NYC Carnegie Deli Gone, But Lives On In Vegas

It first opened 80 years ago as President Franklin D. Roosevelt started his second term. Now the landmark eatery next to Carnegie Hall is no more.

However, the tradition, name and family ownership live on at the Mirage Resort on the Strip in Las Vegas. Of course, the delicious corned beef or pastrami on rye sandwiches are a bit more expensive than they were in 1937.

If a Vegas visit is in your upcoming plans and you yearn for some of the traditional Carnegie delicacies, check out the info at www.mirage.com/en/restaurants/carnegie-delicatessen

How you can avoid Sin City’s sinful smokers PDF Print E-mail

Smoker cartoon

Q: I’ll attend our company’s annual conference and awards program in Vegas next month. I’m not a gambler and cigarette smoke makes me sick. It’ll be bad enough when I have to be coughing all evening at a big resort’s smoke-clogged convention center, but I can survive if I can find a a nice quiet, clean-aired hotel on or near the Strip. Is there such a place you can recommend? 

A: We like Vegas, too, don’t mind the noise and casino crowds, but hate the addicted smokers fouling up the air. Yes, we’ll reveal the best kept clean-air secret hideaway in Las Vegas. It’s the all-suite Platinum Hotel on Flamingo Road, across the Strip from the Bellagio and  just behind Bally's. If you want to visit other parts of Vegas, it’s conveniently near a monorail station.

Suite prices start from $129 a night. For more information check with your favorite hometown or online travel agency, or go to: theplatinumhotel.com

NYC erects statue honoring WWII VJ Day kiss PDF Print E-mail

Sailor kissing nurse

Actual 1945 photo and 2010 statue

If you’ll be in New York City,  join in on the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II. While many activities marked the victory during August, WWII officially ended on September 2, 1945.

The city’s famous focal point, Times Square, now features a giant 26-foot statue created by sculptor Seward Johnson, based on a Life photographer’s famous sailor-nurse kissing scene photo on what was called VJ Day, marking Japan's surrender. You can’t miss it if you’ll be near 44th Street and Broadway.

In mid-August, the city put on its annual Kiss-In on Times Square, and thousands of kissing couples showed up by the statue to imitate the historic moment. The participants ranged from young GIs just back from Iraq and Afghanistan, all the way back to WWII veterans who were actually there on the Square celebrating on that joyful day.

Pirate attack: Vegas style at TI Resort PDF Print E-mail


Vegas pirate girls look much different

Q: We hadn’t been in Vegas for five years, and last week we went there with our grandkids. At ages seven and eight, they’re into pirate ships and battles. We wanted to take them to the free pirate battle that’s held every night outside Treasure Island hotel.

When we saw it years ago, it was a fun spectacular featuring two realistic sailing ships, one manned by guys in pirate costumes who fought a British ship featuring authentically-dressed Navy men.

What we and our grandkids saw on this trip was nothing more than a very adult strip and lap dance show. It was very inappropriate for the youngsters in the crowd. We know Vegas isn’t called Sin City for nothing, but why did they have to ruin the fun of the show?

Another kid attempts round-the-world sailing PDF Print E-mail

Kids in boat

What’s next? A two-year-old using diapers as sails

For seniors who are leery about taking their very first cruise, they should consider the latest brave kid attempting to circumnavigate a la Magellan.

A 14-year-old girl from Holland sailed out of Portugal in the latest quest to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. In recent months, a 16-year American girl tried to earn the Guinness title. She had to be rescued just a few days into her voyage.

So, landlubbers, next time you’re tempted to sign up for that three-day cruise, forget your fears and go for it!

Even on a long journey, you should go lite PDF Print E-mail

Pack mule

Did you see the recent news about an experienced travel writer who’s planning a 60-day European trek with absolutely no luggage to check nor stash in the overhead. He’s taking just one soft backpack which will fit under his airplane seat, and will wear a field jacket with eight big, expandable pockets in it.


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