Titanic II: Exact Replica Of Doomed Liner To Sail

An Aussie firm is building a new cruise ship based specifically on the design of RMS Titanic. It will offer all the luxury features of the original ocean liner, and is expected to carry its first passengers in 2018. We can only hope the liner will avoid icebergs in its maiden voyage.

If the plan to duplicate the disaster ship proves successful, what’s next? How about Delightful Dachau, a fun resort extravaganza based on the WW2 concentration camp. A Broadway musical of the attack on the World Trade Center, Manhattan Crashin’?

An all dancing, singing and shaking version of the exciting San Francisco earthquake, Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Frisco? A romantically tuneful offering based on Europe’s Bubonic Plague, The Mucus Man?

TripAdvisor Names World’s Ten Best Restaurants PDF Print E-mail

Hey, not one is located in the good old USA! Whether you concur with or curse at the list, here it is in rank order:

1. TRB Hutong, Beijing, China; 2. Epicure, Paris, France; 3. Ristorante Villa Crespi, Orta San Giulio, Italy; 4. Restaurante Benazuza, Cancun, Mexico; 5. The Jane, Antwerp, Belgium; 6. Le Brouillarta, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France; 7. David's Kitchen, Chiang Mai, Thailand; 8. El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain; 9. Aramburu, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 10. Adam's, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Are You Ready To Experience Half A Luxurious Year At Sea? PDF Print E-mail

Many cruise lines are preparing for long voyages for seniors and others who have the time and means to experience them. For example, Oceania’s Insignia has scheduled a 2020 six-month world cruise featuring 100 port visits in 44 countries on all six continents.

The cruise runs about 200 days and nights, departing Miami on January 8. The return is scheduled for July 5 in San Francisco. Price per passenger begins at $43,300, a bargain for luxury voyage accommodations and touring when you consider the number of days.For booking and other info, consult your travel agent or www.oceanacruises.com

Paris, France: The Louvre Exhibits Da Vinci Art Collection PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the French capital, be sure to spend some hours at the exciting new exhibits. This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s passing.

In addition to the famed Mona Lisa and 120 other permanent works, are five additional paintings and 22 recently-acquired drawings. Many are loans from museums in Italy, Germany, Russia, the UK and the US.

See the collection in the Louvre's Napoleon Hall through the remaining months of 2019. Be sure to check on ticket availability, because the museum will be very popular, expecting 7,000 daily visitors. www.louve.fr

Get Out On The Road And Enjoy Autumn Beauty PDF Print E-mail

Before the colorful leaves do the fall drop, take a day to see them. If just a patch of woods a few miles from your home or several hundred up the road to classic scenes, enjoy the annual experience. Use your camera and smartphone to shoot selfies and other moments as you and your companions pause on the memorable journey. Whether the scenes are of New York’s Central Park, the Berkshires or the Grand Canyon, it will all be worth your time.

Knotts Berry Farm: Free Admission To Active Military & Vets PDF Print E-mail

The famed amusement park is in Buena Park, about a 20-minute drive from Los Angeles. If a vet and your travels alone or with family take you the area, consider spending a free fun day. You’ll enjoy roller coasters, river floats, entertainment, kids’ programs, food and many other features. Entry is free for vets from November 3 to 21, and December 2 to 19. For more info, go to www.knotts.com


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