Rome, Italy: Gladiator Theme Park Planned

After 2,000 or so years, gladiators may soon start hacking away at each other again in a Disney-like Circus Maximus. A theme park reported to be called Romaland is being planned for the Italian capital city.

The new tourist attraction is expected to contain many of the ancient features. In addition to gladiator fights, there will be chariot races, legionaires and other reminders of the glory that was Rome.

While all the theme activities haven’t yet been announced, we can assume that no Christians will be fed to the lions, nor fiddling emperors nor Vestal Virgins sacrificed at Romaland.

Rio Janiero, Brazil: Beautiful harbor beckons visitors PDF Print E-mail

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Air delays: What to do when a short hop takes forever PDF Print E-mail

It happens! With the friendly skies becoming more and more crowded, weather delays and other unfriendly glitches, your expected journey of a couple of hours can stretch and stretch.

Recently an American Airlines flight from Barbados to New York lasted 14 hours for what usually takes four. Even after all the delays and landing schedules, it finally missed its destination by 90 miles. It landed in Philadelphia, and took most of the unhappy passengers another four hours to get home in the New York City area.

Seniors: Be careful of free casino bus rides PDF Print E-mail

BusRecently, a casino bus crashed in the Bronx NY, killing 15 passengers, mostly seniors. Several weeks later, in a sting operation, Federal officials stopped other privately-owned buses on the same highway, tested them and discovered almost every bus was mechanically unsafe.

Further, the Feds reported that half the drivers should not be driving buses or anything else. The driver in the Bronx accident had a criminal record and got his latest driving license fraudulently.

Before you take that free ride to a casino, make sure the bus line meets all Federal safety requirements and hires only qualified drivers with clean driving and police records. If you’re a regular customer of one or more of the casinos, contact management there to voice your concerns. If they cry about the cost, tell them to charge customers something like $10 each way and use the money for decent maintenance and sober drivers.

Hotel room problem: Eeeek! An intruder! PDF Print E-mail

Nude painting

Q: What do you do when another guest with a key card comes into your hotel room? It happened to us at one of the ritziest resorts in Las Vegas. Check-out time was 11 am, but we called and received an OK to stay until 12 noon.

A desk clerk didn’t get the message, issued a key and sent a couple up at a little after 11. We’re still mad, but is there anything we can do about it not happening again?

A: The simplest solution is that whenever you’re in the room, keep the deadbolt latched. If the key card opens the lock, the door would still be blocked. Another suggestion if your room is invaded is to make a big fuss.

Wanna do something snarky? Business travelers we know who experience that all-too-frequent embarrassment or other example of bad hotel service, always do a dramatic anger performance that would make Greta Garbo jealous. Result: They get a free stay next time, and are usually upgraded to a suite.

Italy: Vesuvius lurks behind ancient ruins of Pompeii PDF Print E-mail



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