Airbus May Soon Install Flying Bench Seats For Passengers

The airline says one reason for the new, squashed seating is to end the hassle about overweight passengers. With rows combined into a long bench, Airbus hopes to get more people aboard, as well as allow wide people to stretch out more comfortably.

Of course, the argument will still be concerning passengers who weigh twice or more as much as others. Since they also occupy at least twice the space, whether on a seat or bench, shouldn’t they pay twice the price?

Destination: The San Diego Zoo PDF Print E-mail

Male lion

It isn’t too much of an exaggeration to call the San Diego one of the best in the world. For the past 70 years it has been the model for zoos everywhere to encourage evolving from confining cages to roomy natural living areas for the animals.

Many seasoned citizens have visited city zoos since childhood, and they can easily remember those of not too many years ago, featuring listless, miserable animals behind bars and small fenced enclosures. Yesterday’s zoos were prisons, where inmates endured life sentences of boredom.

One of the most heart-warming aspects of the San Diego Zoo is that it’s designed to allow animals to live as naturally as possible, with plenty of space for roaming and interacting with other compatible animals. At the same time, the zoo encourages visitors of all ages to find interesting areas to stop and observe without disturbing the animals’ lives. No longer does Dad have to say, “Let’s go to the zoo and laugh at the monkeys in their cages.”

Top Five Places You Must Visit in Egypt PDF Print E-mail

Ancient Egyptian sphynx and pyramid

Three Ancient Relics at Luxor Resort, Las Vegas NV PDF Print E-mail
Seniors in front of Luxor Resort, Las Vegas NV
See Cherry Blossoms in Springtime Washington, D.C. PDF Print E-mail

Not everyone comes to Washington in the springtime to beg for bailout money, gloat about multi-million-dollar bonus rip-offs or to lobby Congress for special hometown pork barrel deals. For nearly 100 years, residents and visitors have had more important things to do. They stroll out into the sunlit D.C. streets to wonder at clouds of bright red that have descended on the Nation’s capital city. There they enjoy the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, with week-long events until Sunday, April 12.

The 2009 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade starts festivities on Saturday, April 4, running from 10 am to noon. The colorful and musical procession struts along Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th Streets, NW. Every minute, crowds of kids and young-at-heart viewers can thrill to giant theme balloons, tuneful marching bands and circus-act performers.

Travel Destination: Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada PDF Print E-mail

A good travel plan for senior summer ventures in America’s Far West is a visit to beautiful Lake Tahoe. The vast recreation area straddles the borders of Nevada and California, some 60 miles from Reno.



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