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Next time some 99% occupiers revolt in your town, consider how some of the 1% occupy airplanes when they fly. For example, round-trip New York to Tokyo first-class tickets on some airlines can cost upwards from $10,000. On luxury airline, Cathay Pacific, it can go as high as $23,000.

You’d have to be a royal princess, lottery winner, MLB slugger or NFL quarterback to afford such luxury. But, hey, it includes luggage, taxes, fuel add-ons and other charges. And look at what you get for the price!

You avoid mixing with the peasant flyers by entering the private first-class entrance, where an attendant escorts you to your private compartment. Once inside the enclosed pod-like unit, you’ll experience that the cramped tourist class passengers can only envy.

Decor, including vases on the wall with fresh orchids, consist of a large sofa seat that converts into a comfortable bed for two, complete with upscale sheets and pillows. Everything is set against polished wood paneling and shining aluminum. A door leads to your private bathroom with shower stall.

Included are luxury meals prepared fresh, not frozen, by airline chefs, as well as wine and champagne served whenever you desire throughout the flight. For your sleeping comfort, there are lounging robes, pajamas and slippers.

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