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Recently, two elderly passengers in wheelchairs were targeted to go through a more thorough search at the Detroit airport security check-in. In addition to having to remove shoes, coats and belts, they were required to empty all pockets, bags and wallets. The guards then carefully examined each item and finally allowed the couple to board.

It was then when the husband noticed $400 was missing from his wallet. He reported it, but the security manager denied it had happened. There are lessons to be learned by what those seniors experienced.

1. If at all possible, if you’re both in wheelchairs, travel with a companion. If a detailed security check is required, that person can be a watchdog on everything that happens. While incidents of theft by security personnel is extremely rare, helpless seniors can be tempting targets for theft. 2. When a more thorough search is required of a physically-handicapped passenger, ask for a supervisor to be present while it happens. This will give you more confidence that the procedure is done with consideration and honesty.

4. Keep cash and credit cards on your person at all times while going through security. If you’re asked to take it out of your wallet or purse, refuse to do it and call for a supervisor.

5. After the inspection and before you board, check carefully to make sure nothing is missing. Then, if you believe anything was stolen, ask to see a supervisor. If that doesn’t help, ask immediately to see an airport or local police representative.

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