San Francisco CA: Cost You $5 To Drive Crooked Street

Lombard Street has been a busy tourist attraction for decades. However, residents complain about the constant heavy flow of noisy cars blocking traffic in front of their homes. The new fee is expected to ease the congestion. What’s next? You’ll be charged $5 to drive past the crooked White House?

Carry-ons: The battle for overhead spaces on airplanes PDF Print E-mail


Q: We hate people who stuff big bags into the overhead, making it impossible for passengers with legally-sized carry-ons to get theirs in. We can’t blame them for trying to avoid the high baggage fees, but what’s the alternative when you fly with a lot of stuff?

J.P., Honolulu HI

A: The best way to keep from being an overhead hog is to travel with one carry-on plus an over-the-shoulder tote or small backpack. Put the big bag in the overhead and stash the other under your seat. As for getting overhead space before someone else does, book your flight so that you’re in your seat as early as possible, before others start hogging the space. Of course, this won’t do you any good if you’re making a connecting flight and most of the passengers are already aboard.


American Airlines One-Day Pass: Is it worth $50? PDF Print E-mail


Q: On my last flight with American Airlines, the airport was mobbed, and my flight was delayed by weather, I had to hang around in the crowded sitting area for five hours. The desk clerk suggested an AA One-Day Pass to its chi-chi Admirals Club. The cost is a bit steep, $50. Is it worth it?

Rio Janiero, Brazil: Beautiful harbor beckons visitors PDF Print E-mail

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Air delays: What to do when a short hop takes forever PDF Print E-mail

It happens! With the friendly skies becoming more and more crowded, weather delays and other unfriendly glitches, your expected journey of a couple of hours can stretch and stretch.

Recently an American Airlines flight from Barbados to New York lasted 14 hours for what usually takes four. Even after all the delays and landing schedules, it finally missed its destination by 90 miles. It landed in Philadelphia, and took most of the unhappy passengers another four hours to get home in the New York City area.

Seniors: Be careful of free casino bus rides PDF Print E-mail

BusRecently, a casino bus crashed in the Bronx NY, killing 15 passengers, mostly seniors. Several weeks later, in a sting operation, Federal officials stopped other privately-owned buses on the same highway, tested them and discovered almost every bus was mechanically unsafe.

Further, the Feds reported that half the drivers should not be driving buses or anything else. The driver in the Bronx accident had a criminal record and got his latest driving license fraudulently.

Before you take that free ride to a casino, make sure the bus line meets all Federal safety requirements and hires only qualified drivers with clean driving and police records. If you’re a regular customer of one or more of the casinos, contact management there to voice your concerns. If they cry about the cost, tell them to charge customers something like $10 each way and use the money for decent maintenance and sober drivers.


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