Southwest Airlines Adds On Another Sneaky Fee

Of course, all airlines are into the nickel-and-diming routine to boost income and exec salaries. The new SW charge, called Early Bird Check-In, will get you to a seat to grab before all those lined-up ABCD passengers behind you can scramble aboard.

The extra cost will be from $30 to $50, depending on length of the flight. Your travel4seniors.com editor still believes SW is the most economical way to fly within the USA. However, before making reservations on any airline, do your online homework to get the best possible ticket prices, including taxes, extra fees and other sneaky add-ons.

Rome, Italy: Gladiator Theme Park Planned PDF Print E-mail

After 2,000 or so years, gladiators may soon start hacking away at each other again in a Disney-like Circus Maximus. A theme park reported to be called Romaland is being planned for the Italian capital city.

The new tourist attraction is expected to contain many of the ancient features. In addition to gladiator fights, there will be chariot races, legionaires and other reminders of the glory that was Rome.

While all the theme activities haven’t yet been announced, we can assume that no Christians will be fed to the lions, nor fiddling emperors nor Vestal Virgins sacrificed at Romaland.

Flight Delays: How to Pass The Hours PDF Print E-mail

Waiting in the airport to catch your delayed flight may make you feel like old Rip Van Winkle. However, despite the frustration, there are things you can do to make the dragging time a bit more bearable.

Sleep: Snoozing is the most relaxing way to pass the time. If the airport is crowded, you may not find much bench room. Look for an out-of-the way hallway and stretch out. If you’re a frequent flyer who endures frequent delays, carry a backpack containing a blanket, hoodie and a body-sized inflatable pad.

Crossword Puzzles: One of the best ways to pass the time is to have a paperback of puzzles. Find a quiet, well-lit bench or wall and concentrate on the little squares.

Electronic buddies: Keep your laptop, cellphone or other electronics charged up or find a charging station in the airport waiting area. Watch TV, DVDs, do work, read an Ebook, Tweet, phone home and do other chores to pass the time.

Nibble and shop around: If restaurants and shops are still open, leisurely take a tour to pass the time. Get won ton soup at one place, spaghetti at another and frosted cupcakes at a third one. If there’s duty-free shop, consider ordering bargain stuff to be sent home or as gifts for friends and family.

If the delay is overnight: Ask airport employees for nearby hotel suggestions. They live and work in the neighborhood, and should know the better and closer properties. For long delays, some airlines will give discounted or free hotel and/or food vouchers, so always ask before you spend your own money.

The Pierre, NYC: Different Kind of Facebooking PDF Print E-mail

The famed Pierre Hotel in Manhattan is an expensive place to spend the night. We were there for a recent business meeting and the basic nightly rate was $550. Happy the company paid for it, and we wouldn’t do it for the Pierre’s latest promotion.

Think Cher, Joan Rivers, Rosanne, Madonna, Mickey Rourke, Kenny Rogers, Tori Spelling, Hulk Hogan and others who’ve had their aging faces and other sagging body parts rebuilt. That’s what the Pierre is offering those who can afford booking such uplifting services.

Clients can now check in anonymously and get plastic surgery from high-priced Manhattan surgeons, and then spend some time in private, luxurious recovery. If you have to ask what the whole package costs, you can’t afford it. Anyhow, a price quote would only make your face fall in shock. For more information, go to tajhotels.com/pierre

Airport Security: Don’t flash loose money! PDF Print E-mail

Recently, two elderly passengers in wheelchairs were targeted to go through a more thorough search at the Detroit airport security check-in. In addition to having to remove shoes, coats and belts, they were required to empty all pockets, bags and wallets. The guards then carefully examined each item and finally allowed the couple to board.

It was then when the husband noticed $400 was missing from his wallet. He reported it, but the security manager denied it had happened. There are lessons to be learned by what those seniors experienced.

1. If at all possible, if you’re both in wheelchairs, travel with a companion. If a detailed security check is required, that person can be a watchdog on everything that happens. While incidents of theft by security personnel is extremely rare, helpless seniors can be tempting targets for theft.

Las Vegas NV: Hangover Bus Is New Strip Service PDF Print E-mail

While on a business or vacation trip, how many times have you overdone it during an evening of fun and games in Venice, London, New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas? OK, let’s include Cartagena, Colombia.

Then, after the celebration, you really needed help, but all you could do was try to crawl back to your room and sleep it off. And, of course, there was the morning-after hangover to add to your misery.

Now, a Las Vegas medical unit, aptly named Hangover Heaven, is in business to make that overindulgence ordeal a bit more bearable in Sin City. A bus cruises Las Boulevard (The Strip) nightly, stopping at the luxury hotels along the busy street to pick up revelers in need of various medical services.  

The initial fee is $130 for the ambulance-like pick-up and immediate examination on board for treatment. The medical team then goes to work to provide oxygen, IVs, medication and other tender cares. The service also provides for returning clients to their hotel rooms or, if necessary, to a local hospital.

For more information, go to hangoverheaven.com. If you’re already in Las Vegas and may soon feel the need, call 702-900-0660.


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