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Q: We’re not frequent flyers, but we plan some frequent air travels this season. We’ve been reading about people being taken off flights for various reasons. We’d like to make our trip as smooth as possible, and can use some hints about why it happens and how to avoid it.

A: First of all, we certainly understand that no one is thrilled about the inconveniences of air travel today. For many of us, the ordeal of going through security is unpleasant and often too personal. However, that’s the way it is, and to accept it voluntarily without causing trouble is the only way to survive and make your flight.   

Understand that those who won’t follow the rules can get in trouble. In our experience, a sure way to be booted is to joke with airline employees about terrorism. For various reasons, thoughtless travelers believe it will ease tensions if they make funny remarks about bombs and hijacking. That could not only get them the boot, it could get them a jail cell.

Another way is to act stubborn about instructions. When you’re told to do something, it’s for a reason. Know the rules, and comply as quickly as you can. Schedules must be kept and people are waiting. Most employees on flights and in airports are courteous, but whatever you’re told needs to be done, do it quickly and keep moving.

There have also been booting incidents of passengers who insist on taking their hostility with them. Excessive cursing overdone caressing, offensive clothing, misbehaving children and other disruptive actions can make you miss your flight.    

Flying these days already has more than enough stress and anxiety. Don’t add to it by thoughtless behavior that could earn you the boot.

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