Sacramento CA: DMV Issues Self-Driving Car Permits

Still experimental, the era of driverless cars draws ever closer. And for many seasoned citizens, whose eyes, ears and reflexes are fading, it can’t happen soon enough.

Computer-driven cars are currently being tested in several states, so far all required to have human drivers aboard for emergency take-overs when necessary. California now allows Google, Mercedes and Volkswagen to test their driverless cars on its freeways and roads.

Is airline bar-stool squatting the next cheap travel pain? PDF Print E-mail

Mike O’Leary, CEO of Ryan Air, is known for his joking around. He was the first to suggest airlines put in pay toilets. Now he’s talking about offering cheaper fares to people willing to fly squatting on close-packed stools.

His theory, if he isn’t kidding, is that by using bar stools instead of regular airline seats, and he could jam another 50 percent more people onto each flight. O’Leary adds that if passengers accept the idea, and with a full aircraft, he can not only cut costs, but also reduce prices.

O’Leary, known for his often disturbing Irish wit, is suspected of joking on the bar stool idea, because he recently came up with the pay toilet in the air idea. He said passengers would use credit cards in slots to activate toilet doors, and be charged from one U.S. dollar on up to an English pound for each potty break. What's next? Airline straphanging?

Subway scene

New Orleans street scene PDF Print E-mail
New Orelans street scene
Step out on glass at Sears Tower & Grand Canyon PDF Print E-mail

SkyWalk, Grand Canyon

Sears Tower, at the top of the tallest building in Chicago, is now featuring a walk in the sky. Well, it’s more like venturing on onto a four-foot box of clear glass on its 103rd Floor Skydeck. If you’re brave enough to go, you can see the city in all of its glory 1,353 feet below you.

Chicago isn’t called the Windy City for nothing, so you can imagine how it will feel when you’re out there and the box begins to sway. There’s a similar, but much more way-out glass deck feature now available for tourist visitors at the Grand Canyon. So, if you’re tempted to step out on the transparent suicide ledge either at the Sears Tower in Chicago and/or the Grand Canyon, go ahead. You’re already old, so what do you have to lose?

Dancers in Seoul, South Korea PDF Print E-mail
Korean dancers
Want a real cheap, real fun vacation with grandkids? PDF Print E-mail

Instead of inching along the highway for eight weekend hours to get to a crowded beach, or flying eight hours to get to a crowded theme park, try a staycation this year. It is not only a very simple task, but you can be sure your grandkids will enjoy it just as much as trying to see the guy dressed as Mickey and getting sick on the roller coaster.

Have the kids help you to pitch a tent in the backyard. Line the inside ground with blankets and equip everyone with sleeping bags or inflated mattresses. Take the kids to the local store and have them choose whatever they want for the overnight camping experience.Kids tosting marshmallows

When you’re all settled in at dusk, start a campfire and cook your dinner in pans. In the morning, do the same for breakfast. Steaks, chicken parts, hot dogs, bacon, eggs or whatever the kids want. Carve tree branches into sticks for toasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

Forget the world outside, and in fact, also, for just those fun hours, forget TV, computers, twitter, cell phones and any other kind of electricity. Sit around the campfire and have all tell spooky stories, jokes and sing songs. If it rains, retreat into the tent, light a candle and have the same fun to the beat of the rain on the canvas.

OK, you’re permitted to have one modern item. Bring your camera, still or video, and record this memorable night that will bring you and your family joy for years.


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