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These young ladies may actually succeed in entertaining passengers as they check in and wait for their flights. Some suggested cheers could be:

Hooray, hooray...there’ll be a two-hour delay!
Sis boom bah....we’re strip-searching your ma!
Give a rousing cheer...your flight ain’t even near!
Let’s root for our team...on-time flight is just a dream!

According to CNN, officials at China’s Dalian International Airport brought in an array of cheerleaders to do their athletic best daily to help passengers and visitors pass the time pleasantly while waiting for flights, as well as arriving and departing relatives.

In efforts to make flying, check-in and waiting more pleasant, Dalian airport now also features free physical checkups and instant weather and flight updates by text message.

Dalian International Airport reported there were over 12 million passengers passing through last year. We find it difficult to imagine any American airports putting on any cheerleader services, unless you count those TSA security ladies who smile at you during their intimate frisking.

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