Airplane Mob Scene: Pay To Be First Off?

According to USAToday, airlines are considering adding yet another nickel-and-dime cost to their already ever-increasing fees for baggage, carry-ons and other formerly free services.

You can already pay an extra $10 to $25 to board flights early on some airlines before the mobs of coach-seat peasants. Soon, passengers may be able to pay a similar extra fee to get off their flights first after landing.

When the new fee goes into effect, you lowly coach flyers will be able to see their first-class sneers close up as they strut by to exit before you.

What would old Ben say if he traveled today PDF Print E-mail


1. Early to bed, early to rise, means you have a 5 am flight.
2. Nothing is certain, except death, taxes and your flight is delayed.
3. Eat to live, and but not live to eat, unless you’re at a Vegas buffet.
4. He that lies down with dogs has been booked into a lousy hotel.
5. To err is human, to forgive divine, except when the cabbie makes you miss your flight.

Texting and cellphoning while driving are accidents waiting to happen PDF Print E-mail

Cell phone

We see them doing it while racing by us along the highway. Talking on cell phones while driving was bad enough. Now, with latest devices, gabby drivers look away from the road and down to punch out text messages on little lighted boxes.

Drivers need to pay total attention to everything going on in all directions at all times. Texting while driving has caused many accidents, and some states have banned the dangerous practice. Any distraction that forces the driver to take eyes off the road for a second or two is a danger. It is considerably worse to text messages that take eyes off the road for five or ten seconds.

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Big Sur
Bees are all the buzz in posh London hotel PDF Print E-mail

“Honey, I’m home” has a whole different meaning at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, in London’s Hyde Park district. While all other hotels in the world take great pains to rid themselves of pesky little bugs, this ecology-themed one has installed honey bee hives on its roof housing more than half a million little winged residents.  

There’s no chance the honey bees will need to venture below into the human hotel rooms, because they’ll be tended full time by four bee experts. The roof hives will be surrounded by an array of plants, including flowers, bushes and trees. During the spring and summer season, the honey bees will sip the natural nectar and help pollinate the plants for future growth. During cold weather, the hotel’s bee team will supply hive heating and nectar feeding stations.

Fido and Fluffy fly in exclusive comfort PDF Print E-mail

Dog in flight goggles

Many people want to travel with their pets, but most airlines insist of putting the animals in cramped cages in baggage compartments. Long flights were very stressful for pets not accustomed to tight confinement. Additionally, where small pets were permitted to ride in passenger cabins, many non-pet people objected. Would you believe now there’s an airline that's pet-only? Pet Airways flies to five major cities, including New York and Los Angeles. The only humans aboard are the flight crew and flight attendants.

Along with favorite toys and travel bag, cats and dogs of all sizes can travel in comfort. Each one will have a roomy private compartment, and will be accompanied by trained animal care attendants. Food, water, aisle walks and toilet breaks will also be provided.

It won’t be cheap for Fido and Fluffy to fly in luxurious comfort. Ticket prices start at $149 each way. For more information, go to petairways.com


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