New Cruise Ship Powered By Dead Fish & Other Organic Waste

Jonah rode a whale and there’s the naughty British naval expression of riding the dolphin. Now Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten reports it will soon sail the first passenger ship powered by LBG. It’s a liquid fuel made up of organic sources from the sea and other waste products.

We can only hope that when the cruise gets underway, and passengers line the rails to wave farewell to those on shore, they won’t have to hold their noses. Seriously, unlike fuel oil and coal, the LBG ships will sail via emissions-free economy.

United Airlines Offers Cheap Basic Economy European Flights PDF Print E-mail

Remember those Iron Maiden torture chambers from the Middle Ages? It seems United has installed today’s versions of the ancient racks. The most crowded seats offer very basic comforts to go with the airline’s lowest cost fares. However, so far there’s no announcement that those flyers will be served only bread and water on their journey. OK, your travel4seniors.com editor is kidding, but if you go, prepare to be squeezed.

Senior Travelers Alert: The 2019 Flu Season Is Here PDF Print E-mail

It just adds its sabotage to weather delays, ticket price raises, strikes and other problems you’ll encounter while wandering the world. In your journeys this winter, the bothersome ailment will be looking to grab you. Try the intelligent health basics and you just could avoid the annual travelers’ plague this year.

Before packing, get a flu shot, your best weapon against catching the disease. If you’re traveling with companions, be sure they’ve also been vaccinated. You don’t want your schedules delayed or cancelled because sneezing cousin Millie’s temperature just spiked to 105, and she must be dragged off to a hospital.

On your travels, understand that the flu is very contagious. Be sure to wash up thoroughly after using public bathrooms, especially if you’ve been jammed in a crowd with coughing, sneezing and other obviously ill people. Use plenty of hot water and soap on your hands and face. If you have some with you, gargle a medicated drink each time you take a break.

And, sadly, exposure could cause you to catch the ailment. If it’s mild and you’re properly medicated, you may decide to continue traveling. However, if you do but find the symptoms getting stronger, consider canceling and getting back home for proper medical treatment.

Is This Little Guy Dreaming Of Traveling To Oz? PDF Print E-mail

And there to greet him just may be the Munchkins singing:
And in the name of the Lolly Pop Guild,
We wish to welcome you to Munchkinland.

Your travel4seniors.com editor's wandering camera caught this sweet scene not in mythical city of Oz, but while the lollypop kid was lollygagging at the famous Los Angeles Farmers Market and The Grove.

Selfie Sticks And Drones Won’t Break Your Travel Bones PDF Print E-mail

Despite all the modern photo inventions, some senior tourists still point their cameras and smartphones as if they were 1937 Baby Brownies. When you prepare for your next trip, consider buying and packing the latest in cameras, selfie sticks and drones.

Once you’re familiar with their tech, they’ll give you much more fun and quality ways to record your travel adventures. Instead of just posing for a still photo while standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, capture the video thrill of climbing the steps to the top. Then, creative you will show the folks at home you can still do it all!

Q: Is Rome The Pickpocket Capital Of Europe? PDF Print E-mail

We’re taking our first trip to Rome next month, and hear a lot of talk about theft problems, even thieves posing as police. My husband is worried about being scammed or robbed. What do you suggest? MLDiR, Bangor ME

A: Because there are so many tourists in the Italian capital city, it naturally attracts thieves. Pickpockets, packs of kids, fake officials and others blend in with the crowds at famous sites, especially St. Peter’s Square, so it’s easy to get close to victims.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your visit. Keep everything in buttoned or zipped pockets, including smartphone in a case with a strap. When shooting photos, be sure the strap is wrapped around your arm. Historic Rome is a great destination, so enjoy it while always being aware of potential troubles.


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