AA Booze Price Hikes May Drive Passengers To Join Other AA

Along with most never-ending higher pricing, American Airlines, such as checked bags, is making your time in the sky more expensive. As of the new rip-off, the already overpriced drinks aboard your AA flight will be even more costly, with beer and wine $8 and liquor $9. Hey, any senior out there remember when in-flight meals were free and beer was a buck a bottle? And on your next AA flight, even if you join Alcoholics Anonymous, don’t try to sneak a hidden bottle of cheap booze aboard!

Las Vegas: Bellagio dancing fountains retuned PDF Print E-mail

Not everything in Vegas is gambling and nudie shows. There’s a location there for both contemplation and music listening. Walking along the sidewalk in front of the Bellagio  fountains at night is one of the great free experiences in Las Vegas.

When we did it recently, the musical accompaniment was Frank Sinatra singing, “Luck be a Lady”. It was as if Frank himself were strolling with us along Las Vegas Boulevard. The fountains rose a hundred feet into the air,  then danced and swayed in rhythm with the music.

Just recently, the Bellagio completely revamped the fountain experience. Now, for the younger strollers, another musical numbers may be something more contemporary, such as the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

Seniors shouldn’t worry about Sinatra’s songs disappearing from the Bellagio fountains. He’ll continue to serenade strollers, along with other crooners of his era, as well as some classical and Broadway tunes.

Air travel: Pre-screened flyers to fast check-in line PDF Print E-mail

After more than a decade of time-consuming security check-ins at airports, Homeland Security has come up with a way to relieve those who fly most.

You don’t have to be a big movie star, politician or general to get through security fast if you’re willing to become a designated PreCheck passenger. Now, in most major U.S. airports, those who’ve volunteered required information in advance can go through the fast line. The information is a barcode print on special boarding passes, and can be quickly scanned by a security officer.

Of course, TSA reserves the right to conduct spot checks and carry-on inspections. And even the PreCheck passengers may occasionally need to take off their shoes and/or get groped or a body scan.

For more info, go to www.tsa.gov/

Paris: Proposed Napoleonland Amusement Park PDF Print E-mail

Attention all you fans of theme parks! Now some French business investors have proposed Napoleonland to compete with Disneyland. If they can gather the $300 million necessary to fund the project, they’ll build it just outside the capital city of Paris.

Can you just imagine some of the rides? How about the retreat from Moscow in 1812? Will visitors get to dress in French army uniforms and trek a thousand miles through the snow?

Then, there could be the reenactment of the Battle of  Waterloo ride. Visitors can choose to be victorious British soldiers or Napoleon doing another retreat job. Let’s not even talk about the naval battle of Trafalgar and dressing up like Admiral Nelson.

Seriously, although Napoleon suffered many defeats and ended up a prisoner on the island of Elba, we wish the French business leaders success. It could make for a very interesting theme park to bring back some of the glory which was Napoleon’s France.

Airport Meals: App Meets Your Appetite PDF Print E-mail

B4 You Board

If you’re tired of in-flight fast-unfrozen meals, at many major airports today, you now have internet access to an app that offers a variety of food choices. You can order freshly-prepared restaurant meals, rather than buying those often unappetizing platters in flight.

By using the B4 You Board app while on your way or already at the airport, you’ll get the order delivered to you at your gate. It will be all wrapped up and ready to take aboard your flight, If there’s a schedule delay and you need to stay close to the gate, you’ll be able to dine on a well-prepared quality meal while you wait.

Prices vary, according to the restaurant and ingredients you order. To get the service, simply download the B4 YOU BOARD app from the App Store or the Android Market, and follow the simple instructions and menu choices. There is no charge for the app.

Los Angeles CA & Sydney AU: Concert Hall Twins? PDF Print E-mail

Disney concert hall

Sydney opera house

To tourists who view the Los Angeles (above) and Australian structures they may seem to be architectural twins. They remind us of Sally Fields as “The Flying Nun.” Or, if you misbehaved at parochial school, they may resemble the nun who gave you some well-deserved raps on the knuckles.

What’s your take on the super-modern look-alike music hall marvels that seem ready to flap, take off and fly?


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