Carnival Cruises: Super Million $$$$ Upgrades

According to a recent CNN report, Carnival Cruise Lines will will put out as much as $700 million to improve their services and equipment. The intent is to repair the cruise line’s severely damaged reputation caused by a string of highly-publicized mishaps and loss of customer confidence.

The upgrades will improve the ships’ power, safety procedures and firefighting equipment. Besides the Carnival named ships, the corporate brand includes Princess, Holland America, Cunard and Costa Cruises.

Gasoline sign of the time? PDF Print E-mail

Old gasoline pump photo

What’s wrong with this 1933 photo? The price on the sign is a recent retouch job, of course. Actually, gasoline cost about 15 cents a gallon back in those Depression days. A bottle of Coke was a nickel, and a four-course steak dinner was 50 cents. Whatever the price of gasoline then, most people couldn’t afford it anyhow, nor even buy a brand-new $700 Ford sedan.

Tourist Statistic: Mouse takes Manhattan PDF Print E-mail

Disney fireworks

According to USAToday, Orlando has surpassed New York City as America’s top tourist destination. The Florida city reports 51.5 million visitors last year, while poor little old New York had only 48.7 million.

Of course, both cities are equally great for all kinds of vacations in the coming season, whether for just a weekend or longer stay.

Q&A: Disney cruises are not just for kids PDF Print E-mail

Disney Magic

Q: We’re taking our young teen grandsons on a Disney cruise. We know they’ll have a great time, but what about us? Will we have to deal with hundreds of screaming kids running around all over the decks, pools and dining areas?

We enjoy cruising, but how do we survive this Disney ocean-going playground experience?

F. Miguel, Chicago IL

A: Senior citizens can have an adult time of of their lives on a Disney cruise, even with your grandkids and all the other junior citizens doing the same. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities you’ll find to have your own fun.

Memorial Day: Thank ‘em for their service! PDF Print E-mail

Navy Seal emblem

In your travels through airports and other terminals over the Memorial Day weekend, you’ll see many servicemen and women. They’ll be on their way home for the holiday or returning to duty.

Take a moment to thank at least one of them for what they’re doing to keep you and other citizens free and safe. You’ll make them feel appreciated, and you’ll go on your way knowing you’ve done something positive to make their lives just a little bit better.

Additionally, if you happen to have friends and relatives who’ve served in the Armed Forces, use the Memorial Day theme to thank those veterans for their services in past years.

What NOT to do if your connecting flight has flown PDF Print E-mail


How many times does it happen? You have a two-flight schedule, with an hour to spare between them. However, too often Murphy’s Law takes over ,and your first flight is late and you miss the connecting flight.

It happened to me recently on a flight from Fort Lauderdale FL to Tucson AZ. We sat in Lauderdale for three hours, and by the time we got to Las Vegas for the connecting flight, it had already departed.

I was told there was another flight leaving in an hour, but was completely booked. The next flight wouldn’t go until five hours later. Then, I did exactly what NOT to do. I fumed and fussed at the check-in desk, demanding to get on the next flight.

I’m actually a harmless old guy, and didn’t intend to do anything menacing, but one of the clerks was so distressed, she ran crying to the ladies’ room. I apologized to the surviving clerk, and politely asked if she  could help. She said she had no authority to get me on that earlier flight, and suggested I call the airline hotline.

I did, and suddenly there was an available seat on the flight I wanted. Did I learn a lesson? Yeah, something about getting more bees with honey.


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