Destination: Tiananmen Square, Beijing

One of the first places China tourists want to see and be seen through their camera lenses is Tiananmen Square. The world-famous plaza, located in Beijing, the nation's capital city is the largest public square in the world. It’s named for the sacred Tiananmen, translated as Gate of Heavenly Peace. This structure stands at one end of the Square as guardian doorway to the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City dates back to the early 1400s, and through the centuries has served as palace, religious site, government quarters and residences of Chinese royal dynasties. When the Communist regime took over the city in 1949, a new kind of dynasty was created to be honored on the Square.

Speedy Scooters Vs Senior Sidewalkers = Daily Dangers PDF Print E-mail

It’s happening every day in cities around the USA, including those frequently strolled by traveling seniors. In Los Angeles, New York and beach cities on both coasts, the electric toys for grown-ups are dangerous.

The introduction of scooters just a few years ago has blossomed into armies of racing electric skaters. Many, single and in packs, speed along sidewalks aimlessly knocking over anyone and anything in their paths. By law, they’re supposed to travel on the street in bike lanes. However, too frequently they race up and down sidewalks at speeds far greater than the advertised 15 MPH.

On your next travel destination while strolling in Central Park, Chicago lakefront or along Hollywood Boulevard, be constantly aware of competing for space with scooter traffic. Look both ways before you suddenly decide to turn to walk into that souvenir shop or for a bite to eat at a nearby McDonald’s. Your next painful option after a scooter collision may be to try to get back up or be taken to the hospital.

Tower of London: Former Prison And Now Tourist Trap PDF Print E-mail

While visiting London town, are you willing to pay $50 to see Beefeater guides, the Crown Jewels and the cell where the two little princes were murdered? Also, if you arrive during the busy time of day, you may have to wait in line for an hour or so to peek at those historic sights.

Of course, for senior tourists who are English history buffs, this thousand-year-old prison is usually on the list of must-see locations. Also, it’s right next to the River Thames and the Tower Bridge. Also, if you’re wandering the grounds at the right time of day, you’ll see the famed ravens (English crows) hanging around for a biscuit or two.

How To Prepare For Severe Turbulence In The Air PDF Print E-mail

Recently a commercial flight became frightful when the aircraft suddenly hit some heavy storm clouds. Passengers and loose articles went flying through the cabin. Several people were hurt. Such problems happen infrequently, but senior fliers should always be prepared for it.

Usually it’s only a slight rocking, giving passengers time to get ready. It’s the sudden unexpected shudders that often cause injuries. When it happens, even lightly, always anticipate it getting heaver. Stay in your seat and keep the belt fastened tightly. If you have dinner trays, cups and other loose items, secure them in the seat bag. Bundle up and keep hands, arms and legs close to your body. A bit of prayer may help ease your fears.

Virgin Voyages Will Have A Tattoo Parlor Aboard New Ship PDF Print E-mail

Brave senior cruisers will not only enjoy the great food, booze and ocean views on their Virgin Voyage on the Scarlet Lady cruise ship. When the first voyage sails in 2020, they can patronize the Squid Ink Parlor, and make their skin a work of art. Then they can go home after the trip looking like Popeye and other vintage swabbies.

Avoid The Flu During Autumn And Pre-Holiday Season Travel PDF Print E-mail

Here we seniors go again, roaming the world in the cheap time of year before the holiday season. Unfortunately, it’s also the sneezing and coughing season. We’re exposed to the flu when mingling with crowds at airports, train stations, retail stores, restaurants and entertainment events.

You may not be able to prevent that person too close in line behind you from sneezing, but there are precautions to help fight back. Before leaving home on your journey, check with your family doctor to make sure you’re well enough to go. Also, ask for advice on prescription and over-the-counter preventive drugs you can carry while traveling.

While in heavy crowds, wear a medicated mask to avoid contamination. Also, carry disposable medicated paper or cloth wipes for hands and face to use several times a day, especially after using public bathrooms.


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