USA Today Advises Travelers With Depression

The informative article helps those with mental health problems cope with the strains of today’s air, sea and land challenges. Of course, the article is very competent and helpful, especially to wandering seniors.

We not only face the normal pressures of getting from here to there, but are more physically challenged than younger travelers. Therefore, we must add a list of on air, sea and land encounters that cause senior mental and physical breakdowns:

Crooked taxi drivers who charge an arm and a leg for a short ride
Security guards who enjoy groping between arm and leg
Snooty hotel desk clerks who put you in a $400-a-night closet
Greedy travel agent who books your cheap seat $1,500 flight
500-pound seatmate who smells of stale tobacco and BO
City guide who takes you to overpriced markets run by his family
Gangs of ten-year-old pickpockets who greet you at the city park


Visit President Harry Truman Museum PDF Print E-mail

President Truman

Remember on that November 1948 morning after he won the election? President Harry Truman, a Democrat, held up a copy of the Chicago Tribune? He was laughing because the early edition headline of the Republican newspaper was an absolutely wrong DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.

Truman’s birthplace is a small six-room farmhouse in Lamar, Missouri, about 100 miles from Kansas City. The house was purchased in 1957 by the United Auto Workers to honor the President who was a strong advocate of unions. They had it restored as a museum and given to the State of Missouri as an Historic Site. The museum is at 1009 Truman Avenue, and open daily to the public.

How to donate your unused air miles PDF Print E-mail

Donate air seat

If you’ve accumulated more miles than you can expect to use before they expire, or if you have a favorite charity you want to help by donating those miles, there are ways to do it:

1. Mileage giveaways are usually called guest flier programs. If you want to give once or frequently, keep up on the ever-changing rules. For latest information, check websites of United Airlines Charity Miles, American Airlines Miles for Kids, Northwest Air Cares, Delta Sky Wish Charities, Midwest Airlines Miracle Miles, southwest.com and and Continental OnePass. There are also websites that give information on the entire donar process, including smartertravel.com and frequentflier.com.

Huge Wind Turbines, Harrowgate, England PDF Print E-mail

Wind turbines, Harrowgate, England

Q: Can senior get paid to go to sea again? PDF Print E-mail

Cruise ship jobs

Q: I’m a 65-year-old widower who just retired, but don’t feel like sitting around in the park with the other old guys or dragging around the golf course. I’m not totally independent, so I need a job that pays something. For years, my late wife and I enjoyed cruising, and am also an old Navy guy. I'm in good shape, so I’m thinking of signing on for a cruise ship job. Do cruise companies hire old guys?

Medical note: Sitting around shortens life PDF Print E-mail

Fat cat

Don’t be a fat cat couch potato
A new medical report from an university health group studied several hundred subjects on the lifespan difference between people who exercise regularly and those who don’t. They say they’ve found that those who get up, get out and get physical live an average of 15 years longer than the sedenatary people.

So, why the heck are you sitting there right now at your computer and then going over to the couch to watch the latest reruns of “I Love Lucy”? Or those endless no-talent talent shows? And if you watch infomercials or home shopping channels all the time, it may already be too late. 

Just because you've logged a few extra decades, doesn't mean you can just loll there on the couch. Get up, get out and travel


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