Celebrity Cruises: Would You Sail With Paula?

Two cruises next year featuring Paula Deen conducting onboard sessions in her Southern cooking styles are scheduled for the now-controversial kitchen diva.

Sponsored by the Alice Travel agency, a January sailing will be on the Celebrity Reflection. Another is tentatively planned in July 2014 aboard a yet-unnamed Royal Caribbean ship.

Many sponsors of the Paula Deen TV shows on the Food Network are falling all over each other to end their association with Paula. However, Alice Travel management and the cruise lines are staying with her well-established popularity, based on her previous highly successful cruise cooking programs.

If you’re interested in a cruise featuring Paula Deen, for more information, check with your favorite hometown or online travel agency, or go to alicetravel.com

England: Battle of Agincourt festival PDF Print E-mail

Knights, English reenactment

Reenactors clad in authentic armor to commemorate the famed 1415 battle. Made famous by Shakespeare’s Henry V, it was a victory for the British, and assured Henry V of his kingdom in England and Northern France. Remember the stirring speech the King made before the battle?

From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother.

The festival is scheduled for late October in various English locations, as well as the actual battle site in Northern France. If you’d like to experience the reenactment and other historic events, check with your favorite hometown or online travel agency.

The battle was one of many that were fought during the Hundred Year War. Hard to believe any war could last an entire century? Despite temptations, we will make no comparisons to ongoing 21st Century wars.

Tips for taking your dog on a road trip PDF Print E-mail

Dog driving car

Road trips with your dog can be a pleasant or troublesome experience. It all depends on how you prepare and conduct your own and the dog’s behavior throughout the trip. Here are some helpful tips that can make the journey pleasant for both the driver and the dog.

1. For at least a week before the long trip, give the dog familiarization rides of an hour once a day. Prepare a comfortable sitting area in the passenger or rear seat area. If the dog is nervous, leans out the window or wanders throughout the car during your test drives, firmly put the dog back in the intended seat. When the dog complies, speak cheerfully and do some reassuring petting until the dog knows to stay in place during the long ride.

Tips: Seniors can have fun at Disney, too PDF Print E-mail

Disney World Castle

Seniors also love Cinderella's castle

Walt Disney World in Orlando is not just for kids. It has something for everyone, and adults can find plenty to see, nibble and experience in the vast Florida empire created by the most innovative entertainment organization in the world.

After you leave your hotel, hop on a bus, walk or ride the monorail. That elevated railway gives you an enjoyable, scenic ride while whipping you just about anywhere you want to go on the Disney property. If you’re a history and/or geography buff, you should alight at Epcot’s World Showcase, the part of Disney that offers experiences, exhibits and food from all over the world.


Ireland: Deciding which pub to patronize PDF Print E-mail

Irish signs

100 Great Things To Do In Paris PDF Print E-mail

Check out this great thread on the Fodors forum listing a whole bunch of great things to do in Paris France



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