New York NY: Less Subway Seats = Jammed Standers

Have you been on a NYC subway train recently? If so, you’re aware of all the continuing problems. Accidents, slowdowns, crime, vandalism, grafitti, unhappy riders, suicides. Now the beancounters of the MTA have come up with a brilliant plan.

They want to remove some of the seats so they can cram more standing riders into the already-jammed cars. Those brilliant MTA planners must have been talking to some of their dopplegangers in the airline industry.

If you’ve flown in the cheap airline seats lately, you’ll realize the spaces have been reduced to where your legs are pushed up against your chest. And the flatulent fat passenger in the seat next to you has suddenly spread into your lap.

San Francisco: Hotel Nikko Is Kind To Our Four-Footed Friends PDF Print E-mail

When planning overnighter drives and flights with your pet, research onlline first to find a hotel/resort/motel that allows them. Then, when checking in, find out all the services and extra costs involved for your pet.

In some situations you may be required to keep your pet in a hotel kennel during your stay. Also, there may be added fees for pet services. On the bright side, there may be special activities provided to make your stay more enjoyable for both you and your furry companion.

For example, if your visit will be in downtown San Francisco, consider Hotel Nikko. First, there’s an official canine welcomer named Buster. For $10 a night your pet gets a doggie bed, toys, tennis ball, food bowl and leash. For more info, go to www.hotelnikkosf.com/pet-friendly-hotel

Who Says There’s No Depth Of Creativity In Hollywood PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor captured an interesting landscape while hiking and photogging recently along Santa Monica Boulevard. The steep incline is on Olive Street in West Hollywood. It climbs steeply north to Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard and Walk of Stars, office buildings and beyond. Then higher above to the grossly-higher-priced little homes perched above on the Hollywood Hills. And, as the tall crane implies, there will soon be new little overpriced homes.

Los Angeles Airport: Take City Tour From LAX To Relax PDF Print E-mail

Many senior travelers must wait hours at LAX for connecting flights across the Pacific to Asia. They have a choice to spend many hours trying to find a quiet spot in the busy airport or enjoy a tour.

If your layover at LAX will be five hours or more, consider lacitytours.com. The cost is about $100. It includes strolling the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica beach scenes and up the hills to the Hollywood sign. There’s also a visit and lunch stop at the city’s historic Farmers Market. For more info and booking, check the website.

Q: OK To Pin A Fake Helper Badge On My Traveling Dog? PDF Print E-mail

I know I’m supposed to register Millie as an official emotional support dog. For the past five years, she’s gone everywhere with me as a daily helper. Now we’re both invited on a sea cruise next month with my church group. We have to fly to the seaport, and I’m worried the airline will not let Millie on the flight with me. What should I do? PPK, Branson MO

A: Because lately there have been too many air passengers who fake all kinds of animals with them as legit companions, airlines are getting more strict. You’ll be able to take Millie, but make it legal. First, check with your doctor to get written proof of your needing help. Also there are all kinds of internet info on how to legally register Millie, including: www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/aug/12/fake-emotional-support-animals-service-dogs

Women Fliers: Watch Out For Upskirt Foto Freaks PDF Print E-mail

For some reason, in addition to the increase in nutcase mass shootings, there are more and more news stories of other drooling idiots. They creep and crouch around to sneak snarky foto snaps.

They target women in dresses in airports, aboard flights and in busy malls. If it happens to you or a companion, don’t endanger your safety by confronting or taking a photo of the offender. Immediately report the incident to security or police.

Hmmmm, so on a future visit to Scotland, should your travel4seniors.com editor be extra careful of where I point my camera?


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