Hyperloop Will Zoom Los Angeles-San Francisco In 30 Minutes

Transportation’s future advances as new fast rail systems are developed by future-planning companies. Hyperloop Technologies will demonstrate its current train project this week in the desert near Las Vegas.

The system is called maglev, short for magnetic levitation, will use big vacuum tubes as train cars to whisk passengers at speeds up to 750 MPH. It’s the same speed as jet aircraft, but it will have many advantages over sky travel.  It doesn’t use petroleum products, won’t pollute the air and will pick up and deposit passengers conveniently at downtown terminals.

There are other US organizations, as well as in Asia and Europe, experimenting with similar projects. However, until practical technology evolves into actual reality, don’t expect to ride the first LA-SF magical magnetic train for at least another decade.

Will hotel clean air ever become a reality? PDF Print E-mail

smoking chimp

Remember back in the days before you got smart about puffing cigarettes while filling your lungs with killer smoke? All restaurants and bars were clouded with choking air. Even at work, you had to share the nicotine-loaded environment.

We go way back to the real early days, when movie houses, cars, buses, trains and planes allowed smoking. Most restaurants encouraged addicts to puff out clouds of poison as you tried to enjoy your meal. Girls in shorts clomped through bars, clubs and dining rooms cooing, “Cigars, cigarettes, cancer?”

Million-year-old log, Petrified Forest, Arizona PDF Print E-mail

Tree turned to rock

Over a thousand centuries, trees become rocks

River Brit, Dorset, England PDF Print E-mail

Boat for rent

Please rent our boats! Anyone?

New airport body scanners are less intrusive PDF Print E-mail

Wooden human figure

Stand still, dummy, while we scan you

Scanner images will now look less like a naked you, because only a virtual you will be on display that looks like a store dummy or undressed blow-up doll.

New and revised full-body airport scanners, created by OSI's Rapiscan Systems, will be a bit more considerate than previous scanners. They’ll just show security examiners a less human and more robotic image of you. If they suspect any item on your body image, the scanner will highlight it, and screeners may opt to take you aside for a more thorough personal search.

OSI, which calls the new generic images avatars, has replaced or updated 194 scanners at 51 airports to date. So, maybe when you go on your next flight, you won’t have to cringe at the near-naked image of the real you up on that scanner screen. You'll see only a digital dummy of about the same size and shape, but not shaking with embarassment.


Philly Liberty Bell area to get new hotel PDF Print E-mail

Liberty Bell

The Kimpton hotel chain plans to revitalize an old building just a short walk away from the famed American icon. Guest rooms will have a clear view of the famed Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in downtown Philadelphia.

The 11-story Lafayette Building on the Fifth Street side of Independence Mall will be fully refurbished at a cost estimated to be $70 million to become a 270-room boutique hotel.

The closest major chain hotel in the very busy tourist area is the Omni at 5th and Chestnut Streets. No actual construction has started on the new hotel, and no opening date has been announced yet.


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