Is that a boa constrictor in your pocket, or ....

Pardon me, but isss thisss ssseat taken?

We’ve heard of the “Snakes on a Plane” movie, and it was sort of slinky fun. But, how would you feel if this smuggler with 95 snakes sat next to you on the flight?

Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur Airport security agents discovered 95 live baby boa constrictors in a piece of carry-on luggage on a flight that was about to take off. They had been warned about the snake guy, because he was part of a worldwide smuggling operation that sold exotic animals throughout the world.

Along with the boas, the carry-on bag also contained other snake species and a small turtle. So, next time you fly and the guy next to you acts a bit slithery, you may want to ask the flight attendant to move you to another seat.

Q: What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Machu Picchu? PDF Print E-mail

Our senior group is planning a visit to the ancient ruins in Peru. We know it’s one of the most crowded destinations in the world. Please suggest how we plan our schedule. Ms. JBMcK, Sarasota FL

A: The historic mountain village often attracts over 5,000 tourists daily. There are government regulations now that attempt to control the crowds. They require visitors to buy tickets to take the morning Inca Trail session from 6 a.m. to noon, or afternoon from noon until 5.30 p.m.

Looking For Trump Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re planning a Los Angeles trip with a booked bus tour in Hollywood. Our grandkids were there last month and talked about all the fuss people make at the Donald Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Where is it located, so we can pay our respects or disrespects? Margaret P., Evanston IL

A: It’s located on the 6800 block, between two metal elevator grates, and retail stores Sephora and American Eagle. It does get a lot of attention from both pro- and anti-Trump tourists. It’s next to the star for the recently disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, so you can expect some creative posing and other antics by tourists. Bring your camera

Flu Epidemic More Dangerous For Elderly World Travelers PDF Print E-mail

According to many news reports, this season may be the worst of the disease in more than ten years. And it is especially hitting young children and the elderly, requiring some common senior sense to avoid being infected.

With springtime travel season about to begin, keep informed daily about where the flu is hitting the hardest. If it’s a crowded big city, such as New York or Beijing, consider changing your plans. If you do visit  and must mingle among many people on streets, in restaurants, shops and terminals, do as many Asian travelers do.

Capetown City Water Supply Is Fast Dwindling PDF Print E-mail

The South African metropolis of four million people is facing the crisis of running dry within weeks. Officials are limiting the use of everyday washing, drinking and other water needs.

If your travel plans include a visit to Capetown, keep in daily touch with the news so you can be prepared to cancel or postpone your schedule.

San Francisco CA: Chinese New Year's Parade And Celebration PDF Print E-mail

It’s always a great pleasure to visit the City by the Bay, and if you can do it between  February 10 and March 4 this year, you can help welcome the Year of the Dog festivities. Chinese New Year's Day is February 16

See the Chinese New Year Flower Fair scheduled on February 10 and 11. The Miss Chinatown USA Pageant on February 22, and the Chinatown Community Street Fair, February 24-25.

The main event is the colorful parade of dragons and other colorful costumes, prancing their way from Market and Second Street to Columbus Avenue on Saturday, February 24. For more info, check with your travel agent and www.chineseparade.com


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