New York NY: Hotel Rooms Get Smaller

Hotel costs continue to reach for the sky in popular travel destinations such as Manhattan, Boston, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris. Meanwhile, back at HQs, brilliant hotel chain beancounters have come up with an even more money-grabbing plan.

Instead of charging $400 a night for a regular-sized hotel room, cut them in half and rent each as $300 bargains. Result: claustrophobic sardine-canned travelers equal added hotel profits.

Imagine a senior wanderer asking the hotel clerk: Does my $300 room have a closet? Response: Your room IS a closet. For more info on the teenier hotel-room trend, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/hotels/2015/09/18/microhotels-tiny-hotel-rooms-expand-across-country/72265080

Miami, FL: Haul Yer Nekkid Old Butt To Haulover Beach Park PDF Print E-mail

Winter has long been the time when seniors seek warmth and sunshine in Florida. And Haulover, where you can get the most exposure to the balmy weather, is the most popular public clothing-optional stretch of oceanfront beach in the U.S.

Haulover attracts more than 1.3 million undressed people to its white sands and warm water annually. It’s enclosed at either end by picket fences, and offers beach chairs and umbrellas for rent. Lifeguards protect bathers from water hazards and peepers who may attempt to sneak in to observe the nude bathers. Haulover Beach, 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33154; + (305) 944-3040

Springtime Flying: Frontier Adds More Non-Stops PDF Print E-mail

If you’re planning some 2020 escapes, consider the bargain airline’s new routes. Frontier Airlines boasts it’s the no-frills carrier with cheapest tickets, and is growing. The Denver-based airline recently posted info on 18 new nonstop routes, including seven from Newark International Airport, after Southwest Airlines discontinued them there.

New flights include El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as more schedules out of Miami. Frontier is also adding two new destinations in the Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo and Santiago. Frontier already serves Punta Cana. For more info, go to www.cheapoair.com/flights/booknow/airlines

Light-Fingered Guests Stealing Big Hotel Mattresses PDF Print E-mail

Many of we senior travelers have left hotels carrying suitcases stuffed with towels, sheets, soaps, cups and other contraband. Now, according to the British Guardian, the list of swiped room items includes mattresses.

While the smaller items are worth only a few dollars each, hotel beancounters already factor them into the room charges. However, with posh hotel mattresses costing several hundred bucks each, there’s no way to make up for their loss. Unless, of course, hotel management sends bills to the rooms’ most recent occupants.

But that isn’t always possible, because mostly non-guest professional crooks are stealing the big mattresses. They get into rooms illegally and haul the loot down by elevator into under-hotel parking garages for car and truck getaways.

So,  be an honest guest. On your next visit to a posh, overpriced hotel, don’t try stuffing a bulky mattress into your too-tiny suitcase when you leave.

Washington DC: Founding Father Tribute Open Again PDF Print E-mail

The Washington Monument has been a tourist favorite for more than a century. The 555-foot obelisk in the US capital reopened recently after nearly three years of renovation and repairs to the 1884 structure.

The improved monument facility features a new blast-proof, glass and steel security screening and a new elevator system. The renovations followed another long period of repair after a 2011 magnitude 5.8 earthquake caused extensive damage to the structure. If your tourist wanderings include the nation’s capital city, spend some time at the towering tribute to our first president.

Cruise Critic: Annual Choice As Best For Solo Travelers PDF Print E-mail

The review site and members of its online cruise community name the winner of its 12th annual Cruise Critic Editors’ Picks Awards for seagoing singles. It recommends Norwegian Cruise Line. Consider sailing with the ocean line whether you’re newly widowed, divorced or otherwise alone. Or just want to single mingle at sea and on river voyages. www.cruisecritic.com/editors-picks


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