Flying For Seniors Gets Tougher, But Still The Best Way To Go

Flying for we grey-haired travelers is getting tougher every day. Forget the slogans. The skies United flies are no longer friendly. American Airlines isn't something special in the air any more. Delta can no longer claim they love to fly and it shows. These days, Continental won’t move its tail for you.

Cruise caution: Check hurricane predictions PDF Print E-mail

Storm clouds

Stormy seas rarely affect cruises

Last year we booked a cruise from Los Angeles that sailed down Mexico’s West Coast to Cabo San Lucas. Just a few days before sailing, there was scary news about a major hurricane with 120 MPH winds heading right for Cabo. Should we cancel?

We called the cruise line and were told the policy is that a ship was never to be within 100 miles of any hurricane. In this case, if there was any danger at Cabo, the captain would follow the strict rules and go to a safe location at sea or another port. Anyhow, our fears were for nothing. The hurricane veered far south and never came near Cabo. Our cruise was smooth and peaceful.


San Francisco tries to restore former glory PDF Print E-mail

Golden Gate Bridge, California

We’ve loved San Francisco since we shipped out from Treasure Island for WWII and sailed back under the Golden Gate when the war ended. Beautiful city, wonderful food and great people. However, since the hippies and homeless took over in the 50s and 60s, the city’s nutcase politicians have ignored the problem or have done their best to stifle anything welcoming about San Francisco.

Now someone seems to be waking up in City Hall, and there is an attempt to do something about the very aggressive panhandlers and other unpleasant street people who are scaring tourists away. They’re trying to allow police to force druggies, drunks, sleepers and beggars off the once beautiful sidewalks and parks of San Francisco.

Cuss a screener & you're on mad fliers list PDF Print E-mail

Child crying

Airport anger can get you on THE list

Throw a fit in the airport or just get mildly ticked off, and your name may go into a Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration watch list. They already have one for terrorists and other murderous nutcases, but now they’re starting a list of air travelers who aren’t quite as dangerous, but still need watching.

You can qualify for the throw-a-snit list by arguing loudly with a screener, angrily tossing bags and stuff around or just threatening to punch the TSA guy in the nose. Hey, wait a minute. Doesn’t that include just about everyone who flies today?

If you make the list, unless you’ve done something really violent, you won’t be barred from boarding your next flight. However, you can be sure the screener will get back at you for your alleged bad behavior on previous inspections. Expect him to grin knowingly at you and spend a lot more time going through your carry-on stuff.

Tortilla maker, Old Town, San Diego CA PDF Print E-mail

Tortilla stand

Q: Exclusive cruise dining: Is it worth extra $? PDF Print E-mail


We’ve been on several cruises, and always wondered what it would be like to sign up for dinner once or twice in one of the special dining rooms. The extra price is $25 or so per person, and people who’ve dined that way say the food choices and quality are better, and the experience is much more luxurious than eating in the ship’s main dining room. We’ll be taking a Mexican Riviera cruise from Los Angeles next month. Is it worth it to pay extra for the special dining room?


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