Can Seniors Bequeath Your Frequent Flyer Miles?

USA Today recently had a provocative story about whether people (especially we senior citizens) are allowed to pass on frequent flyer miles, hotel freebees and other earned perks. The implication is that we of a advanced certain age must decide before we hear the flutter of angels’ wings.

According to the article, depending on which airlines and hotel chains you consult, you’ll get confusing yes, no and maybe answers. Therefore, we suggest that when you believe your ultimate one-way flight to join the angels seems to be approaching, consider several options.

Do the research yourself or have a trusted travel agent make the contacts, and then complete a list of all the unused, still-valid points, miles and perks you’ve accumulated for various airlines and hotel chains. Contact each of the organizations and determine what, if any, can be passed on and to whom (family member, friend, business associate, charity, etc.).

Perhaps a selfish, but more practical, solution is to gather all those freebees and indulge in fulfilling your own personal bucket list of destinations around the world. Then, before the little cherubs take you, use them all while you’re still able to get up, get out and travel.


Disney to build hotel-resort near Washington, D.C. PDF Print E-mail

According to USA Today and the Washington Post, Disney will put up a 500-room hotel resort near Washington D.C. within the next year or two. About 15 years ago, Disney attempted to get permission to build a big theme park in nearby Virginia. However, because it could possibly disturb some Civil War battlefields, the request was turned down.

A Disney official said the new hotel will be "a family-friendly base camp, from which visitors from around the world can explore the stirring sights and inspirational stories of our nation's capital." Although the new Disney venture won’t have any of the familiar Disney features, we have suggestions for Washington- and government-themed attractions to draw in those world travelers.

Lest We Forget PDF Print E-mail
Memorial Day is for honoring those who have served and still serve today in all American wars. It’s a day to take a moment to reflect on those brave men and women who fought and died so we can live in freedom. Enjoy the holiday, and while you’re with your family, think of our veterans, brave friends and loved ones who are no longer with us.
Do you want your privacy (and privates) exposed to airport X-rays? PDF Print E-mail

Airport X-ray

Do you want to bare it all the next time you fly? A new security X-ray device, called the Backscatter, was recently installed in Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Much more sensitive than all previous scanners, it shows security screeners an almost naked X-ray image of your entire body. The device has since been installed in other airports throughout the US.

There have been many complaints since the device was used in tests, primarily because the X-ray image was too graphic for some sensibilities. Now, according to Sky Harbor officials, the image views have been "adjusted" to show less than the nude image. What will they do ... use fig leaves?

Get the Flu in Mexico and earn next three vacations for free PDF Print E-mail

News services report that many Mexican resorts, including Cancun, now offer what they call “flu free guarantee” deals. Since the swine flu outbreak and widespread panic it’s causing, tourists have been staying away and cancelling vacations in the Mexican coastal resorts.

In an attempt to get vacationers back from the U.S. and elsewhere, the offer is for those visitors who actually catch the H1N1 disease while in Mexico. If they can provide medical proof of their ailment, they get their next three vacations in Mexican resorts free. Of course, that is assuming they’ll recover and be healthy enough to take advantage of those free deals.

Mexican beach

Grand Canyon Mule Rides PDF Print E-mail

Grand Canyon visitor and mule

Many visitors to the Grand Canyon would like to take one of those picturesque mule rides down from the South Rim to the bottom of the Canyon. It is a great adventure, but visitors can’t just go over to the corral at Bright Angel and join the parade that day.

It requires a reservation made at least six months in advance, and for summer vacation times, it may take a year or more to get on the list. For information, call 1-888-297-2757. Another note of warning. Many people get their names on the waiting list, and show up hoping there will be cancellations. That doesn’t happen often, so your best bet is to plan your Grand Canyon trip after you have a definite mule ride reservation.


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