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Attention all you fans of theme parks! Now some French business investors have proposed Napoleonland to compete with Disneyland. If they can gather the $300 million necessary to fund the project, they’ll build it just outside the capital city of Paris.

Can you just imagine some of the rides? How about the retreat from Moscow in 1812? Will visitors get to dress in French army uniforms and trek a thousand miles through the snow?

Then, there could be the reenactment of the Battle of  Waterloo ride. Visitors can choose to be victorious British soldiers or Napoleon doing another retreat job. Let’s not even talk about the naval battle of Trafalgar and dressing up like Admiral Nelson.

Seriously, although Napoleon suffered many defeats and ended up a prisoner on the island of Elba, we wish the French business leaders success. It could make for a very interesting theme park to bring back some of the glory which was Napoleon’s France.

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