Wheel Around Sin City Cheap With Downtown Bike Share

Consider how costly, tedious and tough it is to travel in busy Las Vegas by taxi and bus. If you’re fit and rarin’ to roam, try wheeling around on a bike. For a 24-hour pass, the cost is just $8, about half the price of a one-way taxi or Uber ride. A three-day pass is just $12, and if you’ll be in town longer, a 30-day pass is just $20. Downtown and many other areas of the city have safe street bike lanes. For more info, go to bikeshare.rtcnv.com

Lower East Side, New York NY, 1925 PDF Print E-mail

NYC stores in year 1925

Things have changed a bit in 85 years. Could you believe those prices?

JetBlue brings aboard former NYC cops in blue PDF Print E-mail

Old cop photo

This has nothing to do with the JetBlue attendant who went ballistic on a flight when a passenger hit him with her carry-on bag. However, don't be surprised if the burly flight attendant on your next JetBlue flight is a former New York City police officer or firefighter.

According to the Wall Street Journal, over its ten-year history, JetBlue has hired many former New York City cops and firefighters. These employees are among the best of the airline’s mature and reliable workers. Many of the veteran JetBlue flight attendants are fully-qualified EMTs, and came to the job with years of real-life experience in security, emergency procedures and working under stressful condtions.

Old sailor back on gun mount of QMI PDF Print E-mail

Gun mount, QMI

The ocean liner Queen Mary I is permanently moored in Long Beach CA. It now serves as a hotel, restaurant, historic museum, meeting destination and tourist attraction. During WWII, the Queen took more than a million GIs to the European battles and back home again. The twin 40mm anti-aircraft guns, still stationed on the liner's deck, were protection from German bombers. For more information, go to www.queenmary.com

Beautiful beach at Maui, Hawaii PDF Print E-mail

Beach at Maui, Hawaii

Doncha wish you were here right now!

Destination: Alcatraz Island CA PDF Print E-mail

Alcatraz Island CA

The former Federal maximum prison is a nice place to visit in beautiful San Francisco Bay, but you wouldn’t want to live there.


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