger age, we all must face the inevitable decision. Unable to handle daily life, we or our family decide to stash us in a nursing home.

However, in these days of never-ending inflation, a semi-private old folks room there costs an average of $7,500 a month. Just 30 years ago when my mother needed that care, it was $450 a month. Prices have gone up just a teeny bit since then. So recently, when a Texas guy hit his golden years, he priced nursing home vs Holiday Inn living he had experienced in many years of travel. 

Every senior wanderer is familiar with Holiday Inns. Costs for similar accommodations at one are $1,900 a month, plus advantages of private room and bath. When you’re a Holiday Inn resident, there’s another plus. Instead of other old people coughing and rasping in next-door rooms, the motel wall offers more interesting sounds from amorous one-nighter younger customers.

Q: Should We Give Money To Street Beggars And Homeless? PDF Print E-mail

In our travels in New York. San Francisco and LA, we’re encountering more and more people asking for hand-outs. Is it OK to help them? LRM, San Jose CA

A: On the streets of popular tourist cities around the world, travelers are seeing larger numbers of the homeless. With continuing inflation, loss of jobs, illegal immigration and other current problems, more people are forced to live on the streets. For many, they see begging as the only way they can cope.

However, especially in the most popular tourist areas, be aware that not all people there are homeless. Some clever opportunists choose to make money by pretending to be poor. A recent news article reported a young street guitarist boasted of earning $1,000 a day tax-free on a choice New York City corner where thousands of tourists roam daily.

You can help the homeless more effectively if you don’t hand out money on the street. Donate to those organizations that deal with the problem professionally. They include the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other recognized charities. And when you give legally, it’s also a tax deduction.

Q: What's Best For Senior Travelers: Hotel Or Airbnb? PDF Print E-mail

Each time we book a favorite resort hotel over the past few years, the price jumps five, ten or more percent from the previous charge. Friends now tell us it’s much cheaper to stay in a private Airbnb home in the resort city. Expert opinion? NLR, Houston TX

A: The Airbnb explosion on the travel scene has been both good and bad. A positive scenario is when you’re traveling with a group of four more. An upscale private home or apartment with several bedrooms and kitchen can be considerably cheaper than hotel rates charged for several single rooms.

A negative is that in some popular world tourist cities, Airbnbs are being reduced or totally forbidden by local governments. The list includes Venice, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam and others. The reason is that travel agencies often book Airbnb homes and apartments to large groups of tourists, many young celebrants.

The results are loud drink and drug parties that spill out noise onto nearby Airbnb residences at night. If you want to explore the bargain appeal of Airbnbs, try to book one that won’t be a 24-7 adult playground for a mob of loud and loaded young people.

CNN Offers Many Traveler Testimonials For Future Flights PDF Print E-mail

Basically, they all give the same advice. If you want the least stress and the most satisfaction, get to the airport early. The times vary from 30 minutes to two hours, with a basic suggestion added. Be signed up in advance with one or more of the official early boarding permissions, such as Priority Pass. For more info, go to www.cnn.com/travel/article/airport-arrival-time-opinions

San Francisco CA: Fido & Fluffy Can Enjoy Hotel Luxury PDF Print E-mail

The historic Fairmont welcomes dogs, cats and other pet guests. For a $75 fee, they’ll enjoy mini-beds, water bowls, toys, tasty meals and other comforts.

During your visit, you and your pet may meet (but not eat) Lilou, a therapy pig who often stays at the hotel for special events. And for exercise, you and your four-footed friend can hike through a great city’s steep streets, parks, and maybe hop on a cable car ride.

Hollywood CA: Leader Escorts Bikers On Famed Streets PDF Print E-mail

Instead of hiking on busy sidewalks during your visit to the movie capital, consider signing up for a bike, e-scooter or bus tour. You’ll see much more of the local scenery as you zip along, and at the same time, get invigorating exercise. When planning your Hollywood and other US and world sightseeing trips, check out the various kinds of local tourist riding tours you can join.


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