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When traveling with your small child or grandchild, there can be a problem when the strain and lack of rest gets to be too much. Your distress and that of other passengers can happen when there’s uncontrolled crying.

When a similar incident occurred recently on a JetBlue plane awaiting take-off, the captain decided to kick the baby’s family off the plane. Whether you agree with that or not, it has happened before and will again. If you fear it may involve your crying child on a future flight, what can you do to prevent it?

Here are a few suggestions.

Try to keep the child’s eating and sleeping times as close to usual as possible. By booking a red eye flight, find ways to let the child sleep through it. Take alon comfortable kid night clothes and a familiar blanket.

Bring playthings, such as favorite dolls, toys, simple sound and sight electronics with earphones. Try to keep the activities as similar as possible to the child’s normal routine.

Be considerate of other passengers, especially if you’re in the crowded main cabin on your flight. When changing diapers, do it as soon as necessary, and if possible, in a bathroom. When your child cries and fussing continue for more than a few moments, go to a bathroom or rear of the plane until there is quiet.

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