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Personal experience: We were just coming through the door of the Los Angeles airport when two uniformed guys and their dogs went scurrying past us. They stopped just a few feet away where there were three suitcases standing alone on the floor.

After the dogs sniffed around, the guys picked up the suitcases and disappeared up the escalator. Less than a minute later, a woman rushed over and begain frantically looking around. She asked us what had happened to her luggage, and we told her what we had seen. In tears she said she had left her bags there just to ask a question at the counter.

The end of the story is that she had to go to the airport security office to reclaim her bags. Of course, that was after the guards had totally inspected everything inside, and possibly made her miss her flight.

We can’t fault the security guys from doing their jobs, but it should teach the woman and all others a lesson. No matter where you are in the airport area, don’t ever leave your baggage unattended.

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