#TipTheBillChallenge Encourages 100% Waiter Tips

Senior travelers often are confused about tipping. In a few countries, it’s forbidden and factored in with the price of the meal or drink. In almost all other parts of the world, the diner and drinker are expected to leave a tip after satisfactory service.

So, how much should you tip? It depends on service, total amount and other factors. The most general answer if from 15 to 20 percent of the bill. Your travel4seniors.com editor remembers car hopping at a Hot Shoppe in Philly way back as a college student. With all our running around the parking lot, we were lucky to get 10 percent. And not so lucky when the no-tip car drivers tossed their empty plates and trays at us as they raced away.

Food servers, both indoor and outdoor, work hard and deserve a tip. Sometimes a generous one can be a happy surprise. Recently, some very generous diners have been leaving 100 percent tips through the #TipTheBillChallenge, and bragging about it on social media. Hey, where were you back when I was slaving at the Hot Shoppe?

How long should seniors continue to drive? PDF Print E-mail

Old touring car

Planning your annual autumn cross-country road trip? Driving all night to see the grandkids 500 miles or so down the coast? If you'd ask, the most favorable transportation option for older adults is to drive their own cars. However, as people age, the inevitable moment arrives when they should no longer be on the road alone. Usually sometime after age 70 to 75, family members have to keep close touch with them, making sure elderly relatives are still capable of driving. Eyesight, mental alertness, reaction times and other skills should be checked carefully and frequently.

Visit President Harry Truman Museum PDF Print E-mail

President Truman

Remember on that November 1948 morning after he won the election? President Harry Truman, a Democrat, held up a copy of the Chicago Tribune? He was laughing because the early edition headline of the Republican newspaper was an absolutely wrong DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.

Truman’s birthplace is a small six-room farmhouse in Lamar, Missouri, about 100 miles from Kansas City. The house was purchased in 1957 by the United Auto Workers to honor the President who was a strong advocate of unions. They had it restored as a museum and given to the State of Missouri as an Historic Site. The museum is at 1009 Truman Avenue, and open daily to the public.

How to donate your unused air miles PDF Print E-mail

Donate air seat

If you’ve accumulated more miles than you can expect to use before they expire, or if you have a favorite charity you want to help by donating those miles, there are ways to do it:

1. Mileage giveaways are usually called guest flier programs. If you want to give once or frequently, keep up on the ever-changing rules. For latest information, check websites of United Airlines Charity Miles, American Airlines Miles for Kids, Northwest Air Cares, Delta Sky Wish Charities, Midwest Airlines Miracle Miles, southwest.com and and Continental OnePass. There are also websites that give information on the entire donar process, including smartertravel.com and frequentflier.com.

Huge Wind Turbines, Harrowgate, England PDF Print E-mail

Wind turbines, Harrowgate, England

Q: Can senior get paid to go to sea again? PDF Print E-mail

Cruise ship jobs

Q: I’m a 65-year-old widower who just retired, but don’t feel like sitting around in the park with the other old guys or dragging around the golf course. I’m not totally independent, so I need a job that pays something. For years, my late wife and I enjoyed cruising, and am also an old Navy guy. I'm in good shape, so I’m thinking of signing on for a cruise ship job. Do cruise companies hire old guys?


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